The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Twenty-Six

Saying goodbye to Alistair, Frankie and Angie for the last time brings tears to her eyes. The packs go home to grieve for the lives lost as soon as the last pyre is lit. She and Tony, along with the rest of their smaller pack, stay behind as the sun starts setting over the clearing. The four males sit cross-legged on the grass with their mates in their laps as the eight of them sit and watch the pyres burn.

The pup's pyre is the first to burn out as the females started speaking amongst each other. Asuna listens to the buzzing conversation, barely paying attention as Tony places his hand over her stomach, his other roams further south and cups her sex.

"Even if he is unplanned, he's ours," his voice whispers in her mind and she leans back against him, turning her face into his neck and inhaling his scent. She feels his harden under her ass and smiles into his neck, licking the soft skin.

"She is. I'm sorry I didn't tell you yesterday," she says as he slides his hand on her mound up and into her jeans. Soft moans travel from the three couples beside them and this signifies the end of their mourning for the dead and starts the appreciation of the living.

The females fall silent as their Alpha and Beta's passion starts burning through them, their mates hardening beneath them. With the pyres still alight in front of them, the clearing bathed in the soft orange and yellow light, casting the couples in shadows, the four males pick up their wives and moves to put some distance between them.

Tony carries Asuna to the protection of a smaller clearing behind a cluster of trees as the sound of clothes being ripped off behind them fill the air. His mouth finds hers in a heated kiss, full of love and devotion, sliding her down his body. She immediately turns, never breaking the kiss, and wraps her arms around his neck. They press against each other, trying to be as close to the other as possible, their mouths devouring one another.

Soft growls vibrate through Tony and into her, filling her underwear to leaking with moisture. He starts ripping at her clothes, his hands settling on her hips and curling his fingers under the denim. He tears the material in half, the cold air hitting her thighs and bottom as he lets it fall to the grass. His mouth leaves hers to nips and kiss at her jaw and neck, leaving her breathless as she tears his shirt from his torso. His skin glistens under the light of the flickering flames and her mouth waters for a taste of his chocolate-scented skin.

Her breasts spring free of their confines as he rips her bra and shirt from her body and throwing them to the ground before palming them, scraping his fingers over her hardened nipples. She gasps in pleasure as he squeezes her breasts, pinching the tight buds between his fingers, and he takes the opportunity to plunge his tongue back into her mouth. He swallows her moan when his fingers find her soaking folds.

Her hands frantically find his jeans and swiftly unbuttons and unzip the front. She pushes the remain down his hips, taking his boxers with it, and he kicks them and his shoes off. He spins her around, pressing her back against his chest, and pushes his throbbing erection between her thighs. The tip of his cock teases her opening and she groans in frustration as he buries his head in her neck, nipping at his mark. She feels his canines elongate against her heated skin and she moans. She presses her hips back and almost comes feeling the tip of his large member slide into her.

"Alpha," she whispers as he kisses his way to her shoulder and across her back to the other. He pushes his fingers into her hair and roughly pulls her head to the side to bite the other side of her neck. She cries out as her body shudders in pleasure. The sound and scent of different couples losing themselves in one another fill the forest surrounding them, urging their own pleasure higher.

He finally pushes his hips forward, sliding into her smoothly.

"I love you," he whispers in her ear as he pulls out and slams back into her. She cries her reciprocation to the declaration as the head of his cock pressed against her G-spot. He grabs her hip with both bands and on his next backward pull, turns her around and picks her up. He presses himself against her stomach, her juices and his pre-come sliding over the skin as she wraps her legs around his waist.

Their eyes meet as he guides himself to her entrance. Her lips part at the depth of emotion she sees in his blue eyes, hoping he sees the same in hers. A soft gasp leaves her as he slides her down onto his cock and he leans down to place a searing kiss on her swollen, parted lips. His form swallows hers completely as he grips the underside of her thighs, her breasts bouncing between them as he pushes her away and pulls her close, burying himself in her body over and over again. They moan into each other as their pleasure builds.

Her core tightens on him and her thighs clench around his waist as her orgasm draws closer. She breaks the kiss, gasping and moaning in time to his thrusts, her head falling back as her nails dig into his hard back. The feeling of his muscles rippling under her hands has her falling over the edge. Tony grunts with the effort to keep his release back as her inner walls clench and release around him, her body shaking against him. He tenses his thighs, keeping them standing in the small clearing, thrusting hard into her.

He pulls her close, shortening his thrusts, and holds her up with one arm around her waist and reaches between them to play with her clit. She gasps as pleasure shakes her body in her mate's arms. He tightens his grip on her waist, his thumb pressing against her clit hard as he shoots his seed into her body, her walls milking every drop from him. Their moans combine to fill the air around them.

He drops to his knees and puts her on the grass, the soft greenery giving way beneath her back as he spreads her legs onto his shoulders, staring at her stomach.

"I can't believe that in seven months we'll have a pup running around." He murmurs before pushing into her sensitive folds. Another orgasm rips through her when he circles her clit, his thrust shorts pressing against her G-spot, his hands lifting her hips with her ass against this thighs.

"Six and a half," she gasps out as he pumps into her, his eyes fixed on hers. Her back arched up off the grass and she pulls herself into a sitting position on his thighs, his cock sliding deeper into her body. They both groan at the change of position, he wraps his arms around her waist and buries one hand in her hair, pulling her face to his and pressing his forehead against hers.

He moves his hips slowly, changing the pace, holding her tightly to him, their breathing erratic before slowing to light gasps as he makes love to her.
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