The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Twenty-Seven

Three months later

Since the funeral, the three Alphas gets together every week to discuss the treaty with the Vampires. Lucien has some conditions that needed to be agreed to before he allows peace between the two towns.

The Blood Creek Vampires are allowed into town as much as they want with consent feeding and sexual relations. If a mate-pair should come from this condition, they are allowed to go through with it and can choose where they live. This benefits both towns.

Finally, the females are needed to break the vote between the Alphas. Asuna votes for the conditions as her pup goes insane in her belly when the Vampire King is near and her hormones spike. Rosalie agrees as well and with that, a decision is made, and the Vampire Kind contacted.

She slides her hand over the squirmy part of her belly as the King enters the town to sign the treaty. His eyes fix on her stomach before raising them to hers.

"Asuna. It seems your pup is my fated mate," she nods but holds her hand up as he makes his way across the living room, reaching for her protruding belly.

"She has to choose you. She will not leave this town for yours until she turns eighteen, again of her own will," she says looking him dead in the eye. He nods in understanding as Tony appears in the doorway.

"Follow me to the study. I have the treaty ready," the Le Strange pack Alpha says, standing to the side to allow the gigantic Vampire to pass. Lucien shoots her an underwear-melting grin before following her mate out of the living room and up the stairs to his late father's study.

A month after Alistair's death, another Full Moon gathering was held and Tony won the place of Alpha of the Le Strange Pack. Quinten and Cole had then surprised everyone, including their packs, and challenged Tony for the title of the one true Alpha of Forest Springs. He'd narrowly won the title, almost losing it to Cole Parker, and it took several hours for every member of the Rose and Parker packs to swear their loyalty and to accept him as their Alpha.

Asuna sighs as her pup wriggles in her belly and she runs her nails softly over the bump. Rosalie and Quinten aren't the same after Brody's violent death and treason and have come by the previous day to say they are exiling themselves to Wolf Rock. Tears flow down her cheeks at the thought of not seeing her uncle and aunt again but they dry at the memory of the pyres in the clearing.

She makes her way to the bay window overlooking the large lawn. Her daughter will have fun growing up in this house, playing and running across the green grass, now covered in a white sheen of fresh snow.

She watches the snow falling in front of the window as her mind turns inward, as it does when she's alone these days, linking with her daughter. She has three and a half more months to go before she's to join them in the world.

Tracy's mom, Gretchen, says she has a special pregnancy but can't tell her why. The healer says her placenta is impenetrable and strong against her womb, but the pup is healthy. Asuna doesn't need Gretchen telling her her pup was healthy. About two weeks after telling Tony that they're going to have a pup, she felt a niggling in her mind and connected with her daughter.

Tony slowly gained the same connection to their daughter and every night holds a conversation with her, it's one-sided but the spoken words never fail to bring tears to her eyes. The adoration and love are clear when he speaks to her belly, running his hands over the smooth expanse of skin.

And after speaking to their daughter, he conquers her mouth and ravishes her body. She bites her lip as the memory of the previous night fills her mind, causing her thighs to clench and presses the seam of her underwear and jeans against her clit.

A growl floats through the ceiling and she tilts her head up, smiling. Shortly after the growl, she hears two sets of heavy footsteps walking down the stairs and walks into the foyer to meet them. Tony looks at her hungrily as he walks to stand beside her, one hand settling on her lower back and the other on the swell of her stomach. Lucien glances briefly at her belly with an odd expression on his face.

"Let me know when she's born. I would like to be there from the moment she's brought into the world," he commands and Asuna raises her brows at him and he adds 'please' before she nods.

"You can't be here every day, though, once a week at most," she says and the King doesn't look too happy about her condition but nods in agreement. He shakes both their hands before leaving the packhouse and the town for the next three months.

Tony turns her face to his and kisses her with the hunger portrayed on his face. Her knees grow weak with the intensity of their kiss and he wraps his arms around her, supporting her weight, and pushes his tongue into her mouth. She moans as the taste of chocolate fills her mouth. He walks them into the living room and sits down on the couch, pulling her down onto his lap. Her hard bump presses against his stomach as she straddles his thighs, pressing his tented jeans against her aching, covered, core.

Thankfully, a higher sex drive is normal for wolves and it's encouraged to give in to the urge as her libido is twice as high. She groans against his mouth as they press against each other, the hard seam of her underwear pushing against her clit. She circles her hips once, twice and cries out as her juices soak her underwear and jeans, leaving a wet spot between her legs.

He gives her a satisfied smile before helping her to stand and strip off her clothes. He sits on the edge of the couch with her standing between his spread thighs, his erection straining against the material of his jeans, a small dark spot starting to show near his belt. He slowly unbuttons her jeans and pulls the zip down tooth for tooth, teasing her with the slowness. When her jeans gape open under her belly, he hooks his fingers into her underwear pulling them and her jeans down to the floor.

He straightens, placing kisses up her thighs and stomach in the way before pulling her closer by the hips and buries his face in her soaking sex.
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