The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Five years later

Tony and Asuna watch, amused, as Luanara chases the big bad Vampire King around the yard. Her small obsidian wolf barking and yipping as Lucien darts in front of her and away before she can catch him.

Since her birth, Lucien has been around once a week for the entire day, watching their daughter grow up. If it hadn't been clear that they were mates whilst Asuna had been pregnant, it is clear now. Luanara refuses to stay away from Lucien when he visits, sitting in his lap and peppering his face with kisses when he arrives.

At this very moment, Lucien is honing her speed by having her chase him around like a game. Her wolf huffs in frustration as he darts out of her reach once again. Asuna feels Tony's reaction to the sight through their bond.

The Forest Springs Alpha is not happy that his daughter is already mated, even before she took her first breath, nor is he happy that it happens to be to the King of the Vampires.

Asuna smiles at the sight of her daughter having fun and urges her mate into the house, leaving them to have their fun. Once inside the kitchen, Tony pulls her close and kisses her softly.

"Thank you for giving me our daughter. She's perfect in every way," he whispers against her lips and she kisses him.

"She's like her father. She had my heart the moment I looked at her," she replies quietly and they share another soft meaningful kiss. Tony breaks the kiss and looks down at her, his eyes shining before he pulls her close and resting his chin in her head.

"Do you want to get started on pup number two?" He says seductively and she laughs against his chest. Luanara will be staying with Luna for the duration of Asuna's next heat, which is due in a few weeks.

"In a few weeks, Alpha." She says into his broad chest and he laughs quietly.

After a few more minutes of contentment, they make their way back to back door to see the two still at their game.

Suddenly, Luanara growls and disappears from her spot behind Lucien and pops up in front of him causing the large Vampire to stumble to a halt and blink at the small wolf.

The surprise written of his face has Asuna laughing into her mate's chest and looking at the King with a smile.

"We wanted you to see for yourself."

Author's Note:

I know this isn't how most of you wanted to see it end. Unfortunately, Quinten was too smart for me and ended the war earlier than I wanted. However the outcome was the same!
Stay tuned for The Vampire King, the third book of The Forest Springs Wolves series!
(Pronunciation for Luanara - Looa-naa-ra)

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