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The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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This is the second installment of The Forest Springs Wolves. Please read book one, The New Wolf, first. Note that this book contains a lot more sex than The New Wolf Lucas Lancolm is searching for his sister, Gabrielle. He roams from supernatural hub to supernatural hub and stumbles upon the one lead that will take his straight to her. For a price. He joins the largest clan in the supernatural world, Blood Creek, and decides to leave soon after in search of his supernatural sister. Forest Springs is buzzing with the news of a Vampire entering the town as the Mating Ceremony of one of their Young Alpha's nears. Will the weak bonds of familial affection be enough to stop the war it created? Cover Credit: MoonWater Name Credit: MoonWater

Erotica / Romance
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Lucas Lancolm

"I know where you can find your sister." The woman's husky voice cuts through Lucas's thoughts as he sits at the bar in Hell's Creek.

"What?" he asks as he turns to face the pale woman beside him. Her dress was the colour of dried blood and her pale blond hair nearly disappeared against the porcelain of her skin.

"The woman in the photograph. She's your sister, yes?" she mentions down at his phone in his hand. Lucas frowns at the woman.

"What makes you think that?" He'd left Jordan's Point six months ago in search of his sister. Both their parents had abandoned their home and son two months after Gabrielle disappeared.

The last text he'd received from her had said she couldn't take living with them anymore and she'd left town.

"I saw her two months ago. She'd declared her unavailability at a pub in Forest Springs." Lucas stares at the woman in red. Her statements didn't answer his question.

"Look. I don't know who you are, or how you know she's my sister, but I haven't seen her in more than a year." The woman pulls out her phone from between her luscious breasts and brings up a picture.

"Gabs." Lucas breathes as he takes in the woman's features.
"She goes by Asuna. She's mated to the Alpha of one of the packs. I hear their mating ceremony is in a month or two."
The woman informs him.

"What's your name?" he suddenly asks.

"Lyla Walters. Vampiress extraordinaire, at your service." she shoots him a fangy smile.

"I suppose you're a resident of Hell's Creek?" He asks Lyla. Her green eyes flash red for a moment and a scowl flits across her face before her charming smile returns.

"Oh no. I'm merely passing through" she replies smoothly.
Lucas nods. When he first found out that beings such as vampires, werewolves, and witches existed three towns back he had been shocked. Then he'd done his research and found that some towns were supernatural hubs.

"You said she's in Forest Springs?" he asks Lyla. She nods in confirmation and he stands.

"I...thank you." he starts to walk past her and she takes hold of his forearm.

"I need the payment for the information." Her fangs elongate over her full lower lip. Lucas backs away from her and she tightens her grip on his arm.

"Just a little taste." She snaps her jaw at him and laughs maniacally when he jumps back.

Lucas looks into the woman's eyes before he stops fighting her grip and bares his neck.

"Not here. It's against bar rules. Come." she pulls his arm and he follows her. He doesn't see anyone but her as she leads him from the bar and into the alley.

He doesn't fight as she pushes him against the wall and presses herself against his lean body.

He wraps his arms around her as she leans up and kisses him deeply.

He responds to her kiss like a thirsty man. He devours her mouth before she leans back and presses kisses against his cheek, jaw, and neck.

A burning in his neck makes his cock stand at attention in his jeans as she starts drinking.

Lucas lifts Lyla from the floor, switching their positions, and presses her back against the wall. She keeps her fangs buried in his neck as her tongue laps up the coppery blood flowing, her legs wrapped around his waist.

He fumbles trying to unzip his pants to free his straining cock as he keeps her pinned to the wall with his chest.

Finally his cock springs free as she pushes his pants down and he rips her soaked underwear from her body.
"Yes," she hisses as he pushes his length into her and starts pumping his hips.

"Fuck!" he grits out as he pushes and pulls from her. Lyla's fangs have retracted and she was sucking on the open wounds.

Lucas starts feeling lightheaded as he nears orgasm. Suddenly she pushes her wrist against his mouth, still sucking on his neck and he instinctively starts lapping at the cut pressed against his tongue.

Three weeks later

Lyla lay on her back watching Lucas as he packs his duffel bag.

"I thought you were going to stay. Lucien won't be too happy that you left." Her voice draws his attention back to her. She lays on the bed completely naked.

"I have to at least see my sister, babe. I don't give a fuck about Lucien. You can always come with me." Lucas says shoving clothes into the bag.

"You know I can't leave Lucien. At least promise that you'll come back. The wolves will run you from the town anyway if they don't kill you first."

"I promise, babe. I'll stay long enough to check that she's happy then I'll come back," he says dropping the duffel and walking over to her. He leans down and kisses her deeply.
She starts to pull him down on top of her as her fangs press against his lip.

"Babe. I've got to leave soon." Lucas licks the tip of one of her fangs and she growls.

"Come on. Fuck me one more time before you go." she pulls away, breaking the kiss, and stares at him with blood-red eyes.
Lucas growls before stripping his clothes and climbing on top of her lithe body.

He kisses her neck and shoulder before moving his face lower onto her chest. Latching on to a perfectly round pink-tipped nipple he runs his hand down her stomach and over her smooth mound and pushing two fingers into her already sodden heat.

Her fang scratches his lip as she moans in pleasure pushing her hips against his hand. He removes them slightly before slamming them back into her, the wet sound of his fingers fucking her blends with her moans of pleasure as he sinks his fangs into her breast, the mound yeilding a mouthful of sweet tangy fluid.

Her inner walls clench around his fingers as she comes before he pulls them out with a wet pop. He keeps his mouth on her tit, lapping the crimson substance up, and pushes his heavy cock into her.

Lyla detaches his head from her bleeding breast and pulls his mouth to hers. Their tongues duel before she pushes his head into her neck.

Simultaneously they sink their fangs to each other's necks as Lucas pounds away at Lylas pussy.

He feels his balls draw up, getting ready to spurt his seed into her womb, as she ripped her head away from his neck yelling his name as his blood dripped onto her chest.

Her climax spurred his own as he drank from his lover and his maker.

"I need to go." He says licking both wounds and watching them heal.

Drinking the blood of another vampire gave no nutrients but it did add to a sexual experience. Lucas had learned that the hard way when he'd woken up in Lyla's bedroom two nights after she told him she knew where Gabrielle was.

Asuna, he reminds himself.

He'd woken up starving and had on instinct grabbed the first warm body he could find and had bitten into her neck. Her blood had only hardened his cock to the point of pain but hadn't lessened the thirst raging through him.

Lyla had moaned his name and that had brought him back to his senses.

She had turned him that night because she had been bored with the vampire she had been seeing and had wanted a new toy.

Lucas probably is mad at her for not asking his permission, but she had made up for it by helping him to settle in at Blood Creek. The vampire hub three towns away from Forest Springs.

Lucien, her brother, was the leader of the town and had taken Lucas under his wing as his right-hand man.

And here he was, throwing it back into his lover's brother's face by leaving the town to run after his adopted sister.

"Lucas, the entire town will be after you if you're gone for more than three days. Your feeder will go into withdrawal. No one else can feed on her. Besides, the odds are that the wolves will extend invitations to the wedding to every supernatural hub and Lucien would never turn down the possibility of wolf blood." Lyla tells Lucas as he gets dressed.

Lucas pulls his shirt over his head before looking at his lover again.

"I'll be back before then. I need a day to see her then I'll be back," he assures her before picking up his duffel.

Lyla doesn't look happy but she nods as he walks around the bed to her. He leans down and places a kiss on her lips before he turns and walks out their bedroom door.
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