The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter One


She's sitting at the dining room table with Luna, Gillian and Tracy discussing her upcoming wedding in a month and a half. So far the only thing that they all agreed on was the colour scheme.
Black and teal.

A traditional white wedding didn't sit well with Asuna. The two colours suited both the bride and groom's skin tones and Asuna had some idea of what she wanted her dress to look like.

This was what she was trying to tell the three women who were sitting across from her.
"Ladies! Please." they finally stop talking at her outburst and turns to look at her.

"I appreciate the input, but I have an idea for the dress." The women had been discussing who was going to be giving her away and they couldn't decide between Quinten or Alistair as both were close to Asuna.

In the three months that had passed since the Full Moon Gathering, Asuna had visited with her uncle and Alpha to figure out more of her history.

Quinten was an amazing man and Alpha to the Rose pack and had welcomed her even further into his family now that the truth of her true heritage was out there.

Alistair had just wanted to get to know his future daughter-in-law over the three months and had kept extending dinner invites to them.

Asuna had found out that her mother, Brianna Tucker, had also originated from a pack outside of Forest Springs and chose the Le Strange pack in her first Full Moon because Anastasia was the daughter of the pack's witch.
No one fully knew the nature of their friendship and Anastasia refused to open up about it other than they were best friends.

Brianna had met Bradley Rose in town and had fallen head over heels for him and he for her. They rendezvoused late at night at the cliffs and one day had decided to elope to Wolf Rock, the next hub, and away from the pack laws to get married and mated. They were missing for over six months before they returned to Forest Springs with a pregnant Brianna.

The couple's begging had come to nothing as Bradley and Quinten's father, Gerald Rose, and Brianna's Alpha concluded that all three be executed.
Anastasia's mother had succeeded in getting both Alphas to agree to let the baby be born and then be raised in the Rose pack.

Thus the outline of the new rules started to form.
When Brianna gave birth to Asuna, she had only allowed Anastasia and Bradley in the room and had begged Anastasia to tell them the baby had been stillborn and to hide her from the town.

Brianna's cries of anguish at the thought of losing her newborn daughter had persuaded Anastasia to do as her beat friend asked and cast the strongest spell she could muster on the baby girl to make her appear dead.
The midwife's memory had been altered as well to confirm the death of the baby.

Anastasia then took the limp bundle out to the Alphas to show them that she was indeed stillborn and insisted that she at least give the baby a proper funeral.

With the request granted Anastasia had left the town with the baby. She lifted the spell to feed and care for the baby on the long ride to Jordan's Point were a human family was in desperate need of a baby.

When Anastasia returned a week later she had to stand witness with her mother and the Rose pack witches, Marcelie and Gwen, to the execution of her best friend.

A year after the execution the laws on marrying outside of packs were changed to that suggested by Anastasia's mother in the first place.

"Go on, then," Gillian says with a smile at Asuna.
"Yes!" Tracey chimes in "do tell!" Asuna laughs at her friends' reactions.

She starts to describe the dress that's been hovering in her mind for the last month. The women's faces reveal their awe at her description as Tracy sketches the dress of her dreams.
The tiny details were drawn and described in the margins of the paper.

"My mother should be able to make the dress for you." Gillian chimes in as Asuna stops talking.

"Thank you, I'd appreciate it," Asuna says as Tracey hands her the sketch.

Her jaw drops to the table as she gazes at the rough design of her wedding dress.

"Oh. My. God. Trace, it looks exactly as I imagined it!" she squeals happily. Her friend grins at her and Asuna hands the drawing to Gillian who folds it and tucks it securely into her bra.

"Tony will have Gus try to get it so he can know what you'll look like." She says patting her boob causing everyone to laugh.

Tony had been trying to find out small details of her dress and the wedding for weeks, but she could only inform him of the colours which had frustrated him beyond belief.

Now that there was concrete evidence of her dress, he would stop at nothing to get a sneak peek.

The rest of the day they spent figuring out Asuna's side of the guest list which included Adrian. Brody hadn't even tried to communicate with Asuna since finding out she was his cousin by blood.

They had also confirmed Asuna's wedding party with Gillian as maid of honour and Tracy as a bridesmaid. Luna would be ordaining. The cake was a decision that Asuna and Tony had to decide on their own.

The caterer would be from Wolf Rock at the insistence of Luna.

Asuna had given Tracy the task of designing their bridesmaids dresses and buying all of their shoes, including hers.

Tracy and Gus were going to coordinate the tuxes and dresses.
Asuna had given the strict order of no flowers at the ceremony or the reception.

Even though it was a human tradition, Tony and Asuna were going to spend the night before in different locations.

Asuna was going to spend the night at the Le Strange house in Tony's old room and he would stay in their home.

The only main thing left to decide was which Alpha was going to give her away.

"If I may, Asuna, I have a suggestion," Luna says as everyone starts to leave.

"Luna?" Asuna turns to face her future mother-in-law. The violet-eyed woman looks at her tenderly before walking forward and taking her hand.

"Quinten is your uncle. Tony went to ask him for permission to mark you as his. I suggest you ask him to give you away. A symbol of leaving your past behind, if you will."

Asuna looks at Luna as her words sink in. It was true that Quinten was now seen as her only living family that connected her to her past and it would be nice to make peace with it.

Asuna nods and Luna squeezes her hand before walking with her to the front door.

"You and Tony need to be careful this month, honey. Your heat is coming up." Luna says with a knowing grin.

Wolves went into heat once every six months and because she'd been a wolf for little over five months she was going to be early and extremely fertile.

The heat meant she couldn't go without sex for more than an hour and her mate was going to have to pick up the slack. No amount of masturbation could ease the ache.

Asuna laughed and shook her head.
"It can't possibly be worse than before my first change. I had to run away for hours." Luna burst out laughing the sound chiming through the foyer.

"It's worse."

"Will it affect the pack?" she asks suddenly reminded of the campsite months ago. Luna giggles shaking her head.

"No. Not this time." She says trying to keep a straight face.
Asuna groaned and smiled in relief, she didn't want her pack to go through it with her. The poor women.

"How long does it last?" Asuna asks before she could help herself.

"About two months. The wedding falls near the end so you won't be as fertile. But I am serious, if you don't want pups now, be careful." her mother-in-law smiles at her and gives her a tight hug. Asuna hugs her back and leaves the house walking toward The Lone Wolf.

Her shift at the bar is the same as any night during the week. Adrian had taken off for the night to explore his newfound relationship with a new wolf in town.

Hanley Jacobs had come into town shortly after the Full Moon Gathering and had taken an immediate liking to The Lone Wolf owner. Asuna didn't mind running the bar alone for the last few hours.

Asuna runs the cleaning cloth over the bar and smiles to herself as the scents of her friends drifted toward her. She reaches into the fridge below the bar and pulls out their drinks of choice before placing them on a tray and walking over to them.

"Evening guys," she says placing their drinks in front of them. Gillian grins at her and Tracy points at her phone, indicating that she check hers when she gets home.

"Tony should be here soon. He's finishing up some wedding business with his dad." Gus says as he takes a swig of his beer.
Asuna nods and places Tonys beer at his usual spot, the chair facing the bar and turns around to go back.

"Has he made any decisions yet?" She asks over her shoulder.
Gus and Adam both snort in response and she laughs.
"Of course. I'll see you guys after closing." She turns and kisses Gillian on the cheek before finally heading back to the bar.

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