The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Three


He meets his sister's earnest gaze as she tells him to fill in what she'd missed.

He takes a deep breath and nearly chokes on the smell of pine beside him. The earthy smell Gab... Fuck.. Asuna exudes barely cuts through.

"The day you sent that text telling me you were leaving town, Mom and Dad got fucked. They drank every bottle of alcohol they could find and somehow made it to the liquor store and back as shitfaced as they were.

They fucked on every surface and both ended up in the hospital with a broken leg after one particular session on the kitchen involving ice and wine.

As soon as their casts were removed the packed their shit and left the house. Thank fuck they left the deed in the safe. That was two months after you disappeared.

I started looking for you as soon as I could leave the house. The bus station had your record up until Hell's Creek but it didn't show when you stopped.

I passed through every town looking for you. I was attacked by a Vampire in Blood Creek and learned that the supernatural existed.

I left there and moved on to the next town. My answer, as to your location, was in Hell's Creek in the form of Lyla, my girlfriend and sire.

She was in the bar the night you announced your mate.

That was three weeks ago.

I stayed in each place for about a month waiting to hear news.

I fucking fell for Lyla that night in Hell's Creek. I knew what she was, she wasn't shy about it, I didn't know who she was.

Did you know Vampires outside of Blood Creek aren't allowed to change humans? And it's only the fucking royalty.

Lyla is the Vampire King, Lucien's, sister. I didn't mind being changed, it came accompanied by the best orgasm of my living life.

I've been living in the Blood Creek castle with Lyla and her brother.

I haven't heard from our parents in the ten months I've been looking for you."

At his explanation of where he was living her eyes had widened and she'd looked at the man beside her. Lucas couldn't be sure what sort of relationship she has with him.

"Alpha, the Blood Creek Vampires don't have the best reputation, right?" she asks.

Ah, he's her Alpha.

"No. Lucas, was it?" the man turns to face Lucas as he addresses him.

"Yes. And you are?" Lucas tries to keep his demeanour neutral, but he has the strongest urge to keep his eyes downcast. He meets the man's gaze and immediately looks away. It was like looking at Lucien's face.

"Alistair Le Strange. Main Alpha to the Le Strange pack. My son is the Alpha to the sub pack that Asuna belongs to. He is also her mate."

Asuna flashes the green-eyed man a smile full of pride and inclines her head in respect.

He pats her hand affectionately and looks at Lucas.

"How long do you intend to stay in Forest Springs?" Alistair asks his voice holding the authority of his title.

"I only wanted to ensure Asuna's safety and health before going back to Blood Creek. I can't stay away for too long."

"No, you can't, can you? They'll send their soldiers to come to find you." Lucas nods at the Alpha's insight.

"Do you kill humans?" His sister's voice breaks the staring contest Luc was having with the two knots in the table.

He turns his head to her and meets her blue eyes. "No. One of the main reasons I can't be away for long. My feeder needs endorphins every day otherwise she goes into withdrawal."

"And your girlfriend is happy with you having a female feeder?" Lucas laughs and nods.

"Feeding on the opposite sex is even better than with your own. Also, the straight guys and girls prefer not to bury their faces in the necks of their sex." She nods slowly at his explanation.

"I don't suppose I can expect any nieces or nephews from you?" Her question has her Alpha in stitches laughing and Lucas couldn't help joining in.

"No. My sperm is dead. I can't procreate with any species." she huffs and grins suddenly.

"Well, you will have them from me. Not yet though." Lucas laughs at her no longer feeling the tension in the room.

"The wedding is in a few weeks. I'll talk to Tony and my wedding planners" she rolls her eyes "and maybe you and your girlfriend can come?"

Alistair shoots her a look and a small smile and Lucas nods in agreement.

"I'll leave my address for you. Thank you." She nods.

"Tell me about you. Did you know who you were when you came here?"

"No. I found out a few months ago. Everyone was as shocked as I was when we found out but after the shock wore off, they helped me figure out the finer points.

Alistair and Luna, the Beta and my mother-in-law, have been a lot of help over these last few months. My biological uncle, the Alpha of another pack, has been helping me figure out a bit more about my dad." She continues to explain the finer details omitting the major details that could potentially hurt the packs in the wrong hands.

The next hour was spent finding out details about their lives and when Lucas finally decides to leave, he receives a tense hug from her.

"I've got to get back to the castle." He says and pulls a pen from his pant pocket to write his address and contact information down for her.

When he walks with Asuna and her Alpha to the front door he notices a dark-haired woman with violet eyes at the top of the stairs. The expression on her face doesn't belie her disgust.

Lucas isn't sure if it was because he smelled of death or because he was a Vampire. Either way, he makes sure to say a hasty goodbye to his sister and the Alpha.

Lucas makes his way through the silent town Asuna calls home and watches as shutters close as he passes open windows.

He feels like an outlaw in a Western movie.

He meets the car waiting for him outside the town border and settles in the back seat as he's transported to his city.

Lucas watches the scenery change from forestry to stone as the passed through the three towns separating Forest Springs and Blood Creek. The huge open spaces between them the only separation indicating the subtle changes.

He gazes up at the large castle looming at the far end of the city, the Gothic structure built into the mountain.

The castle he called home for the last three weeks. He told Asuna the truth. He doesn't mind his altered state of being.

Who wouldn't mind being unable to die from natural diseases and be immune to poisons?

There is only one way for a Vampires to be poisoned and that was by feeding on a poisoned victim. But then the guy deserved it if he wasn't smart enough to smell the substance.

The black sedan stopped in front of the castle doors and Lyla shoots through the front door like a bullet, knocking him back into the frame of the car.

The crunch and squeal of metal being bent suddenly fill the air as Lucas finds Lyla's lips with his own and kisses her deeply.

"You reek of dog," she says against his lips before breaking away from him and stepping back.

"They say I reek of death," he says with a wicked grin and Lyla's eyes flash red.

"Sweet, wonderful death." she sighs and runs her finger down his chest.

He growls low in his throat as her finger skims his growing erection and his fangs elongate. Red starts to cloud his vision as blood rushes from his head to his cock.

"I need to feed, first. Then I'll take a shower. Then you'd better be ready to be devoured." he says in a soft voice. Lyla squeals and runs away from him and up the stairs.

He watches her figure flit through the windows leading up to their bedroom at the top of the tower. He grins wickedly before walking into the castle foyer and making his way to his feeder's room.

The tall brunette smiles lazily at him, still in the euphoric haze from his previous feeding, as he enters the room. She's sitting in the armchair in front of the TV.

Her grey eyes are glazed as he gets closer and she tilts her head, exposing the expanse of the skin of her neck. The area was littered with bites and Lucas makes a mental note to talk to the Feeder Collector before heading to his room.

Lucas walks around the back of the chair and leans forward to sink his fangs into her neck, savouring the last taste of this particular feeder.

He finishes up and bids her goodbye as he leaves the room.

"I need a new feeder. When I came in she was still high from two nights ago. She's already too dependent on the endorphins." he tells the Collector when he reaches his room. The older Vampire nods and thanks him for his consideration toward the health of his feeder before assigning him a new, fresh human feeder.

According to the Collector, she's a Vampire freak who likes the thrill.

Lucas thanks him and he takes off toward his bedroom.

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