The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Four


She looks at her future father-in-law and her Alpha.
"I'm sorry, I had to!" she cries as she meets his eyes and he chuckles and walks over to her.

"I know. We'll have the invite sent but customarily we will have to invite his King as well. Lucien isn't the most tolerable of our kind. He initiated the first war between Vampires and us wolves. The witches helped bring the whole thing down to the simmer it's in now."

Alistair puts his arm around her shoulder as he explains.

"Why did he initiate war? What could have been that bad?" Alistair grimaces at her questions.

"His youngest sister, Aliana, fell in love with a wolf. The Vampire law states that they were forbidden to have any other relationship except sexual with the wolves. This because of the shorter life span and that we're harder to turn than humans and witches.

Witches are easier because they already have magic, humans take about a day or two. But for us wolves... We have a low percentage of being turned into a Vampire because the wolf fights the virus. Our natural healing ability impairs the virus from taking over our cells.

So, when Aliana went after the Alpha of the pack, before we split into three, and tried to turn him. His Beta killed Aliana to save his Alpha. He survived the bite and stayed a wolf.

Lucien found out about his sister's death and attacked.

Gary, the Alpha, was Lucien's target and he killed him before leaving the Alpha and Beta's heads on a pike outside of town.

That left our town and the pack without an Alpha. Then the three strongest banded together to form the three packs.
Initially, it was the three mains families but as the town grew from different packs and rules were set in place.

No mating outside of the town was one of them.

Your birth seventy years later changed it into a more agreeable town law." the explanation had taken them into the living room and brought Luna downstairs. Asuna barely notices her mother-in-law sitting down beside her as she meets her Alpha's green eyes.

So much like the eyes of his son's wolf.

The thought comforts her more than she would like to admit as her rising anxiety of inviting her brother and his clan into her town subsides.

"I need a joint," she says causing them to laugh.

"Go home to Tony. I'm sure he's anxious to know." Alistair says and Asuna smiles wryly.

"He's been here the entire time." She taps her temple and Alistair chuckles holding out his hands to help the two most important women in his life from the couch.

He walks Asuna to the door, holding her hand at shoulder level and places a kiss on the back before pulling her into a tight hug.

"Everything will be alright." He says into her hair and she nods against his chest.

"I hope so," she whispers before releasing herself from his embrace and looking at her pack's Beta.

"I don't know if Trace had the time to tell you, but Tony decided on his wedding party. Gus and Frankie." Luna smiles brightly and nods in acknowledgement.


Asuna arrives home to a silent house. As she makes her way upstairs she sniffs the air and follows the scent of chocolate into the ensuite bathroom in their bedroom.

"Hey, get undressed and get in here," Tony says from the edge of the adding oil to the steaming water.

She doesn't need to be told twice as she starts undressing in the doorway, stripping away her jeans, underwear, shirt and bra, dropping them to the floor.

She steps into the bathroom as her mates eyes darken with pent up desire.

He doesn't pounce on her as she expects.

He stands up from the edge of the tub and starts tugging his clothes off.

Asuna licks her lips as she walks forward and runs her hands down his shoulders, chest and stomach.

He pauses in undoing his belt and pants and she watched goosebumps break out on his skin in the wake of her hands.

The confusion and unsurity of the evening were pushed aside as she strips her mate from his jeans and boxers, freeing his straining erection.

Desire runs through her veins as she continues her slow exploration of the dips and rises of his muscles and he places his hands on her hips, drawing her closer.

He turns her in his arms and reaches his arms and hands up, lifting her breasts with his knuckles and elongating his claws slightly.

Her head falls back against his shoulder as he scratches the underside of her breasts. The one place that after a long day of wearing a bra itched like hell and the scratching was nearly orgasmic.

He rests his chin on her head, running his hands down her stomach and over her mound.

"Let's get you clean and relaxed," he whispers in her ear and kissing the lobe. She nods and he steps back the warm air of the room cool against her heated skin.

And so it begins.

Luna had said it was close. She just didn't specify how close.

He helps her get into the bath without slipping on the oily porcelain and steps in behind her.

Together they slide down into the wonderfully warm and lavender-scented water.

Once submerged Tony reaches forward to the washcloth and she places a hand on his arm to stop him.

"Not yet. I just want to enjoy this for a while," she whispered words fold around them into the steam and hugs them as Tony drops his arm and rests it on her stomach.

Five minutes later she turns her head slightly to look at him.

"Your mom said my heat is close. I think it started," she says looking at his expression changing.

"No wonder," he murmurs, his eyes dark and his erection pressing against her back. She whimpers at the feeling as his hand slides down from her stomach to cup her sex.

"No wonder what?" she asks breathlessly as Tony starts moving his hand up and down the fleshy part of his thumb pressing against her clit with every stroke.

"No wonder I became rock hard the moment I smelled your scent outside the bar." He buries his face in her neck, licking and kissing the heated skin.

"What do I smell like, to you I mean?" she asks on a moan her orgasm building in her stomach.

"Chai spices. The best smell in the whole fucking world." he slips a finger inside and her hips buck against his hand, his teeth running along her neck.

She moans loudly as he retreats his finger and returns with two. He lightly nips the juncture between shoulder and neck eliciting a groan of desperation from her.

Her usual reactions are multiplied and the sensations caused by his skilled fingers ripples through her, her breath leaving her body in short, shallow gasps and her hips bucking against his hand.

"Alpha..." she breathes the word and he scissors his fingers inside of her. She tangles her toe around the plug and pulls it from the bath as he pulls his fingers from her.

"Bad girl. You're not clean yet," he replies to her whimper.

"I'm clean enough," she argues and rolls herself into her stomach between his legs bringing her nose to head with his cock.

His beautiful, water slicked cock.

He cups her chin in his hand and lifts her lust-filled eyes to meet his blazing ones.

"Oh no. I know what you're thinking." she pouts at his words and he chuckles softly pulling her face up to his, her slick body sliding across the porcelain and she lifts herself onto his lap. He leans down slightly and kisses her, stealing her breath from her lungs, his tongue slipping into her mouth.

"Bedroom" she moans in the brief moment his lips leave hers.

He nods and allows her to stand keeping his arms outstretched for in case she slips. She gets out of the bath and dries her feet thoroughly and shoots her gloriously naked mate a wicked grin before taking off into the bedroom with a yelled: "don't slip!"

Asuna hears a rumbling growl from the bathroom accompanied by the wet slap of his feet hitting the floor and moisture pools between her thighs as she stands waiting for him to come to her in their bedroom.

Her skin is flushed with desire and even more sensitive than when she first started to change. The first night they slept together. Her orgasm lay shallow in her belly as she watches her glistening mate stalk through the bathroom door.

She bites her lower lip backing up toward the bed as Tony's shoulders tensed, his thigh muscles hardened, and Asuna's breathing increased with her heartrate. Her thighs hit the bed and she lays down on her back putting herself on full display for his starving gaze to devour.
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