The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Five

The growl that leaves Tony vibrates through the room and over her skin, heating the already heated skin to a new degree of burn.

She watches his cock strain forward from his body toward her, a deep and angry purple, and she swallowed the drool pooling in her cheeks. Asuna growls seductively and runs a finger through her sodden, feverish folds and hisses in a breath.

Tony reaches her in two large steps and buries himself to the hilt, sending Asuna into oblivion of bliss, her inner walls milking his girth.

Her scream urges Tony to start moving his hips as a sudden urgency to satisfy the insatiable hunger building in his mate overtaking him.

Asuna reaches forward and starts circling her clit as she opens her eyes to look into the thunderstorm in Tony's. The intensity in his eyes overwhelms her and she shatters around his cock once more.

He grunts to keep his release at bay, intending to make her forget the night.

Asuna pulls herself from his cock and stands on her knees. She wraps her arms around him drawing him close to her. It takes every bit of her self control not to push him down on the floor and ride him until she can't keep her body up.

He wraps an arm around her waist and buries the hand of the other in her hair and claims her swollen mouth. He lifts her weight into his arm and joins her on the bed walking them backwards until her back hits the pillows.

He lets go of her waist and wraps her legs around his waist before pushing his pulsing cock into the sheath that is her body. He stalls any movement as Asuna's sensitivity sent her over the edge again at the contact of his member.

Her whines and whimpers become more urgent as he keeps still inside of her.

"Tony!" she screams in frustration and clenches her inner walls around him earning a very heated look.

"When are you most fertile? We'll have to use condoms then," he mutters the last part as though to himself.

"I don't care about that right now! I need you." her words seems to wipe any further thoughts from his head as he pulls back and slams into her.

He pushes himself up on his knees, resting her ass on his thighs, and pushes her back down on the bed with a hand on her heaving chest.

She locks her ankles behind his back as he removes his hand from her hip and palms a sensitive breast, kneading the swollen flesh softly.

She bites her lip hard as she feels the building of another orgasm watching the space where her pussy swallows his cock greedily. A whine leaves her as her back arched up from the mattress and her eyes roll back into the back of her head as an orgasm shudders through her.

Tony grunts and stills once more his breathing coming in harsh spurts through his nose, his eyes flickering green and blue as Asuna meets them through a haze of fading bliss.

She sits up and pushes him down, straddling his hips, as he straightens his legs.

"Not satisfied yet?" he asks breathlessly as she starts moving her hips on his cock, sliding his length up and down inside of her.

She pouts at his question and leans down onto his chest her hands on either side of his head. She buries her face in his neck and licks their mating bite sending a shudder through his body and drawing his balls up.

"No. I don't think I will be soon. Not until you come deep inside me." he grips her hips and picks her up before slamming her back down burying himself in her.

She cries out and sits up, placing both hands in his chest, and starts riding him, moving her hips forward and back. Asuna meets his eyes in a shared heated gaze as he grips her hips harder.

He groans and she feels him swelling inside her again as he nears his release.

"Don't stop this time." she moans out as her fifth orgasm builds in her core. He nods and takes control of her body, pounding into her and she leans back with the groan, the change of position causing him to hit her G spot, and she shivers in pleasure as her orgasm rips through them, milking him frantically into his.

As spurt after spurt of hot semen fills her channel Asuna collapses on Tony's chest with a satisfied sigh her skin cooling for the first time since she entered the house.

"I'll ask your mom about the fertility thing first thing tomorrow," she says softly before falling asleep to the sound of Tony's heartbeat in her ear and bis strong arms wrapped around her.


Some time in the middle of the night Asuna wakes up in a fever, her skin heated to the point of burning, her thighs slick with the juices pooling there. She looks over at a comatose Tony and her heart squeezes.

She leans over to her nightstand and checks the time on her phone.


Luna should be awake by now busying herself with the start of the pack matters for the day. The woman hardly sleeps.

Asuna takes a deep breath and slips out of bed, the cool air kissing her heated skin, and walks to the bathroom with her phone.

She pulls up her contact list and scrolls to Luna's name and hits send. She doesn't have to wair long before the woman's warm voice drifted over the earpiece.

"Hi, sweetheart." her Beta answers the phone.

"I'm sorry for calling so early," she whispers into the phone fanning herself.

"I was expecting you earlier, dear. Do you have questions?" she hears the rustle of sheets from the bedroom and freezes until she hears the faint creak of Tony's weight settling on the mattress.

"I think I'm in heat. I'm burning up and can't get enough of Tony. I feel like I'm melting from the inside out." Luna chuckles softly at her words and Asuna can almost hear her nodding.

"Yes. You've entered the first stage of your heat. You're only fertile after the first week, so have fun for now, after that be careful. You'll pass the fertile stage before the wedding."

She sighs in relief at her mother-in-law's reassuring words.

"This is an embarrassing question. I was satisfied when Tony came in me..." she trails off, her already flushed face heating further.

"You're worried about the fertile stage?" bless Luna Le Strange for seeing passed her awkwardness and lack of knowledge.

"Yeah," she whispers and runs her hand through her hair, picking the mass up off her neck, bouncing the strands and cooling her neck.

"I know it's going to be hard, needing the male release to put out the fire. He can release onto you and it should help lessen it."

Asuna looks down as a cool drop hits her ankle and she groans softly, her need for Tony rising higher by the second.

"Is it six months from the day I start the heat or end it?" she hastily asks her final question while the stream between her legs slowly becomes a river.

She hears the bed creak once more and a low growl filled with desire penetrates the bathroom walls and vibrates in her core pulling a moan from her.

Luna laughs softly and answers her question quickly, "From the day it ends. Your period will indicate the end. Good luck." she ends the call just as the bathroom door crashes open and bounces back against the wall.

A whimper escapes her lips as her eyes land on her mate filling the doorway.

Is it just me or does he look bigger?

The thought runs through her head seconds before he strides into the room and stops in front of her on the edge of the tub.

"I hope you weren't thinking of taking care of yourself," he growls and casts a look at her phone, the light illuminating her wet thigh.

"I had to talk to your mother before I could do anything. We're safe for a week before I become fertile for pups," she whispers her eyes trained on his erection straining toward her.

He groans as a wave of heat breaks through her and she shivers in its aftermath. He leans down and takes her hands in his, trapping her phone between their palms as the backlight times out and the screen goes dark.

He picks her up, an arm behind her knee and one under her arms across her back, and carries her to their bed.

She moans softly at the touch of his skin on hers and another wet wave passes through her.

"Jesus. Are you okay?" he mutters against her shoulder pausing at the end of the bed, waiting for the wave to dissipate, and she shakes her head frantically.

He drops her legs and positions her to face him before wrapping her legs around his hips and pushing into her scalding heat. He hisses in a breath as his cock adjusts to the tight grip around him and Asuna kisses him as though her life depends on it.

Her walls clench around him, holding her body up with his cock, as he bends down and lays them on the bed. She moans at the feel of the sheets against her sensitive skin and Tony starts moving inside of her.

He rolls his hips in a circular motion and she cries out at the sensation of being stroked everywhere. He stopped at the squishy, swollen ridges of her G-spot and lightly stroked it with the head of his cock and sent her spiralling over the edge.

"So easy to come for me, Little Wolf." his pet name for her sends her falling back over as she comes down from her first orgasm. She cries out his name and digs her nails into his forearms as he continues the slow torture of teasing her.

He pulls from her entirely just before she slips into oblivion once again and she screams a string of profanities at him for the denial which causes him to laugh.

"You love me," he says as he flips her over onto her stomach. He raises her hips slightly and slams into her from behind and she grips the sheets tightly, the sound of the tear overshadowed by her cry of pleasure as stars danced in front of her eyes.

"Yes, I love you," she pants out in the brief moment of bliss before moans of need overtake her vocal cords.

His thrusts become more frantic and less controlled as he nears his orgasm and Asuna shatters around him, soaking the bed beneath them.

"Alpha!" she screams as his seed burns her inner walls pushing her over the edge again. Tony collapses on her and she wraps her arms around his shoulders and inhales his scent deeply.
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