Sinful Seduction | 18+

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~One thing that Alexa Rossi hated was preparing NDA contracts for Damien Sinclair. Not because she was jealous of the numerous women who had Damien for four months, but because she wanted to be with Damien. She didn’t care about the feeling that might get involved, all she cared about was to have Damien on top of her.

So what happens when her employer, Damien takes a sudden interest in his Lawyer, Alexa Rossi?

Meet Damien Sinclair - The absolute epitome of the word sex appeal. It literally oozed off him. But he didn’t use that as an advantage to lure in women. In fact, he was really picky about his flavors of the month. As his once exotic lifestyle starts seeming dull for him, his attention courses towards his young petite lawyer.

What happens when the predator starts planning to draw in his prey?

Because that is exactly what Alexa was to him, his prey~

Sneak Peek -

If life has ever taught me anything, that is, never play with fire if you can't control it.

But I just couldn't help it.

Damien Sinclair...

He was like the fuel to my flame. A flame that constantly flares inside me, craving nothing other than the fine specimen of the man standing in front of me, eyeing every inch of my body with animalistic lust.

But I should've known better than to tread with dangerous waters because deep inside those expensive Armani suits, laid the devil himself.

Eagerly waiting for his next prey, whom he's ready to destroy and turn into his own puppet.

Curling the whip around his hand, a smirk graces his sinful lips before he utters,

"Get down on your knees, pet"

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