Not My Mates Baby

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"Tell me you want me." He nibbled from my shoulder to my neck and then my ear. I closed my eyes and bit my bottom lip to hold back my moan. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cliona wanted nothing more than to please her mate ......... when she found him that is. It's been a dream of her ever since she was little. You can say she was sexually precocious or sexually curious. However you want to put it sex and all things kinky has always been on her mind. If it wasn't for Alexis (her all to close BFF and the only person in the world she trust) who shares the same interest as her she would be the outcast of the whole pact maybe even the whole world. One day she visits the Blue Moon pact for the new Alpha Adonis's 21 birthday party and she ends up drinking more then she should and relieving her little desires to Adonis. Him being him, he is promises that he can show her more than what she sees in the movies. She ends up falling for his trap and having a one night stand. Later she finds out later that she's pregnant. Scared of what's going to happen she decides to run. What happens when Cliona actually meets her mate and it's someone she wasn't expecting it to be? Will he accept her and her baby or will he turn away from them? How will Adonis react when he finds out he has a kid? What will happen to Adonis to Cliona?

Erotica / Fantasy
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At 18, it’s tough being the only hate person in my family. Being constantly reminded that I’m worthless and always being the one that’s blamed for my dad leaving my mother. She claims that he rejected her because she got pregnant again with me. Of course, I don’t believe it but hey that doesn’t stop them from saying it. Even though she’s our Pact Doctor she’s a complete bitch. But that’s Julie Cross for you. A beautiful deadly Creole Bitch.

Don’t even get me started on my brother Brian and my sister Jazmine. They both hate me too, Brian he’s the oldest at 22 and he’s bata to our Alpha. Our Alpha, George mated with my 20 year old sister Jazmine, so she’s Luna and is making my life hell. How could someone as evil and devious as her be the mate to the sweetest guy in the world? That's a complete mystery to me.

To be honest I don’t think I would be able to survive in this hell hole called my life if it wasn’t for my best friend Alexis. We have an extremely close relationship. She helped me discover new things about myself just like I did for her. We’ve been friends for years and throughout those years you can say we’ve been very sexually precocious.

I don’t really know much about Adonis De Rosa, we’re not apart of the same pact you see. He’s the new alpha of the Blue moon Pact one of the largest pacts in the word. And even though I’ve never been to a party before, this was supposed to be a huge one for Adonis’s birthday. So why not, you never know, I might meet my mate there. Either way it’s going to be a crazy night.

I just hope I don’t do something stupid.

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