Into the darkside

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~He was handsome and charming, hes smile had the finest glow, but i know what no one would never know~ He tightened the choker around me and grinned "Ahhhhh what a beautiful baby i have here" He looked at me with hes hazel eyes i swear turning black. I don't know why but i loved him, i loved way he treated me but scary part is what if he knew?

Erotica / Horror
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Chapter 1: The Man

My dad dropped me off at the mall to go hang out with my friends. They one me rebelled since I was a poor girl, I just sat there then a boy approached, "Hey." I looked up, He was tall, light brown hair, hazel eyes and he had a perfect body. I knew my dad would hate this so I stood up and walked off. He followed I started running, it was a long run but I thought I had lost him, I was gonna call my dad but although I was 14 my dad didn't trust me with one. dang, it dad the one time I need a phone I don't get one ugh I sat down about to cry when the young man picked me up his hands having good structure but tight around my waist and mouth please don't hurt me I thought he forced me to get into his car since I was outside at the back of the mall, I get in and see another guy who looked about to years older than the one who tried to kidnap me. We drove and drove soon I passed out when the back doors open. I'm being carried I thought but to where? they blindfolded me I realize i wanna scream but then I realized I'm tapped.

Finally, when I'm unblindfolded I'm in a house on a bed just laying there. The boy who i saw at the mall was laying next to me stroking my cheek but stood up. "Now let's repeat this," He says as he picks up a belt. "Hello, my name is Ace, and you?" I froze Should I tell him my name or just lie? "Um-" i stutter "my name is Ally" He hits me "that is not your name!" ouch dang it, Blaire, your so dumb Another hit gets me back to reality. "Bla - Bla - Blaire," I say crying. He puts the belt down and strokes my cheek again "good girl" He picks me up and carries my downstair and ties me to a chair. "Now we're gonna make some rules here, Okay?" I nodded in shock at what was happening. "the first rule: you call me daddy, master or sometimes by my name which is Ace. second rule: if I take you out you do not run, scream, or do anything other than listen to me. You understand?" He's one jerk how I'm I gonna get outta here "yes daddy" I say trying to think and not listen to he's petty rules. " third and last rule: you listen to everything I say okay?" "Yes daddy," I say in a scared tone. "This is the beginning of an exciting adventure," He says while doing an evil but charming grin. I don't even know why but I think I might have liked it.

Sorry for the short chapter let me know what you think.
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