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The Deal

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When Michaels gambling gets out of control it forces Isabella to do something she never thought she would do.

Erotica / Romance
Mandy M.
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Chapter 1

This is faster pace with some time jumps. It’s not meant to be a slow burner.

My friends and I were out celebrating, I graduated college and my internship had turned into a job at the most prestigious design firm in New York. The majority of my friends had graduated a few months ago, as I took a semester off, my parents died in a car accident. I took a semester off and traveled back to Georgia to deal with that, I’m an only child. My celebration is bittersweet without them being here with me, but I know that they are proud of me.

I sold their house and used that money to buy mine, the money they left me went into the bank. My college was already paid for, so I have a nice nest egg.

Wiping a stray tear away I step up to the bar for another drink, “what’s a girl like you doing here alone?”

I laughed, “really, that’s the best you could come up with?” I looked over at him. His sandy blonde hair cropped short, deep blue eyes, broad shoulders with a slightly muscular build.

“I admit, not my best work,” he stretches his hand out, “Michael.”

“Isabella,” shaking his hand.

The bartender hands me my drink and I turn to walk away, “did I scare you off?”

“No, just going back to my friends. See you around Michael,” making sure to sway my hips just enough as I walk away.

“Boy I hope so,” it was just loud enough for me to hear.

Throughout the night it felt like Michael was staring at me, but when I looked over at him he wasn’t. By one am we called it a night and said our goodbyes.

I stepped outside and lit a cigarette while I waited on my Uber to arrive, a bad habit I know, but I only smoke when I’m drinking. “That’s a bad habit,” it’s him.

“That it is,” stepping on it when I see that my ride is close.

“Your friends abandon you?”

“Just waiting for my ride.”

He nodded, “as am I,” just as the car pulls up, “and here it is.”

I look at my phone and see that’s it’s mine as well, “you’re my ride share?”

Opening the door for me, “I am. It’s cheaper and we seem to be going the same direction.”

I get in and he quickly rounds the car and gets in the other side, I figured he’d get in the front. We made small talk and as we pull up to my house, “I’d really like to take you to dinner,” as I open my door. “Why don’t you give me your number?”

I took his phone, added my number then quickly called myself before handing it back, “here. Call me and we’ll pick a day,” smiling I walked up to my door.

I unlocked the door and stepped inside. I loved my house, it’s just outside the city but still close enough for a short commute. A four bedroom, two and a half bath, spacious living, dining, and a beautiful kitchen. I drop my keys, clutch, and kick off my heels before heading upstairs directly to my large bathroom with double sinks, huge soaking tub, and large shower. Stripping out of my dress and turn on the shower, letting the room fill with steam before stepping inside and letting the hot water rain down on me. I slip into my oversized shirt before crawling in between my silk sheets on my king size bed, sleep finds me easily.

Stretching like a cat I glance at the clock, eight am, it’s Saturday so I decide to spend the day cleaning and running some errands. Two hours later I’m done cleaning, it’s just me and I’m kind of a neat freak. I put on some clothes and head off to the store. I had just finished putting the last of my groceries away when my phone went off.

> I was thinking I could take you to dinner tonight.

I was just about to respond when a knock came at my door, “hey bitch,” she walks right in.

“Hey hoe bag,” laughing a little as I shit the door. Annalies or Anna has been one of my best friends since I started college.

“Are you on the phone?” looking at my phone I’m still holding. I shake my head and she takes my phone, “who’s Michael?”

“I met him last night and we shared a ride home.”

“Ah, was he the guy at the bar with blonde hair that was staring at you all night?” still staring at my phone. She types something then hands it back smiling.

>Sure. Pick me up at seven?

“Well, I guess I’m going now. Thanks,” I mumbled.

“Oh come on. When was the last time you had sex?”

She did have a point, I don’t do one night stands and it’s been a couple years since my last relationship. “Leave me alone will you.”

Dragging me to my bedroom, “let’s find you something sexy to wear tonight.”

Moaning, “it’s not even two yet.”

“I know,” she smiled, “that gives us plenty of time.”

“Come on! I’m not that bad!”

“No, but you do need some highlights in your hair.”

Michael’s POV

As soon as I saw her walk into the bar, I knew I had to talk to her. Her long auburn hair swaying as she walked and that body, wow. I watched her all night and I couldn’t help but imagine her riding my cock all night.

I was surprised when I walked out to leave and she was standing there smoking, “that’s a bad habit.”

I opted for sharing my Uber, as it was cheaper and faster. I saw it pull up and smiled as she began walking to it, I knew I’d get to talk to her.

“So Isabella, you looked like you were celebrating tonight.”

Nodding, “I just graduated and landed my dream job.” I smiled and she continued, “I’m an architectural designer.”

I quickly sent a message to our driver telling him to take her home first, even though I’m sure mine is closer.

We pulled up to her house, just outside the city, and I have to admit, it’s nice. “I’d really like to take you to dinner, why don’t you give me your number?” as she stepped out of the car. She took my phone and entered her number and called herself.

“Call me and we can pick a day,” I watched her walk into her house. We drove back into the city to my condo.

I woke up the next morning with Isabella on my mind. It was early afternoon when my doorbell rang, I opened the door and saw a woman standing there, “I’m here to pay you,” I stepped aside and allowed her in. I don’t remember her name but she lost to me in a card game a few nights ago and her payment is sex. My cock has been throbbing thinking of Isabella.

As soon as I closed the door she dropped her long coat, revealing her naked body. Her small perky breasts and curves did nothing for me, but a fuck is a fuck and I plan on pounding it.

I rid myself of my pants and boxers and sit down on my couch. She starts to straddle me and I stop her, “not yet,” I push her down to her knees in front of me. Her shoulders slump when she realizes what I want. “You owe me and I’m going to get that thousand dollars out of you.” Slowly she leans down and takes my cock in her mouth. I wrap my fingers into her hair and push her further down, forcing her to take all of me, “remember you are the one that offered this as your bet.”

Keeping my fingers in her hair, I set her pace. Closing my eyes and imagine that it’s Isabella sucking my cock, only to get frustrated at her ability to do a good job. I grab my phone with my other hand and find her number

>I was thinking I could take you out for dinner tonight.

Shoving her head down as I fill her mouth with my load. Wiping her mouth she stands up and walks over to grab her coat, “where do you think you’re going?”


“You’re bet was anything the winner wanted,” panic on her face. I walk over and push her over the arm of the couch, “spread your legs.”

“Please not my ass,” she begged.

I glanced at my phone

>Sure. Pick me up at seven?

I thrust myself into her dry pussy and she screams out in pain, not giving her time to adjust before pounding into her. I really need to work out my sexual frustration before my date tonight. I grab her hips and pull her back to meet my thrusts. My thrusts got harder and harder before I pulled out and released myself onto her back.

She stands up and reaches for her coat, “we’re done here. You got your money out of me.”

Sliding my pants back up, “I would’ve had rather had the money, you’re the worst fuck I’ve had.”

“Fuck you!”

I laugh, “you couldn’t pay me to do it again.” She slams the door on the way out.

>See you then

**** A/N: I was in a hurry to get this chapter out, but I promise it gets better.

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