Sociopathic Seduction

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I've been running from Jared ever since I escaped CORE. They partnered me with him for years. He was a machine. A ruthless trained killer with an expertise in torture and seduction. A dangerous mix, I thought. I'd loved him once but soon realized that he was a sociopath. Incapable of real emotion. When I'd escaped CORE, I'd escaped him. Or so I'd hoped. But Jared is an expert hunter. An optimal predator. And I've become his favorite prey.

Erotica / Thriller
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Finding Me in My Bed

Note from the Author:

This is a dark erotica. With explicit sex. Forced sex. Violence and brutality.

It's about an agent who escaped CORE, the covert agency she'd worked for. But her former partner, Jared has been sent to make her disappear. And Jared specializes in finding people and making them suffer.

If only that'd been all he intended...

I'd loved Jared once. Until I'd learned he was incapable of the emotion. Then I'd spent months plotting how to get out of CORE and away from him. I'd been meticulous. That's what I was known for. My ability to be thorough in everything I did.

But somehow he'd found me.

The first time had been six months after I'd escaped CORE.

June 14, 2000

I knew I was asleep even as I smelled the hint of a Marlboro. They were his favorite. His one weakness.

Catching a whiff always made me fear he was near. But I was comforted by knowing I was alone in my room.

I was dreaming of days spent in his arms. Him kissing my mouth and kissing my body. Still tasting a bit like those cigarettes.

I felt my skin heating and felt the dampness between my thighs that meant I was ready to be entered. I felt fingers sliding away and the heavy head of a jutting cock probing my entrance.

When he entered me it burned some as my body tried to adjust. I felt tighter than I remembered.

I hissed in pain and he shushed me. "Quiet, Mida..."

"Jared, please..."

He was massaging into me but it hurt badly. My body wasn't ready to take him so suddenly. He was large. So stretching me for him had always been uncomfortable at first. Right now it felt like someone tried to put a fist in me.

"Don't 'please' me. Little late for that." His rumbling voice forced my eyes open.

A bit too real, too near, for comfort.

Seeing his unmistakable silhouette outlined over me, I opened my mouth to scream but he palmed my lips to stifle the sound. Pressing them against my teeth.

His other hand grabbed my wrist as I swung back to hit him. Pinning it to the mattress next to me. Tossing his weight heavily on me stemmed any sound I might've made. And set home how real the hard length of him burrowed into my unused crevice, was.

"Ssh." He put a finger to his lips as he slowly shook his head. Piercing blue eyes cutting into me as he methodically pushed into my body.

Making it real.

He's here. He found me.

And he was viciously taking my body.

"Jared, no! Stop."

"You dont get to tell me what to do anymore, Arimida. You don't get to say no." He growled. Pushing deeper into me made him moan in pleasure. "And I'll damn well decide when I stop. You don't get to control me like a dog on a chain any longer. You lost that right when you ran away from me."

How had he gotten in here? In my bed? I twisted my head up to see the window. Noticing it was open with a curtain blowing.

My eyes skid to the door, while he rhythmically slid in and out of me, searching for help.

A way to make him stop.

What if I can wake Rebecca? My roommate could get help.

Maybe get him out of and off, me.

His hard length was stretching me mercilessly as he quietly panted in pleasure. His powerful buttocks flexing to plant him in me. Making my small breasts bounce every time he pierced me. Filling every inch of me inside.

"Dont bother. She's asleep." He grunted. Looking over his shoulder purposely. As he continued thrusting into my stiff body.

Tilting his head to look at me, he said ominously. "You look pretty with fear on your face."

He pumped a little harder in his mounting excitement.

"Get off me!" I shoved at his shoulders but he was large and well-muscled and my efforts only made him chuckle. Becoming more aggressive.

He leaned up into a push up. His hand sliding across my lips slowly. "I wouldn't recommend waking her. You'll pay for that...In fact..." He glanced over his shoulder toward the open door. "I might just have her to. It'd be fun to have you both."

My eyes widened on him. But as always, his face was unreadable.

"Do I look like I'm bluffing?" His frigid blue eyes met mine, unflinchingly.

No, it didn't. Jared never bluffed.

"I'm going to cum in you, Mida."

I mouthed the word no and shook my head vehemently.

"Oh, I am. It's my pussy. I own it...Or have you forgotten?"

Like a fool, I'd said the words to him once. And he'd certainly never forgotten!

"I wish I had."

"I'll never let you." He sneered. Lip curling as he began slamming into me a bit roughly.

I arced up trying to escape him. My heels sliding over the satin sheets and my ass retreating from him as I attempted to slide off him and up the bed.

He chuckled mirthlessly. Hooking my shoulders and forcing me back down until I was firmly lodged against his pelvis with him so deeply embedded in me I could feel the head of his cock pushing at my uteris. Probing where I very much didn't want him.

"Get out!"

"Ooh, fight me, Mida. It'll make it that much more exciting when I cum in you."

"Don't do that, Jared. Don't!" I shoved at his shoulders as he thrust into me.

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