My Little Succubus

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We all know what she is. Impossible to catch. Every Mating Moon they all hunt for her. Her tiny leather robes leave little to the imagination and we'd all like to feel her to sate our primal need to breed. But damn her ability to spark when threatened. But I've a plan this year. I've watched her every move and now I'm ready to put the plot I've carefully nurtured into effect. Within hours I plan to be sinking into her warm body and sating my insatiable appetite. Afterall, she's not the only one with magic in this pack. That is why they call me Magus.

Erotica / Fantasy
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“I can feel your heat.” She whispered next to me. Chewing a bird leg in one hand and reaching over to stroke my cock in my lap with the other.


“Why do you torment me?” I asked her scathingly. Narrowing my grass green eyes on her and forcing a hand back through my dark brown hair.

“Because it’s fun. I like seeing you writhe.”

“Perhaps you should ask yourself if you’d still find it so amusing if the tables were turned.”

“Ha!” She scoffed. “Come to my hut later. I’ll give you a taste of what you’ll never have.”

I’d fallen for it before.

She’d let me touch her. She liked learning what made her feel good. Knowing she could stop me anytime she wanted by generating the smallest lightning strike pulsing through my eager parts.

She’s tormented me enough. I cursed.

“Oh, My Magus. Don’t be like that tonight.”

Despite myself my body was responding to her ministrations, my cock hardening in my pants as she rubbed along it with her palm.

I growled in warning.

“Oh, My Magus...” She taunted. “Have you wondered what it’d feel like inside me. I bet I’m already moist.”

She reached over and caught my hand, forcedly relaxed along my thigh. Unwilling to stop what she was doing to me but knowing it’d end before any gratification.

She didn’t pause eating as she slid my hand under the front flap of her hide robe.

She’s not wearing undergarments. I recognized instantly. Feeling her soft nest.

She guided my hand along her softest lips and used her own fingers over mine to guide one of my larger ones into her from where she sat tipped over the edge of the log. She curved up her hips to give me better access.

I sunk my finger into her and felt her roll her hips into my hand. Like the little wanton she was.

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