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My Little Succubus

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What Happened to Us

The same year that the plague was sweeping through humanity a hybrid disease was decimating even us, immortal as we were. Wolves in packs were quickly contaminated and died. Passing the disease amongst themselves within days.

We had no choice but to scatter until the spread had stopped.

But women and children refused to separate or could not survive on their own. Meaning that most of our females had passed.

One fierce Alpha, Edrick had waited until he saw that wolves were no longer dying, and he’d gone in search of the strongest, fiercest of the roamers to form a pack.

But we had to be healthy.

And have something to offer his pack.

Thusly, only prime hunters, the fastest, fiercest or those with special skills were permitted to join us.

That was how I came to be part of the pack. There were few wolves capable of magic and even fewer trained as mages by the Mages Guild.

I was rare.

They called me Magus.

Which was simply another name for a Mage. But I liked being identified for what I was. Both wolf and mage. Instead of having to hide half of myself as I had in the guild.

But I had been trained by Hawk, himself. The second of the Mage Command in the Guild. Only surpassed by Warlord, the fiercest of all mages.

Eventually Edrick was challenged by a rival pack, the NightHunters. Vicious beasts. Edrick managed to kill their alpha but he died soon after from his wounds.

Making his boy Draven our new alpha.

And Draven was no jesting matter. He was ruthless, vicious and the fastest beast I’d ever seen.

No outrunning him.

But male wolves were easy to come by and had to earn their way into Edrick’s pack but women…

Not so easy to find.

And harder to persuade to join a pack of all males.

So only those we could find or conquer could be brought back to join the Asara.

Of the few within the walls which sheltered the Asara territory, she was my favorite.

Zyra Momay.

1352 Mating Moon

She was just here. I was angry, frustrated and aroused.

“Damn you, Zyra!”

I heard her giggle from somewhere close.

“What’s wrong, My Magus?”

I felt her finger caress along the back of my neck. I spun around but saw only trees and leaves.

I heard a branch move and glanced that direction. Hearing her soft giggle again. I wanted my hands all over her. Bad enough they were shaking.

My cock had been hard for hours. I was nearly blind with lust and the need to sate my wolf’s hunger under the Mating Moon.

“Come here, Zyra.”

“Not a chance.” She whispered quickly near my ear to my right.

My hand shot out and brushed her arm as she danced from reach.

More than any of her abilities, I currently hated that she could camouflage with any background.

“Zyra, you want to be mated, you know you do.”

“Do I?” She danced from the other side of me.

My gaze whipping could only catch the merest motion of bark seeming hidden behind a slight haze. I reached for her and felt a zap along my hands.

One of her other abilities. I hissed withdrawing my hand.

“Stop teasing me, Zyra.”

“But I love teasing you.” She pouted. “Guess what I’m wearing, My Magus?”

I sighed. “Nothing.”

I knew how her ability to camouflage worked. It meant she’d shucked her leather robes and her skin was warm and vulnerable. Ready to be mounted.

“Zyra I could sate my hunger on you. Give you pleasure too.”

Just let me get my damn hands on you!

“Why would I do that when I can touch you whenever I like?” I gasped when I felt my hard rod be scooped in her warm palm. She became visible directly before me. Her tongue slicking out to purposely lick her lush red lips. Her bright eyes vibrant and long dark hair sweeping back to her hips. She pressed her breasts against my chest between the opening in my mage’s robes.

“I’m probably wet right now, My Magus…You could slide right in…”

I reached for her.

“If I let you…” Cackling she danced from my reach and went invisible.

Frustrated beyond what I could tolerate I turned and punched a tree.

“Zyra! You’re toying with fire. I’ve had about enough of this. I vow if you do not cease your games, I will make you pay come next year’s Mating Moon. You’ll whimper and whine while I mount you. Mercilessly!” I swore.

She chuckled evilly. “Wouldn’t you love that, My Magus?”

I felt her arms encircling my neck from behind me.

I turned to catch her but, as always, she escaped my reach. For the last Mating Moon.

Zyra didn’t know what I knew. She knew what I was.

But not what I’ve been trained.

Hawk had perfected a rare potion to be used on difficult women.

A potion to make them succumb to mating.

And I was still on fine terms with the Mage Commander. I was going to get that potion.

And she is going to be mine.

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