Lust And Deceit

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Jessica Mendoza is a 23 year old girl who lost her mother three years ago, leaving her to take over her mother’s real estate firm. She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s beautiful, and she’s loyal. What happens when she finds out all of her friends are harboring a massive secret from her?! This story is about Lust, betrayal, and secrecy

Erotica / Drama
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Pain shoots through my body as well as exhaustion. I wake up confused, wondering where I am. Everything hurts. As I set my eyes around the room looking to my surroundings realization hits me like a truck. I start screaming, "Hello! Is anyone there?!" I looked to my left and started panicking when I realized the person who kidnapped me had chained me to the bedpost. As I try to yank the chains off the door begins to creak open. My eyes are burning with tears I haven't shed yet. I can't believe this is happening to me. My heart can't take any more pain. My heart starts to beat faster as he walks in through the door.

”You won’t be able to escape Jessica. You’re stuck with me,” he says with a sadistic smile.

“Please, let me go. Haven’t you done enough?!” I say as I start to cry. I just want to go home to be in his arms where I know I'll be safe. Knowing I'm here and he doesn't know where I am sets me off in trepidation.

”Nowhere near enough. You are mine to play with, mine to use and abuse. Only when I’m finished with you will I throw you away like the piece of garbage you are.”

I feel weak as it dawns on me what he may do to me next. I know he’s been following me for months especially when I’m with my new boyfriend. He gets on top of me, straddling my lap, bringing his face to my neck. Instantly I feel his hot breath on me, making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, causing me to feel disgusted and repulsed. “Will you be a good girl and follow the rules, or will I have to punish you?”

”Go to hell,” I shout, banging my head against his so he could get off me.
He stumbles backward on the bed, and when I look at him, his eyes are flushed with so much anger and hatred for me. “You shouldn’t have done that”
He straddles my lap again, grabs my hair, and yanks it back, making me wince in pain, repeatedly punching me in the face. As he does, I muster the strength to open up one of my eyes and spit directly in his face. “You just don’t learn, do you, Jess?” he says, wiping my spit off his cheek. Smirking, he starts rubbing my breast through my top as I begin squirming, trying to get him to stop. Suddenly, he brings his hand to the inside of my shirt. “P-please stop. Don’t do this, please,” I cried out.

”Stop-fucking-talking-bitch!” he shouts as he moves down my body to remove my skirt and underwear. My body started to shake as I knew what he was about to do. My screams echoed through the room. He landed a few more punches onto my face as I started to grow unconscious. Suddenly, all I felt was him forcefully entering himself inside of me.

”You can't escape me, Jessica you belong to me.” Is the last thing I hear before passing out.

I hope he ends my life tonight because I can't deal with this pain any longer.

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