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“Just say my name. It’s not that hard. You know what is hard? My cock, every time you call me ‘sir’.” He likes control. She likes freedom. He wants to protect her. She can protect herself. He is supposed to be cold. She is supposed to be delicate. Not everything is as it seems. Throw in a cute toddler, memory loss and a ton of secrets and things are bound to go bad. Unless you like bad.

Erotica / Romance
Sweetie cakes
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A new chapter of my life begins today, again. This time, I have decided to go to New York. It seemed fitting since I’ve never been here yet. Until today that is. My first day here starts with meeting my potentially new boss.

It’s best to stick to larger cities. Small towns come with bigger questions. Everyone knows each other. Let’s not forget the mistake of stepping on someone’s turf. Nope. Not a risk I’m willing to take. So, New York it is.

I have already had three online meetings with the, very handsome, recruiter and I have made it this far after an onerous assessment. The last step in this process is to meet the actual boss. I’m not the only candidate. This is a formality needed to make sure that whoever I will work directly with and for, doesn’t hate my guts. Like match making.

I have two opportunities. One is with Di Nardi Corp. as the executive assistant and the other is with Smith’s Finances as a financial controller. I prefer the executive assistant one. So, here I am. Standing in front of the skyscraper owned by Di Nardi Corp. All 40 floors.

I graduated Oxford with a Civil Engineering and Architect degree while double majoring in Finance & Control. I worked part time as a working student financial controller during my time in England. That is how I paid for necessities. I got a scholarship after winning a mathematical contest. So, I only had to pay for rent and food. Not school. Which was a fucking blessing.

After graduation at the ripe age of 20, I moved to Ontario and put my architect degree to good use for three years before moving to Vancouver and working as an Engineer. Now, I’m here in New York.

I walk up the steps, through the door that is being opened by the clerk and head to the receptionist for a visitor’s pass. “Good morning. I’m Lydia Trimarchi, here for my appointment with Mr. Giraldi.”

After showing my ID and the friendly woman behind the desk confirms my appointment and identity, I’m being escorted to the elevator by a burly but friendly man. He introduces himself with a smile, “Ms. Trimarchi, my name is Omar Hud. I will escort you to the 40th floor.”

He is handsome. I smile back, “Good morning, Mr. Hud. You have such a nice name. Please, call me Lydia.”

“Thank you. Only if you call me Omar.” He replies with a wink.

I nod in reply, “It’s very nice to meet you, Omar.”

Once we enter the elevator, Omar punches in a code while three more people enter the elevator. Apparently, you can’t go up the 40th floor without a code. Hmm. Odd.

When the elevator dings and the doors slide open, I notice how empty it is. The entry hall is massive and the ceilings are high. It has a woodsy theme. The tables and chairs in the guest waiting area is made from wood. This is the exact opposite of the rest of the building, which is all abstract and formal. This right here feels homier.

At the other side, completely opposite the elevator and behind the desk, are two massive double doors. A few feet next to it is another door. Before I can explore more, I get distracted by a running toddler.

Yes. An actual toddler. The cutest one I’ve ever seen. She cannot be older than two. She has blond hair and is running around wearing a tutu with her hair flapping like the wind. I look behind me to Omar, but he has already left.

“Stop running, Emily!” I hear a male voice calling after her. He cannot seem to catch her.

When she notices me, she comes running up to me and hides behind my legs while giggling mischievously. “No, no, no, no, no!” She yells while shaking her head, her hair swaying with her. Her little arms are wrapped around my legs, her hands have a tight grip on my loose pants.

I laugh as I look down at her. The man who was running after her sighs, “She’s supposed to wait here for her uncle who is in a meeting with the boss to take her home while I do my job. I’m Joseph, by the way. The secretary.”

“Hi Joseph, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Lydia Trimarchi. I have an appointment with Mr. Giraldi in 15 minutes. I can watch her in the mean time so you can do your job.”

“Really? Yes please. If I don’t process these papers, Mr. Di Nardi will have my head.” He says with a flustered face as he fans himself. He is handsome as well. Is that one of the requirements? Must you be handsome to work here? He is on the older side. Probably around 40. He has subtle silver streaks mixing with his pitch-black hair. His eyes are dark blue, which matches with his navy-blue pants.

“Wouldn’t want that to happen to such a pretty face now, do we?” I answer with a chuckle. He moves over to me and takes my coat before putting it away.

He gasps, “I like you! Between you and me, I’d totally pick you over the other two. But that’s my opinion.” After that, he grabs a binder filled with papers before moving to the elevator and leaving me with a toddler.

I look down at her and she gives me a huge smile with a wave and says, “Hi!”

I squat down to her level. “Hello, I’m Lydia.”

“Deedee?” She asks with wide eyes. She obviously cannot talk much, given her age.

I brush the hair back from her face and sit with her on the floor after grabbing some papers and pens from Joseph’s desk. We spend the next 15 minutes or so playing games, drawing, talking, she played with my hair which is now a mess and now I’m the one braiding hers.

Emily is sitting on my lap while I braid her hair like “Eja”. I took a wild guess and assumed she meant Elsa from frozen. All the while, she continues her version of talking while I guess what she’s trying to tell me and answer her as if we are having a full-blown conversation. I feel like I’m being watched. It’s probably nothing. This floor is completely empty.

I’m almost finished when she turns her head and looks at me with her big green eyes and asks, “I wata, DeeDee?”

She is so cute. Damnit. Those cheeks. Ugh.

I absolutely love kids.

I wrack my brain, trying to think of what she could possibly want. A bell dings in my mind, water! I never leave without a water bottle. “Sure, sweetie. You want to drink some water?”

With one hand holding her braid intact, I rummage my bag with the other one looking for a hair tie. I probably should have grabbed one first before braiding. But whatever. After several seconds still not finding one, I give up and grab the one currently holding my ponytail.

Once it’s free, I tie her braid up and open the water bottle. I turn Emily around, so I can help her drink the water without spilling. She gulps it down, obviously being really thirsty. She sits up when she’s had her fill, I close the bottle and wipe her chin dry with my thumbs. Her eyes are a little droopy. She’s probably tired from all the running and playing around. “Are you tired, sweetie?”

She nods her head at me in reply before leaning her head on my arm. I look at my watch and see that noon has passed. I had my appointment at 12 o’clock but I arrived earlier. Kids her age usually take a nap around this time. Joseph hasn’t returned yet. I take my jacket off, because it’s a bit chilly here and turn Emily around so she’s comfortable with her head on my chest while I lean back on the desk behind me.

With my jacket thrown over her and her eyes closed, she dozes off in my lap while I wait for someone, preferably her uncle, to return. I probably look like a mess. My pants are wrinkled, I have spots of color on my hands, my hair is everywhere and my jacket is currently being used as a blanket. I can kiss this job goodbye.

I’m surprised she fell asleep so quickly. She didn’t even need a bottle or a pacifier. I brush her hair softly with my fingers, making sure not to ruin her ‘Eja’ braid. Similar color to mine. I don’t know why, but I feel protective over her.

Another ten minutes have passed when a door softly opens and two men come walking out the door. Or should I say two Adonis’s. Holy fucking shit. They are both well over 6 feet, one taller than the other. Both have dark hair but that is where their similarities end. I don’t have much time to ogle them, when I realize that one of them is the guy Ive had online meetings with.

Mr. Giraldi smiles at me and softly says, “Good afternoon, Lydia. My apologies for the delay but I can see you were quite busy yourself.” The other man behind him scratches his beard while looking at me blankly.

“Hello, Mr. Giraldi. Oh, yes. This is Emily. I offered to watch her while Joseph ran down to process some papers. Her uncle should be here any time now. I wouldn’t like to keep you waiting even longer, but would you mind if I waited until Joseph and her uncle show up before starting the meeting?”

He chuckles, “Call me Damon, Lydia. And, no need to wait. I’m her uncle, you will be meeting with Mr. Di Nardi here.” He walks closer, as if coming to get the child from my arms. My grips subconsciously tightens on her. I don’t know why, but I have this feeling, a foreboding feeling, I should keep her with me a little longer.

I clear my throat. “I’m sorry, sir- uhh, Damon. How can I know that you are her uncle? I think I’d rather wait for Joseph to return.”

His eyebrows shoot up, meeting his hairline. He is coughing while trying to hide his laughter, but I can see the laugh lines in his eyes and cheeks. My cheeks start to redden in embarrassment. I just realized I indirectly accused him of being a child abductor.

Damn it. I should have just kept my mouth shut.

The man behind Damon, Mr. Di Nardi, walks up to me and crouches down. “Look at my eyes, she’s my daughter, she has my eyes, no? Now, give her to Damon, so he can take her home where she can properly nap. In her own bed. With a real blanket.”

“Look at my hair, she is my daughter, she has my hair.” I say, the sarcasm dripping of my tongue. When I realize what I said, my eyes widen in shock. What is wrong with me. I see the corner of his lip twitching, trying not to smile while Damon is in hysterics, laughing hard enough to wake the child. I shush him and he looks at me In surprise, laughing even more.

Mr. Di Nardi nods his head, leans his elbow on his knee and rolls his bottom lip between his thumb and pointer finger while staring intently at me, noticing the goosebumps on my arms before trailing to my eyes. More specifically, my right eye. I have hazel colored eyes. However, my right eye is blue on one side, which looks like a blue paint stain on a hazel colored canvas.

His stare is so intense, the temperature of my body rises the longer he stares at me. His eyes are so green, so bright, they captivate me and throw away the key, keeping me hostage in his stare with nowhere to go. Looking in his eyes makes something click in my brain.


Like a missing puzzle piece finally being found. Like a hole in the wall finally being filled. Like the correct music notes finding each other and creating the perfect melody.

I clear my throat and try to look away, but his eyes follow me. He softly says, “You would risk this job for a stranger, a child, you’ve never met?” Damon looks shocked at his boss. I wonder why.

“Are you implying that I should value my career over the life of a child, sir?” I answer but add as an afterthought, “Respectfully, sir.”

Before he can answer, the elevator dings, announcing Joseph’s arrival. I release a relieved sigh. My arm is numb. Thank God he’s back.

Joseph walks out the elevator but stops short at the scene before him. Me on the floor with a sleeping child, his boss crouched on the floor and Mr. Giraldi flustered and standing near us.

“Well, Joseph, now that you have returned, can you inform Lydia here that I am indeed her uncle and that Mr. Di Nardi is her father so that we can all continue with our day.” Damon says with a light smile on his face.

Mr. Di Nardi is still staring at me but I pretend not to notice as I push back a strand from Emily’s face and lift my jacket higher under her chin. My eyes find Joseph’s and he looks shell shocked, his face is pale while his mouth is gaping like a fish on land.

“Sir, I apologize. Lydia, Emily is indeed Mr. Di Nardi’s daughter and Mr. Giraldi is her uncle. What happened to your hair?” Joseph answers after several minutes. I sigh and look at Emily.

“I couldn’t find a hair tie. So I used mine for her hair.” I whisper.

Mr. Di Nardi whispers for no one but me to hear, “Maybe I should be worried about you trying to abduct my daughter.”

“Can you blame me?” I look up at him and again, the corner of his lip twitches. Why doesn’t he just smile?

He nods at Damon who walks over to us and is ready to take her from me. “It’s cold. Doesn’t she have a jacket or a blanket? Maybe you can give her yours.”

Damon chuckles again while taking his suit jacket off, “She has both a blanket and her own coat downstairs. She will be well taken care of, you have my word.”

I blush at his words before looking down at the child. I give her a kiss after unwrapping my jacket from around her and gently hand her over to Damon. I put my jacket over my arms filled with goosebumps because it’s cold as fuck in here.

“Till next time, Lydia.” Damon leaves after Mr. Di Nardi kisses his daughter goodbye.

More like ‘till never’, because I sure as fuck won’t get the job now. Good thing I still have a shot with Smith’s Finances.

Mr. Di Nardi indicates for me to follow him in his office which I do. He closes the door behind him and offers me a seat in front of his desk before he takes a seat in his own chair. He is just sitting there, looking at me. I look right back at him. I’m not going to get the job anyway, might as well enjoy the view while it lasts.

His office has the same hardwood floors as the rest of the floor. He sits behind a large wooden desk. Everything on his desk is meticulously organized. I’m pretty sure the tree pencils are spread in equal distance. Same with the rest of his accessories.

He taps his desk with a pencil three times. Tap. Tap. Tap.

“In my company, there is no tolerance for lies. Would you describe yourself as honest and truthful, Lydia?” He says with that rich and smooth voice of his.

“I’d like to believe so, sir. If you haven’t noticed, I would describe myself as being brutally honest.”

He hums. “Before we call a prospective candidate, we do a thorough background check.” Oh, no. “What is your name again?”

“Lydia Trimarchi, sir.” I answer composed.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

“Graduated from Oxford, double majored after starting when you were only 16 and graduating before you turned 20. There are no records of you before that age. Where are your parents?”

“I’m an orphan, sir.”

“Tell me your real name.” He orders me. What the fuck just happened. He isn’t even subtle about it.

I try to find a way to answer this. He just gave a speech about honesty and there is no point in lying because he already knows. However, I am Lydia Trimarchi. The girl I was before then, I buried her in Italy alongside my mother and twin sister before running for my life. Who I was back then, is officially, according to records, dead. I have also lost a great deal from my memories. I can remember faces of people I knew, but not their names. Details are vague. I only remember the bigger picture of my childhood.

“I have been Lydia Trimarchi ever since I was on my own. Whoever I was before, is dead and quite frankly, irrelevant.”

“Tell me your real name.” He repeats heatedly. His thumb rolls the ring on his small finger once, twice, three times.

I shake my head, “Not today.” Or ever. But I don’t say that out loud.

He nods his head, satisfied with my answer, for now. “Were you born with central heterochromia?”

What an odd thing to ask. I furrow my brows in confusion. “No. I developed it after an injury when I was a teenager.”

“What type of injury.”

“Not today.” I answer with a secretive smile.

“When can you start?” Not what I was expecting.


“You have read through the contract and the clauses with Damon, I assume. You will replace Damon. You will accompany me to all my meetings. Domestic and abroad. There are some exceptions, within what I deem to bo reasonable. If needed, you will stay in my house as a live in executive assistant.”

“Is it needed right now?” I ask in apprehension. I did read that clause, but I assumed it would be unnecessary.

“Not right now. The future can always change, no?” He says ominously. More like your mood.

I nod my head in reply as he shifts the contract my way. I’ve already read every letter in here. I sign under his signature on every page. He takes the papers from me, hands me my own copy and places his in a drawer.

“You will be expected here tomorrow by 7.30 a.m. Damon will be here to show you everything you need to know. After that, you are on your own. Damon will explain the rest. You are dismissed.”

That was… something else.

I’ve got a job!

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