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Chapter 1

I opened up my front door dripping wet from the ran. I’m sick and tried of always walking in the rain, I swear to god the next time I forget my umbrella I’m going to break down. I took my high heels off at the front door and placed them neatly in their assigned area. I walk into the kitchen expecting to find some cold pizza but no. Nothing. No food. Shit I must’ve forgotten shopping.

As I slam my hands down the kitchen island I can hear footsteps coming down the stairs. Shit I must’ve woken up my roommate. Who has been my best friend since year 2. I close the fridge and yell out sorry. Waiting for her to yell at me. But no. I’m confronted by a tall, muscular man. Who isn’t wearing a top and is wearing red checked pj pants that are low enough to see his highly defined v line.

“Oh my god.” I stated.

He looks at me with a tried face on. Wait. No. He heard me. Shit.

“Why are you loud. Its 12am.” He stated.

“Shit sorry. I had no idea you were staying.”

He just raised his tired eyebrow at me basically saying okay. I had no idea my best friends brother would be here. The last time I saw him he nearly fucked me till I was blind. Good times. But now it’s a year later and I look like a hot mess and he looks like that.

I sigh and walk up stairs and into the bathroom. I need to catch my breath. As I was sitting on the edge of the bath tub the door opens. And he walks in.

“Hi Christopher.”

“Hey Veronica.”

Now there is just silence but yet it was loud. I stood up wanting to leave this sexual tension filled bathroom. But no he had other ideas. As I was about to walk past him he grabs my wast and pulls me in close.

His breathing was hitched and I knew with the hunger in his eyes I was about to be fucked. He grabs me with one hand and placed me on the bathroom sink carefully. He hands going from my waist down to my thigh while our lips are together. His tongue slips in my mouth, exploring it. I can feel his fingers finding there way to my dark green lacy g-string. Once he got there he began to rub circles on my clit. I knew I was done for. He knows what I liked. I began to buckle my hips. I knew it was going to be quick. He released his mouth from mine allowing my moans to escape. Shit this was amazing. He slips in a finger inside of me making me moan more. Louder. He begins to add a second and thrusts his fingers inside of me.

The knot in my stomach grew. I was about to release. He could tell as my legs began to shake. He whispers in my ear.

“Release love.” In his raspy voice.

At those words I did. I began to scream out in pleasure. Shit I haven’t felt this high in ages. As I was coming down from my high he was slowly still thrusting his fingers in me. He pulls his fingers out and licks them. Smiling as if it was the greatest dish. As I hoped down from the sink I ask him what he wants in return.

“Nothing baby. See you orgasm makes me happy.”

Then I stood there absolutely speech less. Shit my friend oh that’s right she was away for the week.
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