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Chapter 3


I seriously could not think straight today, but who could blame me? Asher Creed had totally hit on me last night and there wasn’t a single thing that I could about it. Except maybe continue to have wet dreams about him and secretly touch myself in the bath while I thought about him.

I knew I was a horrible friend for having these thoughts, but I wasn’t breaking the rule, right? We said we couldn’t date each other’s brothers; there was no rule that said we couldn’t fantasize about them.

Ugh. I was going to hell, wasn’t I?

“Hey, my parents’ anniversary is today so they’re going away for the night and Asher just texted me saying that he’s throwing a party tonight. You’re still coming over right?” Harper asked as we finished our final class of the day.

Shit. Their parents were going out of town and he’s throwing a party. There would be alcohol there and I sometimes couldn’t handle myself around that crap. I was also still fantasizing over a guy I couldn’t have and when I mixed alcohol with my emotions, it could get ugly.

“Yep, I’m still coming over, “I replied.

I needed to get my drink on. If one thing could help me forget about Asher, it would be drinking my ass off before I made out with a random hot guy from the party.

“Yes! What are you going to wear?”

I had no idea, but the way I felt now, I knew I’d wear something to make the dogs drool. “Not sure yet,” I lied. I knew exactly what I was going to wear tonight.

“Boo! I’m going to wear that blue dress we got last week. Do you think Tate will notice me in it?”

I laughed. “Every guy at that party will notice you in that dress, Harper.”

She beamed. It was adorable how much she liked Tate and she had made it very clear to him and everyone around them just how much she liked him. If I’m not mistaken, I think he liked her too. The only problem with all of that was Asher. He didn’t want his buddies dating his “little” sister.

I say “little” because they were twins. Asher was born thirty minutes before Harper, so he always claimed the big brother card which drove Harper crazy.

The end of the day bell rang and broke my thoughts as I quickly gathered my things and tore out of there behind Harper. Thank God today was over.

As soon as we stepped into the hallway, someone wrapped their arms around my waist and pulled me off toward the side of the hall.

“Hey sexy,” they purred into my neck.


“You’re barking up the wrong tree, buddy. You could never have this.” I pushed against him with my elbow and broke free from him. I hated how he tried to make his claim over me.

He put his hand to his heart. “You’ve wounded me, Layla.”

I smirked to hide a giggle. I used to have a crush on Jake for a short stint last year and when he found out, he never stopped harassing me. He was super hot, don’t get me wrong, but he was a man-whore just like Asher and the other guys. I wasn’t interested in that.

“I’ll see you tonight.” He winked before he walked away with a stupid grin on his face as he joined his other buddies in the mass of kids filling the hallway.

Smug bastard.

“I hate him, too,” I told Harper as she stepped up to me.

She laughed and nudged my arm playfully as we headed toward the student parking lot.

“I know you do, but he doesn’t hate you.” She giggled again.

“I will kill you, Harper,” I laughed back.

“Hey, Jake isn’t that bad of a guy. I mean, sure he’s a little forward and is a total man-whore, but he’s super hot. You could totally have a guilt-free fling with him.” She nudged me again. “When’s the last time you got laid anyway?”

I blushed. “Longer than I’d like to admit.”

“Exactly. Maybe tonight you can end that dry spell and let loose. I know just the guy.” She winked and giggled again.

Gah, my best friend was going to be the death of me, but maybe she was right. At least I wouldn’t have to try that hard with Jake. I could literally bat my eyes at him and he’d be naked and willing in seconds. I made a mental note to remember to bring some condoms; who knows where that boy has been!

I stood in front of my mirror and gawked. Damn, I looked hot. I couldn’t take my own eyes from myself, so I could only imagine how Jake would react. I smiled devilishly.

I picked up this little black number a few months ago when Harper and I were fooling around at the mall. It hugged my body tight as if it were my own skin and barely went just below my butt. The V cut in front went almost all the way down to my navel and gave me the perfect cleavage. I was going to make them all drool. After all, I deserved a night of letting loose just like Harper had said.

After I finished up the look with nude-colored heels, fluffed my wavy hair again, and applied one more layer of lip gloss I grabbed my clutch and headed for the door. I was ready.

I almost made it to the front door when Dillon popped out of nowhere and nearly scared me half to death. I screamed and threw my hand up to my chest.

“Seriously. Why do you keep creeping around like that?”

He bit into his apple and smirked. “Where are you going dressed like that?

“None of your business,” I snapped as I reached for the door.

“You wouldn’t be going over to Asher Creed’s party dressed like that, would you?”

I groaned. “Why does it matter to you?” I turned and glared at him. He might be my big brother who was back from college for a break, but he had no right to dictate to me. I also knew that he probably left school for good. A break, my ass. Who gets a break after being in session for a month? We’re in the middle of the school year now. He wasn’t fooling anyone.

“You’re my little sister. I can’t let you go over to his place looking like that.” He grinned and stopped biting into his apple. “You know what happens at those parties, don’t you?”

I rolled my eyes. “I’m a big girl, Dillon.”

“Oh, you are now, huh?” He walked up to me and stared down at me like I was a kid. “I think I might join you.”

I laughed. “You won’t make it five minutes in there before someone kicks you out.” He and Asher did not get along. They were sworn enemies and every time they were in the same room together, blood was spilled. I’m not entirely sure why, but I had once heard a rumor that Asher had slept with Dillon’s now ex-girlfriend; at least that’s what I heard. It wouldn’t surprise me, though, and I didn’t give two shits.

Dillon laughed. “Yeah, you’re probably right.” He shrugged and bit into his apple once more before he turned and walked away. “Don’t get pregnant!” He called over his shoulder before he disappeared into the kitchen.

“What the fuck…” I said under my breath as I stared down the hall. I turned and finally left the house as I scoffed at my brother’s last remark. Who the hell says shit like that?

The house was pumping when I arrived at Harper's. I had to park all the way down the street and walk in these now painful heels and it sucked. Guess I should have arrived earlier if I wanted my spot.

When I reached the porch, Tate and Harper were there flirting up a storm with each other. Then she saw me and nearly fell from the porch railing.

“Yay!! You came!” She ran down the steps and hugged me.

I laughed as I hugged her back. Tate’s brows rose when I looked in his direction and felt a bit self-conscious.

“Jake is going to lose his shit when he sees you,” he chuckled as he shook his head. “Are you trying to kill that boy?”

I shrugged with a laugh. This outfit was obviously for him and to secretly shove in Asher’s face, but we’ll keep that little bit of information to ourselves.

“Where can I get something to drink?” I asked as I looked around at all the familiar faces. I waved at several of them I knew from school as they waved back. I may not be popular by any means, but everyone knew me.

“Kitchen. Asher went all out,” Harper hiccuped, “I already got started.”

“I can see that…” I giggled as I held my arm around her waist and brought her back to Tate on the porch. “Take care of her, Tate. I need a drink.”

I said hey to several more people and waved at others as I made my way through the house and into the kitchen. Asher really did go all out. The whole counter space was covered with several different kinds of booze and that’s when I found my poison: Vodka Red-bulls.

After I poured my drink, I leaned against the counter and took my first sip of the night. My eyes landed right on Asher’s over the rim of my cup and he stared at me with this dark, seductive gaze that I had never seen him look at me with before. My heart began to pound and my hands shook. Why the hell did he affect me so damn much?

He pushed off the table he was leaned against and made a direct line straight toward me. Shit! What do I do?!

I panicked and felt frozen to the floor as he stopped right in front of me. My heart began to race faster and my hands turned sweaty. Why was he looking at me like that? What did he want?

His eyes slid down my body before he stared into my gaze again. “That’s a very dangerous dress to be wearing, don’t you think, Stanford?”

I still had my cup up to my mouth as I nervously laughed into it. It made a weird echoing sound as I pulled it down. I knew this dress would be dangerous, but I wore it to see the reaction I’d get from Asher. Never in a million years would I think he’d notice right away, or even come over to remark on it.

“What’s so dangerous about it?” I asked coyly.

He cocked an eyebrow and smirked as he brought his hand up and slid his fingers down my neck, over my collarbone, and right between my cleavage. His hand paused just beneath my breasts as he slipped a finger inside the black material and caressed just beneath my right breast cup.

I inhaled a sharp breath and mentally scolded myself for letting him affect me this much. I was seconds away from saying screw the rule before I jumped his bones, but then I stepped back out of his reach.

“Well, then it’s a good thing I didn’t wear it for you,” I teased before I sipped from my drink again. He still stared down at me as I shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot. He made my skin burn. All he had to do was look at me and I was a goner.

“Who did you wear it for?” A flash of jealousy swam through his gaze, but then he composed himself with his familiar tough-guy facade he liked to hide behind.

I laughed. “That’s none of your business.” Then I felt two arms wrap around my waist as a face nuzzled into my neck.

“There you are.”


I watched Asher’s glare move to Jake as if he were going to kill him. I smiled and turned in Jake’s arms.

“Hey, you… I was just coming to look for you,” I replied in my sexy voice.

“You were?” Jake asked with a grin as his gaze moved down to my cleavage.

“Definitely. Want to dance?”

Jake nodded as he kept an arm around my waist and pulled me toward the back door. I didn’t know why, but I looked over my shoulder at Asher and saw him glaring after us with pure rage. His jaw was tight and his hands were clenched at his sides.

I couldn’t think about that, though. I was here to let loose with Jake for a single night and that’s exactly what I planned on doing.

I was pulled from my thoughts when Jake started grinding against me. His hands gripped my hips tightly and I just let my body sway to the rhythm of the music. Jake was surprisingly a good dancer and it helped to get me into it.

But when I looked up, I saw Asher staring back at us and he looked perturbed as hell. A wicked grin tugged at my lips and I knew my next actions were pure evil, but he deserved it.

I placed my hands on Jake’s as I ground my hips harder into him. Jake leaned down and began to suck and nibble on my neck as I closed my eyes and let out a moan. My plan was just beginning as I grabbed his hand and trailed him up my body before he took over.

My left arm wrapped around his neck as he continued to explore my body. Then his hand slipped into the front slit of my dress and I knew he was about to expose me. My eyes whipped open and right into Asher’s. There was so much rage in his eyes that I almost felt guilty.

Asher grabbed an innocent bystander's drink right out of their hands as he chugged it down and then tossed the empty cup back at the kid. He never pulled his glare from us, and when I felt Jake close to revealing my breast to the whole party, I spun in his arms.

“Let’s not show the whole school, yeah?”

He grinned as he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth. “Just me?”

I nodded. “Yeah, just you.”

Jake grabbed my ass with one hand and squeezed, while his other hand slowly pushed my dress to the side. The cool air hit my nipple and immediately puckered into a tight bud as Jake groaned. He lowered his head and did a single lap over my nip.

I couldn’t help it. I threw my head back and moaned. Asher had gotten me far too excited and now I just desperately needed a release; from anyone!

“Let’s…” I paused as I pushed his head back and covered myself back up, “let’s go someplace more private.”

“Fuck, yeah,” he growled out as he leaned forward and kissed my lips lightly. “Head on down to the guest room in the basement. I’ll grab us some more drinks and be right down.”

He slapped my ass before he walked over toward Asher. Shit. This was really happening, wasn’t it? Was I going to be able to go through with this? Did I want it that bad? Shit. Too late to think about that now, right?

I went inside and down the familiar stairs to the basement as I looked over at the door I knew was Asher’s. Deep down, that’s the bedroom I wanted to be entering tonight, but that would never happen. Jake was as good as I was going to get for now.

Jake’s bag was on the floor as I nervously stepped over it and sat down on the end of the bed. Did I turn on more lights? Did I turn them off? Did I get undressed? Did I lie down? Stand up? Good grief, you’d think this was my first time, but it wasn’t. Why the hell was I so nervous?!

I set my clutch down on the side table after I pulled the condom out and set it on top. I wanted to make sure it was ready for when it was time to use it. Then I slipped out of my heels and set them nicely to the side.

As much as I loved this dress, it was really tight and I felt like I was suffocating. I pulled my hair to one side as I started to peel the dress from my shoulder.

The lights went out as darkness surrounded me. Jake came up behind me and placed one hand on my hip while his other helped slip my dress down. He leaned forward and lightly kissed my shoulder as his hand circled to my front and slid into the V of the dress.

He began to kiss my neck as a distraction as his hand slipped further into the V and grasped my breast gently. The sensation made me throw my head back as I let out a moan. He made me feel things I hadn’t felt in months. I seriously needed this after all the personal pleasure I had given myself while thinking about Asher.


He was fresh in my thoughts again as I imagined him behind me instead of Jake. What the hell is the matter with me?!

Jake gently pinched my nippled between his fingers and I let out another moan. “Jake…”

I wanted to touch him and as I tried to, he’d quickly move my hands away. Then his other hand pushed the bottom of my dress up over my hips as he lightly caressed my ass. Goosebumps peppered over my cheeks as I held my breath and clenched my legs together. He grabbed my panties and tore them off in a forceful manner.

“Hey!” I hissed. I loved those panties!

He didn’t seem to give two shits about my favorite pair of panties as he tossed them to the floor. His hand slid between my legs and I instinctively spread for him, silently begging him to touch me there. His lightly calloused fingers slid through my wet lips as my entire body quivered. Everything was so overly sensitive that I could hardly stand it. If he kept this up, I was going to cum just from all of my built-up tension.

“Please,” I begged.

The sound of a zipper echoed behind me and then he adjusted behind me and slipped his dick between my legs. I almost lost it when the head of his dick slid across my clit. I was about to explode.

“Fuck,” I hissed.

When I tried to lean forward onto the bed, he stopped me. His arm wrapped around my neck and held me tightly against his chest as I felt his dick center over my opening. He pushed into me as my breath hitched in my throat.

“Ah!” I finally screamed out. I didn’t expect him to be this big as he filled me completely. I shivered as he slowly slid out and then back in with a deep thrust.

“Yes,” I moaned before I bit down on his arm. There was no doubt that there’d be a mark on his arm tomorrow, but he didn’t seem to mind. If anything, he fucked me harder.

He grabbed my leg then and put my foot on the bed as he pounded in harder and harder. His thrusting cock made my pussy throb as my desire spread through me like wildfire. I wanted to touch him and feel him, but he still wouldn’t let me.

His hand slid between my legs and found my throbbing clit as he began to lightly circle me there.

“Jake! Ah!” I moaned as his fingers circled faster and faster. His cock thrust deeper and harder and my eyes rolled into the back of my head.

His arm around my neck tightened and the sensation pushed me over the edge.

“Yes! I’m… I’m… I’m cumming,” I growled the last part as my orgasm exploded to life. My walls squeezed him tight as I held my breath and rode the beautiful wave ripping through me.

He let out a small groan before he quickly pulled out of me and stroked himself to completion.

That orgasm had completely exhausted me as I dropped onto the end of the bed and tugged my dress back over my shoulders. I had never felt so drained and sated at the same time in my entire life. I let my head drop on the pillow as Jake draped a blanket over my body and I slipped into a deep sleep.

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