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"Say it" he growled into her ear nipping her earlobe. She chuckled darkly tracing her fingers down his chest until she palmed what he wanted, "No" She smirked as she walked away from him, her heels clicking on the ground behind her seductively. - Do you want to play with your temptations? Mature themes.

Erotica / Romance
Age Rating:

Prologue (edited)

Warning, mature themes ahead.


“Baby girl.” He groaned softly as she slipped her hands under his shirt, roaming his warm body, sparks and electric currents flowing up through her bloodstream buzzing with pure untamed excitement.

“Can’t handle the heat?" She questioned him softly as she leaned forward, seductively licking the outline of his earlobe he shuddered underneath her, stroking his hand over her back softly.

"Get too close and you’ll be burned” she murmured softly as her hair tickled his neck, her soft fingernails scratching down his chiselled stomach, claiming what was rightfully hers marking her territorty.

He groaned louder as his hands fled their spot on her back tugging her waist closer to his body heat. She gripped his wrists and shook her head at him smirking biting her lip and pulling it softly beneath her pearly white teeth, ”nuh-uh-uh” she playfully teased, she gracefully slid out of his warmth and off his lap and stalked seductively towards the door, her plump firm body swaying as his eyes became hypnotised by her magnificent curves and subtle sway.

She smiled down at him leaning against the door his mouth wide and agape full of shock, her eyes subtly sparkling with mischief. “Don’t lose the heat,” she paused and smirked down at his flustered figure ”baby”.

Then swiftly walking out her heels clicking a soft melody whilst flowing down the corridors and along the walls with a soft giggle.

The man rubbed a rough hand over his face and fell back into his soft silk seat with a dishevelled smile and smirk.



I'm trying my best to actually write good and not fall back onto my dyslexia, so please leave opinions.

Published 11/02/2021


lola's back baby ;)

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