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BOOK ONE IN THE EMMA SERIES Diablo is a feared gangster with looks to die for. His smoldering look will send shivers down your spine. Women fall at his feet but that all changes when he meets his Queen. Emma is a virgin mary straight out of University. Highly intelligent, drop dead gorgeous on focused on building her career. Will Diablo change her or will she change him? Will other women complicate their lives? Will Diablo lose everything? Emma is a pushover turned power Queen. Be ready for a lot of plot twists.

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Ch1 -Prologue

Diablo is in no mood today for anyone’s shit. He slept like crap, but what’s new. The redhead he left in her bed (he refuses to let anyone sleep with him or go home with him) in the early hours of the morning was absolutely shit in bed and he wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. He had important meetings today and he really needed to prepare and sleep. As per usual sleep evaded him and he ended up working until five before going to the gym situated in his building for his convenience of course. At least there he found some release to the tension he had.

Emma, beautiful ignorant Emma, sleep would just not come. She had an important job interview the next day but her friend, Carly was out partying the entire night, bringing the party back to their Condo making sleep absolutely impossible. If Carly’s shenanigans result in her losing one more thing there will be hell to pay.

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