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Keanu Stevenson is a young man trying to run from a living hell. After being tortured, beaten, and humiliated in multiple different ways, he finally finds a way to escape. Now, being on the run for three years, he stumbles into a powerful pack's territory. To the young wolf's surprise, he was greeted by the Alpha twins of the pack. Will his pursuers capture him, or will this new pack save him from the nightmare he has been running from for so many years, he'll have to see for himself.

Erotica / Fantasy
Wesley Reed
4.7 6 reviews
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-K E A N U-

“Sit still, open your mouth, and don’t make a goddamn noise!” Ronan’s lips pull back into a snarl as his lifeless brown eyes gaze down at me. Every fiber in my body trembles as I watch the older wolf reel his fist back and slam it against my jaw. A yelp subconsciously flies out of my mouth as I drop to the floor, tears streaming down my face.

Why was he doing this? I listened. Whatever he told me I did, I obeyed and was a good boy. I was a good boy, wasn’t I? My chest felt heavy as the metallic taste of blood washed over my taste buds. My eyes widened as the warm liquid drooled out of my mouth. No! No, please don’t tell me I’m bleeding! More tears fell down my face as I tried my best to clean up the blood, but it was too late.

“Pathetic, Keanu. You’re bleeding... again!” my body flinches at the sound of his booming voice. My eyes traveled up the older male’s body, and I saw his veins popping out of his forearms thanks to his clenched hands. He’s going to punish me again. I was good, though! I know I was good this time.

My head crashes against the floor as blood gushes from my nose. I didn’t even have time to react before Ronan’s foot collided with my face again. A few of my teeth fly out, with a trail of blood following. The stinging, pulsing pain in my face caused my eyes to be overwhelmed with tears, barely allowing me to see anything.

“R-Ronan, please stop! I’ve been a g-good boy and did everything y -you told me! I-” another fist jabbed me right in the mouth before he clutched the collar of my shirt and threw me against the brick wall. As I plummeted back onto the cold, concrete floor, everything spun, and I could even try to stop the fall before his knee smacks dead into my nose.

Spitting up blood, I turned to sit up, only to have my throat grabbed and he lifted my body off the ground. “Ronan! P-Please... stop.” My hands wrap around his massive forearm, and I try to pull his arm off of me. However, it doesn’t even budge a bit. His large hand clenches around my throat, and my body squirms, trying to drop out of his iron grip. Not wanting to die. The air in my lungs locked shut in my body. Squirming is all my body would let me do.

“I’ll stop when you listen, Keanu. I’ll stop when you obey and submit to me like a good boy.” His hoarse voice whispers in my ear as he pins me against the nearest wall. More and more tears stream down my face like rivers. I couldn’t breathe; my eyes rolled to the back of my head as white was all I could see before I fell to the ground again.

A deep gasp fills the room as I pant heavily, catching my breath. Why? Why does everyone love hurting me so much? I thought, brother...why do they beat me? Do they want me dead? Does everyone here want me dead? I’m just a fourteen-year-old that just wants to play with someone. I just want to have fun. Why can’t I ever do something I wanted? Do I not deserve the same thing as everyone else?

“Look at you. So fucking pathetic and a bloody mess. Not even to fight back. Maybe you’re not so disrespectful after all. You know your place, it seems. That’s good.” A rough hand tightens around my arm and drags me to the center of the room. Then, the heaviest weight nearly crushes my tiny body. His free hand rolls through my hair and yanks on my hair tightly. A whimper escaped me as I didn’t want what he was about to give me.

I hated how it made me feel, how it made me crave things I didn’t desire. “Time for your weekly dosage, pup. Now hold still.” He reaches into my mouth and gently pulls out my tongue. Pleading for him to stop, I shut my eyes tightly as more and more tears just pooled on either side of my head. This pain was unbearable; I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Stop crying, Keanu! Stop being a bitch and be a good boy…” he jabs the needle into my tongue. I hated when he did this. When he hurt me, everything he did to me hurt, and I can’t deal with it anymore.

“There you go... good boy. Now rest up... we’re going to have some fun for the rest of the week.” He taps my face before standing to his feet. I laid on the floor helplessly, gazing up at him. The Alpha was my friend. Why did he hate me so much? What did I ever do to deserve what he and the pack do to me? All I ever wished for is to be like the boys, the other kids. Soon, I dozed off and gave in to the sweet release of slumber.

A few weeks later, Ronan and my brother had someone watch over me. Were they like Ronan and Joshua? Like the rest of the pack? Did they want to hurt me and call me worthless? I can’t deal with any more of that. I jump as someone snaps, trying to catch my attention.

“Hey, don’t worry. I won’t hurt you, I promise. I want to teach you a couple of things. Okay?” a caramel-colored guy around my age smiles sympathetically. I sucked my swollen lip in between my teeth. Could I trust him to teach me something? Or was he just going to hurt me too? Hiding in my oversized hoodie, my eyes avert to the ground before a pair of arms wrap around me. Growing to the size of saucers, my eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets. My heart skips a beat as the guy smiles down at me. Who was he? Why did he hug me? D-Did he like me? I thought you hugged people you liked? Not mutts like me.

“I’m Jaden. I’m going to help you get out of this place and control that nasty stuff that Ronan keeps putting inside of you. Okay?” He pulls down my hood and plays with my hair. Naturally, I flinched, as it felt like he was going to yank on it. His jaw clenches, and he nods before locking eyes with me.

“We’re going to get him and this pack back for what they’ve done. Then, we’ll have to fulfill our wishes. Okay?” the other wolf presses his forehead against mine. I don’t know what he was talking about. I could never get out of here. No one’s going to let me leave. What wish did we fulfill?

Staring down at Jaden’s bracelet, I smile at the memory of our first memory of meeting each other. Shaking out my fur, I trot further and further in whatever direction the wind was taking me. Taking in the beautiful scenery of the surrounding forest, I slowly picked up the pace to a jog and eventually found a small lake. Before I could even dip my head into the water, about six or seven wolves surrounded me, all growling and snarling menacingly—time to put what Jaden taught me to work.

I won’t fail you, Jaden.

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