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Omega’s Wish (Temporary Pause)

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Chapter 1


"Good morning, Alphas. There's an issue that needs to be addressed." The head councilman clears his throat as the room finally becomes quiet. My brother and I stand ready for the issue to be said. However, I already know what these elders want to discuss. My body stiffens as I stand to my feet and roll my fingers through my dark brown hair.

The councilman then looks at his colleagues before he starts to speak once more. "Alphas, the two of you have still yet to find your mate. You have been to the Gala as instructed to by your father, correct?" Nodding my head, my brother scoffs before nodding his head as well.

"Is there something you'd like to say, Alpha Xander?" one of the councilwomen clears her throat, and I can't help but let a soft sigh escape my lips. This has been happening for the past year, and it's honestly getting old between my brother and the council. He doesn't want to hear their constant reminders that we haven't found our mate yet. It's honestly starting to become bothersome, but I won't let my emotions slip, unlike my carbon copy.

"Since you asked, I honestly don't see why every week we speak on the topic. We all know that we haven't found our mate. When we find them, we'll all know that we have found him or her. However, if anyone thinks that our future mate isn't anything more than another instrument to make us stronger, then I suggest you leave this pack now." Xander states as he cocks up an eyebrow. His head swivels, looking to see if anyone would be bold enough to disagree with his statement. A smirk came to my face as all of the murmurs and whispers entirely dropped.

"Alright, then. One more thing, stop with the concerns about us finding our mate. They're honestly irritating the hell out of me. I don't know about Sebastian, but it isn't delightful to me to frequently hear your concerns. Thank you, " Xander finishes leaving everyone in the room dumbfounded. My head shakes at his words as my smirk grows into a grin. This man is something else when it comes to the Elder Council.

The Head Councilman's eyebrow knit together, and his nose scrunches upward. The council members try their best to keep their cool at the blatant disrespect the "young wolf" just showed them. However, my brother stands there like nothing he said was anything untrue. Nothing he said was wrong; I would've worded the statements a little more politely, though.

"Head Councilman, is there something you want to get off your chest?" I clear my throat catching his attention. Our eyes lock for a few moments before he sighs.

"Alpha Xander, I understand how you feel about your future mate. Our future Luna is more than just an object for the use of power. However, there's no need to be so quick to thin out our ranks. Our concern is for the overall greatness of this pack." Some of his colleagues nod in agreement as he finishes answering my question and Xander scoffs at them. He really has no restraint today. It's amusing to listen to their heart quicken with embarrassment, anger, and a bit of surprise.

Letting out a deep sigh, everyone turns their heads to me. My eyes then scan the room to all of them facing my direction. "Let this be the final statement of this topic until we do find our mate. Alpha Xander and I are the only ones to worry about our future mate since they'll be our future mate and no one else's. Am I understood?" my voice echoes throughout the room as a series of understanding confirmations fill the air. We then continue to go through the weekly check-up on the pack's well-being and productivity.

After everything is proven to be well and done, I make my way to my room. Closing the door behind me, I kick my shoes off before grabbing a towel, a pair of boxers, and some sweatshorts. My body pauses as I think of my future mate. Whether they were a woman or a man, I didn't care; I can't wait to meet them. As I slipped out of my clothes, I get a view of myself. From the resplendently muscular and thick chest to my well-defined abs, I was amazed at how good I've been treating this body of mine.

My eyes avert down to the veins that decorated my forearms and travel up my equally muscular arms. Even though I wouldn't change the way I look for anyone, I hope my mate gets weak in the knees once they see me like this. Next, I turn the dial and let the water warm up to the nearly boiling setting.

The water trails down my face and body before I feel a relaxing exhalation escape my throat. Grabbing the loofa, I pour the thick soap onto it. The loofa becomes nothing more than a ball of soap in a matter of seconds. After that, the dirt and any other non-clean entities get scrubbed away. Showering's the most satisfying feeling in the world to me except for sleeping, that is until I finally shower and sleep with my mate.

Just the thought of them letting me lather their body in soap and be tempted to claim them makes my dick stir to life. Ignoring my desires for release, I rinse the soap off for the final time. Then, I let the shampoo and conditioner I left finally rinse out of my hair. Turning off the water, I step out of the shower and dry myself off.

After rubbing lotion into my skin, I slip into my boxers and sweatshorts and sit on my bed. I then lay back and stare up at the ceiling.

Future mate, whoever you may be, I hope you know that I can't wait to meet you. I can't wait to figure all of the little things about you. Go on dates, cuddle into one another while watching movies, and I'll buy you anything you could want. Even though I don't know you, I want to and would do anything for you.

As I close my eyes, a knock rings in my ears, and my body shoots up as the person lets themself in. It was none other than that twin brother of mine. After closing the door behind him, he sits down in the chair near the small desk in the corner. "Seb, you got a minute?" his lips curl into a smirk as I deadpan at the stupid question.

"What's up?" I stand up before starting to remake my bed. Xander sits there and watches with his index finger pressing against his temple. Once I finished with my bed, I continue cleaning the room since he wouldn't speak.

"Seb, I've been thinking about these arrangements. That's definitely a no-go. No one's going to tell me who I'm marrying--point-blank. So, what do you want to do about finding our mate?" his hazel eyes stare into my marble gray ones. I couldn't think of a way of finding them that we haven't tried before.

Leaning against the nearest wall, all the searching we've done comes back into my mind. It's been four years since we started searching for them. We didn't find anyone in the pack, the Gala, or our allying neighbor packs. I've been told that love sometimes comes to you when you're not searching. Love finds you, not you find it. That could be our problem altogether.

"Maybe...we shouldn't be searching. Let them find us. You know?" I run my hands through my hair as it started to cloud my vision. Xander's dark brows knit together as he leans forward, elbows placed on his knees. His hands curl into a ball in front of his face as he falls deeper and deeper into his thoughts.

Pacing back and forth in front of my doppelganger, my mind couldn't stop running different scenarios of me meeting the wolf. Honestly, it doesn't matter how we meet, because they'll be something more than just a mate. The mate's bond won't be the relationship; it'll just be the connection that brought us together.

"I can see why you say that. Since we have time, what do you want in a mate?" Xander lifts himself out of the chair and then starts messing some things in his reach. My eyes follow his movements as he makes his way to the window beside my bed.

"It's simple, honestly; I want them to be happy with me and our relationship. I want them to be strong, and if they aren't, I'll help them get to that point of strength, whether physical, mental or both. I don't prefer either gender because I'll love him or her all the same. You?" a smile tugs at the corners of my lips at the thought of my perfect mate. If my mate were weak in any way, shape, or form, I would be there to help them better themselves in where they were lacking.

Once the sunlight hit Xander's face, I could tell why men and women wanted him. From his chiseled jaw decorated with stubble to his hazel eyes. However, to me, he's just a copycat; that's all he is.

"To be honest with you, I want someone who's not going to give me what I want when I want it. I want the chase. Someone who's submissive, but not in the traditional way. You know?" Xander smirks back at me, and I couldn't help but scoff at his ridiculous face. It never fails with him; whether it's a guy or a girl, it never fails.

"Really? You can't even go one sentence without talking sexually. Tsk tsk tsk...for shame, brother," I shake my head as I return to cleaning the room.

"Whatever. Just because I like having sex doesn't mean that it's all I think about. I also think about food, what I'll do for the day, how our parents are doing, how our pack members are doing, and last but not least, me finally meeting my mate." He protests while dropping himself right beside me. My head turns over to him, and he does the same.

As my eyes narrow at my brother's rude comfort, I resist the urge to punch him in his nose. He had his own bed, for Goddess's sake. "Seb, can I ask you a question?" Xander's face drops as he looks up at the ceiling. Nodding to his question, he continues with whatever he had to say.

"Well, I've been thinking about something when it comes to the mate's bond or stuff. What if they choose only one of us? I don't want to lose you over someone else, you know?" gnawing on my cheek, I sat up and leaned against the headboard. Licking my lips, I pat my twin's head before answering,

"Xan, to be honest, I would hate to lose you to someone else in my life. You matter too much to me. Even though you're annoying and messy sometimes, that's why I love you, man. You didn't hear this from me, but you balance me out. You're boldness, the nonchalance, the confidence, and just the way you hold yourself is what drives me to be a better man, brother, and Alpha every day. Hopefully, our mate would love to have us both instead of just one of us."

Next, only silence is heard in this room of mine. Looking back at him, my eyes lock onto his hazel ones before we both chuckle at each other. "Man, you sound like our father when you talk like that," he stands before strolling over to my door.

Shrugging my shoulders, I roll my eyes, "Hey, I learned from the best."



"Whether our mate chooses one of us or both of us, promise me something," he stops before turning to me. With his eyebrows raised, he stuffs his hands into his joggers.

"Promise me that we will respect our mate's choice if they do choose one of us. If they don't, then we wait until they're ready for us when it comes to marking and mating. Okay?" I bite down on my lip, and he nods eagerly.

"I can promise you the first part. The second part, though, I don't know so much. They might come onto me, you never know," his smirk returns, and I can't help but facepalm. This is my other-self. A living, breathing doppelganger who speaks his mind, who could probably get anyone he wanted in his bed, and someone I don't think I wouldn't even be myself without.

"I hope our mate teases you to the point you get blue balls," I chuckle, and he looks at me like I grew a second head. He shakes his head before leaving the room, and my eyes travel back up to the ceiling before a deep sigh comes out of me.

Moon Goddess, please let our mate love us with all their heart. I love them with all of mine; I know I will. I always do.

A/N: Hello! I'm so happy to get this finally out to you guys. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

What do you think of the twins? Do you like them yet, or is it too soon to know.


I'll be updating the book every Friday/Saturday. I appreciate you reading this and hope you continue to read it. THANKS, I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

-JoltyBoi :3

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