Entangle of three- Sold to a billionaire, reverse harem, quarantine

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10. You are safe with me

Sexual assault Trigger warning!!

After a long tour, I settled on the soft beige sofa.

“Small house, my foot! It’s almost as big as ours, and we have two floors. This seems too vast”, I said.

“True. Did you win any games though? Tell me all about your bridal entry”, Shanaya cheered.

“We didn’t have any welcoming ceremony”

“Why not?”

“His parents are dead”, I whispered, not sure if I was allowed to share this information with them but doing it any way.

“Oh. That’s so sad, I’m sorry for him”, offered Liam and others gave their condolences as well which I had no idea what to do with.

A short pause later, Shanaya said, “I’m sorry that you missed the only good part of the wedding. The games are so fun”

Before I could reply though, Krish said in a harsh tone, “I would say the good part was that Aarav is a decent human and didn’t force himself on her. If I may kindly remind you, rape in a marriage is still legal. So Shanaya, I don’t care if she doesn’t have any good games, I am just glad she has a room of her own and a non-raping husband”.


Absolute silence on the outside, but my insides were screaming.

It was the first time this concept crossed my mind, but now that it had, I couldn’t stop the images in my head. They were cruel, gruesome, what would happen if this really happened?

My breathing slowed and a painful chill spread, I could hear my heart beating. The images kept coming. Me crying and screaming as he forced himself. Me helpless and violated after he was done with me.

The images kept flashing, one more painful than the other, I couldn’t stop. My ears were ringing with pleas and screams of pain. I was begging him to stop, but he didn’t. I kept begging but he didn’t listen.

I couldn’t breathe.

He was choking me.

I couldn’t scream.

He pushed himself in my mouth.

I wept silent tears as he pushed and pulled my face around him.

My vision was blackening. I was fainting with him still in my mouth, but he continued thrusting. He didn’t stop.

I pushed him away, but he just pulled me back and hurt my throat.

I was losing the feeling in my body now. I couldn’t scream, but my screams were still ringing in my ear.

“Riya!”, I heard someone call softly.

He didn’t let me look around and no one stopped him. He was still in my mouth, moaning and laughing at my pathetic state.

“Riya! Look at me”, the voice called me again softly.

Why were they calling me, they should help me! Why was no one helping me?

A deep helpless fear settled in my bones, I couldn’t do anything anymore.

“Riya, this isn’t real”, the voice whispered again.

I looked around, he wasn’t in my mouth; I could close my lips again. I did.

I looked around, he wasn’t anywhere. He vanished.

I slithered on the ground, hiding from him, in case he comes back again.

“This isn’t real”, the voice told me softly.

“What is not real?”, I asked. I couldn’t see anyone, who was talking to me? What wasn’t real?

“This, all of this is not real. You are safe, no one is going to harm you”

“But… but… he…”, I gulped, it was frightening to think of it again.

“You are safe. No one is going to harm you”

A sudden warmth wrapped around me, no one was going to harm me. But what if he was lying?

“Who… who are you?”, I asked.
“Your husband; and I will never do this to you. You are safe”, I heard Aarav say before I passed out in his arms.

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