Entangle of three- Sold to a billionaire, reverse harem, quarantine

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I was drenched

The only reason people did the foolish things that they did was because they had no other choice or because they weren’t thinking straight.

I was easily the latter.

And I could proudly state that my intention of eating too much had backfired. Eating too much had left me thirstier and after I found the well-stocked bar counter in this house, I couldn’t help myself.

My introduction to the fun-Aarav was short and as soon as he finished his dinner, I bolted out of my seat and into Kamala’s lap (not literally). I thought of using google translate first but since I was in a good mood, I granted him the honour of acting as my translator.

With their help, I found a disco ball, some lights and huge portable speakers and used them to transform my room from a warm, sleeping haven to a wild, ravaging club.

The room was dipped in blue and red lights and Megan thee Stallion blasted in the background. Bottles of liquor and glasses lined on the wooden plane at the end of my bed; with chips and olives on the side.

Satisfied with my mock club set-up, I took a trip to my closet to find a dress to slay my night. Seventy minutes later, I emerged in a little green silk dress that hugged my curves in all the right places and clung to my curves better than my skin did. It was one of my favourite dresses. It had sparkling shoulder straps made of little fake diamonds, and they elevated the whole look by tenfold.

Greenish silver eyes and nude lips, backed with huge lashes and amazing blending skills were paired with silver stilettoes to make me look absolutely stunning. I love how I looked. My confidence boosted instantly. I rolled my shoulders, straightened my spine and called Dev.

As his face flashed on my screen, an instant smile spread across my face. While the wound of losing him still lingered, the idea of him back in my life overpowered that feeling.

His straight teeth contrasted against his dark skin and the little uplift of his lips had my stomach flipping in delight.

“Hello darling”, he cooed, and I smiled wider. Perhaps it was silly that I was reacting so strongly to someone I had dated for two whole years. But my attraction to him had never diminished; and the sparks I had felt the first time I met burst stronger than before.

“Hey, how are you? Out of hospital yet?”

“How can a man be hospitalized when his beautiful gir…”, he stumbled but covering it up with a cough added, “friend is hosting a party? My mama didn’t raise a rude man”, he winked.

My stomach did a full somersault.

“Serious, please”, I rolled my eyes, pretending that his words didn’t have any effect on me.

“I am fine darling and they released me two hours ago”

Smiling wide, I cheered, “Let’s toast to that” and raised a bottle over my head.

“With water”, he chuckled as he raised his water bottle.

I wasn’t a huge drinker, but I loved a mean martini and I was so grateful when I found gin and vermouth in the bar counter tonight. While I had no experience mixing cocktails, google had and will always be my best teacher and with its blessings, I started mixing martini and lo-and-behold, I actually made kick-ass martinis.

Finishing two in under a minute, I placed my laptop in a place where we could both see each other clearly and he gasped, “Darling, you take my breath away. You look so good.”

His eyes slowly took a tour of my body, my skin warming everywhere his gaze touched.

“Thank you”, I smiled and allowed my eyes travel over his frame. He was wearing a thin white shirt that stuck to his delicious frame seductively. The textile stretched over his bulging biceps and muscular chest. He had rolled his sleeved and undid two of his buttons and his skin peaked out teasingly. He had the most wonderful skin, with thanks to the exceptional skincare routine he followed and perhaps good genes too. Wearing faded blue jeans, his long legs looked tall even through a small screen. “You don’t look bad yourself”, I complimented, once my blood had stopped rushing downwards and started moving back upwards.

He didn’t answer. Only stared. His gaze moving up and down my body in a way that had my skin on fire. How he did that while he was miles away from me was above me.

He had always had this effect on me, for as long as I could remember; only today I couldn’t reciprocate the desire without feeling like a cheat. However unwillingly, I had married a man, and even when I knew I couldn’t love him, I could at least respect him enough to stay loyal.

But as Dev continued looking at me with his deep, black eyes, my resolution started slipping away. I physically shook myself to get away from the dizzying desire.

Like the shake of my head shook him as well, he cleared his throat, “Thanks”

I grinned, eager to move along, and took a shot of tequila from the myriad of bottles I had collected. He scrunched his nose but said nothing. I was grateful for that because I had no intention of stopping. Tonight would be to celebrate Dev coming back in my life and forgetting all about the desire that coursed through my veins; it was time to build a platonic love. The idea almost revolted the pussy throbbing between my legs. I needed to be drunk for that.

Mixing another martini, I turned up the volume and moved my body to the beat. Dev followed suit.

When we first started dating, given the muscular build of his body, I had assumed he wouldn’t be a talented dancer, but he proved me wrong. He exercised total control of his body and each movement was fluid. The first time I had seen him dance, I was gob smacked. My jaw was literally on the floor for five full minutes. It was embarrassing.

My reaction had prompted a wink from him, and that wink still held a brief part of my heart. A long time later, he had admitted to me–a little shy in his demeanour - that he had attended dance classes for a better part of his schooling years.

I had laughed then, twerking my ass in front of his face as an impression of him. He had tickled me and we ended up on his bed in a fit of laughter. That had led to a hot and steamy session and I had received sharp smacks on my ass. That was the first time he had ever spanked me. It was also the day I discovered that I got aroused by his hand smacking my bare ass.

Heat rushed to my face as I remembered that night, but the lighting in this room prevented him from seeing that.

We continued dancing; me getting drunker by the second while he remained sober. My eyes exploring every move of his, the way his muscles expanded and contracted with every move, the way his eyes danced over mine and the way his expressions changed with every song.

A slight sheen of sweat gathered on my forehead. I was lost in the music and the way he moved, his muscles contracting and relaxing, and I followed his lead.

Only when my bladder demanded my imminent attention did I realize the time. We had been dancing for over an hour now. Excusing myself, I walked away to relieve it.

Intoxicated by his virtual presence and the gallons of alcohol I had swallowed, I hadn’t realized the state of my knickers. But as I sat on the cool glass, I noticed acutely just how wet I was.

I was drenched. And he hadn’t even touched me yet.

‘He won’t be touching you. Get your brain out of the gutter’, I scolded myself.

‘Perhaps he could direct me’, said the brain that had relocated to my wet feminity.

‘Oh hush, you are friends now. Friends don’t do things like that’, I snapped as I cleaned the mess Dev had caused. Was I the only one thought straight in this body?

‘How ancient! Haven’t you heard a thing called, “friends with benefits?”’

‘Besides, drunk mistakes are forgotten and forgiven. Everyone knows that’, said my subconscious, who had somehow invited herself into this conversation.

They make pretty good arguments but my resolve was stronger. I shook my head, ‘No, I am a married woman and I don’t cheat. It’s not fair to Aarav or Dev’. I kept repeating this sentence in my head like a new year’s resolution, but the moment I stepped in front of the screen, all thoughts flew away from my head.

He sat there on his favourite relaxing chair; his head bent over his phone as his feet tapped. Spread across the chair, his long legs led to a magnificent V (you know I was staring just a little down though). Thanks to the low angle of his camera, the huge bulge between his strong thighs was highlighted.

Holy hell! He was hot!

I clenched my thighs.

The next two hours was going to be an intense training of self-denial.

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