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3. Utterly Dev's

The marriage passed in a whirlwind. I shut down everything in me before I had to step out and into the ‘mantap’.

The mantap was decorated beautifully with pastel pinks and whites - exactly how I had planned for my weddings years ago. My happy wedding! Today it was anything but that.

Instead of making me smile, the decorations ended up bringing me close to tears. The future I envisioned was so close and yet so far away. My dream wedding without my dream man.

Tears, the deceiving bastards, were on the edge of my eyes, waiting to fall down but I held them back. Pushed them away with all my might.

I wouldn’t break down, not so soon.

So I pushed everything inside me and sealed my soul in an iron cage, shutting everything and everyone out. My eyes were open but I didn’t really see, I was listening but I didn’t really hear, staring blankly for the most part, smiling only when the photographers nagged for a smiling picture.

I smiled when needed, posing in my heavy pink lehenga. Hidden behind a thick veil of make-up and endless amounts of traditional Indian jewellery, my blank state was hidden.

And so was my groom’s face.

My groom - Aarav Singhaniya - kept his face hidden under a sehra (Sehra is a traditional accessory made using flowers, worn by grooms on their wedding). He was traditional to the bone, it seemed. The only time he showed his face was when the photographers asked. But even then, I didn’t see him. I didn’t see how he looked because I kept imagining him as a man with beautiful chocolate skin and eyes as dark as the night. I kept imagining him as a man with curly black hair and a muscular figure. I didn’t know how he felt, how he smelt, for I imagined him to be Dev - the only one I should be marrying.

I took the seven vows, but in my heart, there was only Dev.

I might be marrying Aarav but I was the wife to Dev.

The sudden invasion of tears shocked me and I looked up, careful not to let the tears show. No good in making a scene. Dev! Dev! Dev! There was only one thing in my head and I kept seeing his face, especially the way he looked that night.

The night when I broke his heart.

The night when I broke myself.

That night...

Dev was sitting on his bed, as usual, working on a laptop. He stood up as I entered and spread his arms wide to invite me in. I rushed towards him and placed a soft kiss to the side of his neck, the place I knew he loved to feel my lips touch.

A tear rolled down my cheek as I realized that this, right here, was probably the last time I would embrace him in this manner. Embrace him as only a lover could.

“What’s wrong?“, he asked when my shoulders sagged and a quiet sob escaped my lips.

I pushed myself away from him and readied to tell him, but before I could utter a word, my body moved of its own accord and planted my lips on him. Standing on my tiptoes, I kissed him with every fibre of my being, tasting him, moving my lips along his to discover the sensual pleasures he promised. If this was my last kiss, I was going to make the best of it.

He kissed me back with hot passion, his breath mixing with mine and his lips moving deliciously over my own. He wasn’t eating me, and yet I had never felt so devoured. His large palm caressed the sides of my body, igniting warmth with a downward slope. He found my butt then and pulled me closer to his large frame, and I could feel the hard slabs of his muscles through the layers of clothing.

I moaned as his mouth moved to my neck, sucking the spot he knew I was especially weak for, and my hands started wandering his body.

At 5’5, I wasn’t tiny by any standard but his large build easily over-powered my comparatively shorter frame. He was 6’4 and his body was the very definition of a gym rat. Muscles stacked upon muscles and with biceps larger than my thighs, he was a total testosterone bomb. My lower lips clenched just by the sheer amount of testosterone that oozed out of him.

But contrary to popular belief, he wasn’t rough – in bed or in general. He was gentle, very gentle. He was nothing like what you’d assume from a man of his build. He was selfless in the way he delivered sensual pleasure and his practice of delayed gratification was just a cherry on top.

It hit me, then, that I would never get to sleep with him, never get to feel him inside me and never get to marry this beautiful masterpiece and my heart clenched in pain, while my pussy clenched for all the things he was doing to my body.

His lips were on my neck, sucking and biting while his hands moved all over my body, his caress soft and sensual.

I pushed him towards his bed and as he sat on the edge of the bed, I wedged myself between his thighs and playing with my blue top, I asked, “Would you like to do the honours?”

“Um… I’d rather watch, but.. weren’t you going to tell me something?”, he asked as he laid back to rest on his forearms. My mouth watered. This sight was a snapshot straight from a men’s athletic magazine.

“I’d tell you later”, I said as I salivated the view right in front of me.

“You sure?”, he queried, concern lined in his dark brows.

“Absolutely”, I nodded and stepped back to throw a show for him.

A lascivious smile spread across my face and as my clothes touched the ground, his eyes darkened and pupils dilated. First came my blue top, then my jeans, and underneath I had on my blue lingerie – Blair waldorf’s style gift - that hugged my curvy slim figure. I looked great, and if I didn’t feel like that, the way his eyes were devouring me was right now was enough to skyrocket my confidence.

Rotating my hips to the music I played in my head, I teased him with a dance and before I could free my breasts, he stood up signalling me to stop.

“You are breathtaking”, he said as his eyes swept across my body.

“I believe, I give a blood rush as well”, I smirked, gazing down at his very eminent arousal.

“That you do”, he agreed and in one smooth move, threw his T-shirt aside and pulled me closer to him. I could feel his hard muscles against my soft skin, his hot skin pressed right next to mine and his delicious scent engulfing me in. He smelled like chocolate and soft citrus, it was refreshing and satisfying at the same time.

I breathed him in and as he bend down to pick me up, my breathing accelerated, anticipating the addicting emotions only he could make me feel. He placed me on his bed gently and dropped his pants to unravel the masculine beauty underneath.

He had broad shoulders and abs stockpiling with chocolate abs. He wasn’t bulky; he wasn’t ripped; he was somewhere just between: my personal favourite. His strong biceps and arms were decorated with few veins that sent a tingle through my entire body. I had a thing for hands and veins, and everything of him.

His huge build set expectations, and his bulge didn’t disappoint. He was thick and long, definitely above average and absolutely gorgeous. Before I saw his, I didn’t even know cocks could be gorgeous, but I guess he was an exception or I had lover lust goggle on.

Whatever the reason, I loved this man, I loved his body and I loved his cock.

“Would you like a kiss, darling?”, he asked in his deep voice and my head nodded.

“Where to?”, he asked, teasing a gentle touch with his finger on my skin.


“Your wish is my command darling”

He bent down to place a kiss on my ankle and slowly moved upwards, placing gentle pecks as his fingers caressed my sides. As he reached the lace covering my lips, he placed the gentlest pecks and moved up my navel.

“Mmm”, I moaned as I pushed my hips in his direction.

Directing me down with a chuckle, he whispered, “Patience, darling”

I didn’t have to be patient for long, because his lips found my breasts and he pecked my buds softly. As he undid my bra, he said, “Your breasts, oh my god. They fit right in my palm, firm and supple. I will never get tired of watching you or these girls”, and took my right nipple in his mouth.

He sucked my hard buds, while his hands played with my left breasts; massaging and tweaking my nipples. My hands settled in his mass of black curls as delicious electricity spread through me.

He moved over to the other side, treating them with the same care as I moaned his name.

“Your moans are so erotic. I could listen to you moan my name all day, every day”, he murmured against my flesh and a shy smile spread across my lips.

Dev was a vocal lover, he had always been, but today they hit a different spot in my heart. It wasn’t just a shallow compliment, it was a profession of his love and a promise of the future; it was beautiful, only today, it was false.

We couldn’t be together, I was going to marry someone else and the reality hurt, even in the midst of the pleasure his flesh gave to mine.

Our future was absent.

But I still had a few hours, and I was going to enjoy it.

Before I married someone else, I would be his, completely.

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