Entangle of three- Sold to a billionaire, reverse harem, quarantine

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4. You are dripping wet

I was lying on his bed, naked and aroused, moaning his name as his tongue swirled around my nipple. He bit it softly, and I pulled his hair, arching my back to offer more of me.

“You are exotic”, he murmured against my hard nubs and I palmed his erection in appreciation. He overflowed my little hand, but his hardened length felt great pulsing in my palm.

His fingers found my pulsating pussy, and as he pinched my clit, I grabbed his member. He drew soft circles across my hot flesh, as I moved my fingers over his gorgeous cock. Biting my nipple, he pushed a finger inside and only then did I realise how wet I really was. I was dripping.

My warm walls clenched around his finger, never wanting to let go.

Groaning, he pushed my hand away and moved his lips down, finally granting attention to my wet lips.

“Rex, darling, you are dripping wet”, he smirked as he flicked his tongue out to tease my rosebud.

“I can’t wait to taste you again and have you coming all over my tongue”, he announced and licked a line through my slit.

Colour rushed to my cheeks.

While I wasn’t a very shy person, the thought of orgasm always managed to bring red in my cheeks. Maybe it was because I had never masturbated before him, maybe it was because woman orgasms were considered so rare and exotic, or maybe it was because he saw, felt and became all of me every time I came.

His finger stayed inside me, still and filling as his tongue drew circles on my clit.

He looked up to meet my eyes, and with eyes burning in hot and wild desire, he pulled his finger out and licking just the apex of it, brought it up to my lips.

My lips parted and as I sucked my juices from his fingers, I kept my eyes on his. Dark with desire, dilated with love, he looked like a man drunk on arousal.

“Tastes good, doesn’t it?”, he asked then as he left a wet kiss on my chin.

“Mmm”, I murmured and I had to agree. I tasted good. Not chocolate good, but combined with the adoring gaze he granted me, I tasted divine. So I sucked his finger, swirling my tongue around him like I would if it were his cock.

A groan leapt from his throat then, and biting harshly on my left nipple once, he moved down to once again grant my wetness the attention it begged.

He didn’t tease any longer and dived straight in. His hot breath fanned my glistening lips, and as his tongue moved around my bud, his finger found my entrance and started their rhythm.

In and out, his finger moved, while his tongue created marvellous pleasures on their own. Left, right, circle, bite, rub, he pulled all the stops and the combination he used was nothing short of extraordinary.

I arched my back, moaning his name, pleasure building in the depths of my belly. My legs fluttered. My fingers tightened around his thick hair.

I could feel the rush of sexual atonement so close to me, ready to envelope me in their wet, hot arms.

“So close”, I moaned.

“No”, he jerked and spanked my breast lightly. “Not yet”, he warned as he rolled his finger around my nipple.

His action seemed to be counter-productive, for it triggered all my pleasure boundaries right away. Blood rushed to the apex of my thighs and I arched my back and feet off the ground. My legs wrapped around his neck, and as he increased his pace, I moaned just a little louder.

“Come darling, come for me”, he ordered as he picked up his rhythm.

I moaned in ecstasy and everything inside me clenched. Blood rushed to my nether regions and my eyes closed, I soared high above the sky until I saw stars on a white sky and all at once I crashed on the soft bed.

Exhausted from the pleasure rush, I took a few breaths to recover. I opened my eyes to find Dev’s head on my groin, staring up at me with an adorable smile on his face.

I smiled back, and before I could take another breath, he pushed his tongue in my walls as is finger moved over my clit.

Pleasure, of the exquisite type, soared through me. He was alternating what he just did, his tongue pushing in and out, while his finger created the masterful combination.

Moaning like a mess of emotions, I pulled his hair to contain the pleasure. It was unbearable in the best way possible, and my toes started curling.

“No, No, no”, I groaned. I didn’t want to come so soon. I’m sure I would deteriorate if I did.

“Yes, yes, yes”, he answered with a nod and latched his mouth on my nipple as two of his fingers entered my warm hole. My walls clenched around his fingers, and as he suckled on my breasts my back arched.

In and out, round and round, he created a tempo exactly as I desired and when his fingers hit a particular spot in my vagina, my walls started quivering. Noticing my reaction, he directed his thrusts to that spot, massaging my walls in the most luxurious way.

My breathing deepened further, my belly clenched, my walls started quivering and as my toes curled, I grabbed on to the sheets and arched my bed, lifting off the bed. Soon, I was climbing for the stars, and as a moon hit in the depths of my belly, I soared in the sky and crashed down with a loud moan.

I recovered in silence. Taking deep breaths and returning to this world. The high of orgasm really was unlike any other, it made me wonder about how evolution was a bitch in heat. As humans, we were evolved into sexual beings, and orgasm was the highest reward. But even then, the orgasms Dev provided was out of this world. There was just something about him that made his allure even better.

Blood rushed to my cheeks and as I regained the feeling of my senses, I felt his warm, plump lips giving small pecks on my navel. I grabbed his neck, and pulling him to my mouth, I planted a kiss to his lips.

“My turn”, I murmured as I rolled us around, so I was the one on top.

“I am not done yet”, he argued but didn’t use his strength to turn us around. He never did, even if he easily could. He was as gentle as they came.

He looked intimidating to a stranger’s eye, but he had a protective aura around him that made everyone feel safe. Ironic though it was, it was true.

Just goes to show how we should never judge a book by its cover.

“Well, but I demand the right to pleasure my man”, I said seductively as I placed soft kisses on his chest and slowly moved down.

“I demand the same right”

“You already crafted two orgasms out of me, you greedy fool”

“I want more”, he pouted.

“Guess you’ll have to wait. I want your cum down my throat more than I want my orgasm”, I confessed with a dirty smile as my lips reached his hard abs.

Licking a line in between the valleys of his abs, I kissed the deep V that ended on a very promising note. I licked my lips, eager to taste all of him in my mouth; to taste his love, his lust and his striking masculinity.

“Reverse”, he moaned as I palmed his erection.

“What?”, I asked, puzzled.

“Turn around”, he directed, and I did as he asked with a curious expression on my face, sitting on his lower abs and facing his prominent erection.

“Slide back now”, he said and I turned around to face him with a quizzical brow.

“69”, he announced and pulled my hips right over his face. I was essentially sitting on his now, and as erotic as it was, it was a tad bit uncomfortable. I felt too vulnerable.

“This view, damn, I could die right now and I’d still be the happiest man, you are magnificent”, he complimented and all my inhibitions flew right out the window.

I lowered myself on his body, moving my palm around the length of him as he explored my pussy with a swipe of his tongue.

“All bets on. Let’s 69, darling”, he announced and a competitive sparkle rose in my eyes.

“Lets”, I agreed and bent down to blow his mind right off its socket.

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