Mr. Hill

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Kemily gets kidnapped into a mansion where she is brought to live as a sex slave for the perverted millionaire, Mr. Hill. He seems heartless at first, but could he actually be a good person? Kemily struggles with this new lifestyle, but quickly discovers brand new sides of herself. She also stumbles upon Mr. Hill's dirty secrets from the past. Maybe this doesn't have to be so bad after all. [18+ ONLY  | EROTICA]

Erotica / Romance
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1] Taken

"I hate you!" I screamed while crying.

"Yeah, why don't you just leave then?" It was my father yelling at me. The disgust in his face was impossible to mistake. I wasn't welcome here, and it was very obvious.

"You wouldn't care if I got hit by a bus! I never want to see you or mom ever again." I grabbed my backpack and ran out the door. My mind was furious. How could someone be so fucking stupid. It wasn't unusual for me to fight with my parents, but lately it had been getting out of control.

I didn't know where to go so I just started running. It was a cold autumn evening and the ground was wet. I kept going for a few minutes before I felt a few cold drops of water hitting my skin. Black clouds had sprawled across the sky. It didn't take long before I got showered with the freezing rain.

As the water hit my face it mixed with my tears. I felt like there was this huge gap in my heart. I had no one anymore. All the people that usually were my friends and family had turned against me. No one would care if I just disappeared and never came back.

I heard a deep menacing sound from the sky. It was thundering right above my head. I didn't have a care in the world. It had turned from a quiet grey evening to this stormy nightmare in the span of a few minutes, but my thoughts were completely in other places. It wasn't before I saw the radiating bright color and light. Lightning struck something nearby. I knew it wasn't safe, but it was so difficult to care about anything with my mindset.

The fights and the yelling, the tears and the ongoing debates I've had. Why had my life turned into this mess. I had never seen myself as a bad person before now. Maybe they were better off without me anyway.

The cold rain mixed with the stormy winds felt like whips on my skin. Fog and mist made my surroundings look scary and unfamiliar. I realized I needed shelter. There was a grand library not far away so I decided to make my way there.

When I reached the entrance I was scared it would be locked. It looked so dark, but there was some light deeper inside the building. I walked inside and the floors became wet. My hair and clothes were soaked in rainwater and I now realized how cold I was. As I made my way further into the building I spotted a desk with some chairs next to it.

Today I'd just had enough. The rain was hitting the windows as it started getting darker outside. My stomach was growling for food, that's when I remembered that I hadn't eaten anything all day. The library was huge with big chandeliers spread all around the high ceilings. The big wooden shelves were never ending and you could find just about anything in there.

I looked down in the table.

"Stupid and shitty family." I mumbled to myself. I usually came here to study, but today my presence was for completely other reasons. I stared empty out in the distance hoping for anything to happen. I just wanted to see something or someone to keep my sanity intact. Could I go crazy from boredom?

My eyes started feeling heavy. All of my body was exhausted. I was both mentally and physically drained. Maybe I should just head home. That's when I heard a sound. My body froze and I felt puzzled. Then I rolled my eyes and remembered that I was actually in a public library. Of course there would be other people here. And wasn't that what I had wished for?

I got up from the old wooden table I'd been sitting by. My backpack was heavy, but I threw it onto my back anyways. Some might say having a baby pink sac is childish for an 18 year old, but I loved it.

I was heading for the stairs which lead to the main entrance I'd come from. There was no way I'd stay here. I'd rather hide away in my own warm bed.

This area wasn't lit up as well as where I'd
been sitting. It gave me the creeps. I looked down at my phone and it showed 9.30pm. I was shocked, it couldn't be that late!

Just as I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings I felt myself being pushed to the ground. I let out a little shriek and felt the hard ground hitting me. Before I could process what had happened I quickly tried getting up so I could run away, far far away.

I didn't get far before I got pushed again. Now someone was holding me down. My face got pressed into the old hardwood flooring, while my hands were held tight behind my back. I couldn't move!

I started panicking and didn't know what to do.

"Please stop!" I yelled several times, but it didn't help. My hands were now getting tied together, that made the person behind me loosen their grip. I took the chance to roll around on my back to see who had assaulted me.

"Hey lay still you little bitch!" A tall guy with a dark voice said aggressively. His hair was dark brown and he actually looked very good. Before I could do anything I heard another voice behind me.

"What's taking so long?" I turned around to see another tall man but with blonde hair.

Both males looked to be in their late 20s or early 30s.

My eyes instantly locked with his.

"Why the fuck isn't she blindfolded?" The new guy said with an annoyed tone while approaching us.

"I didn't think she would struggle this much." The dark haired guy answered. He seemed stressed.

I was speechless and the only think I could think about was getting home as soon as possible.

"W-what's going on..?" I stuttered. My body was shaking in fear.

The men looked at each other and suddenly grinned.

"W-w-what's going o-on?" The first guy said to mock me. They both chuckled and looked back at me.

"They all say the same, but I never get tired of it." The second guy said while staring at me like I'm some kind of object.

After that it went dark.
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