Dash and Dane (18+)

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“Baby, can you hand me that drafting pencil?” Dash asked as he stood over the drafting table, staring down at their newest blueprint.

What made that blueprint very special was that it’s our blueprint for the house we’re designing for ourselves. I couldn’t wait to start building it; making it ours. Dash had the idea after we moved from the McCarthy land and rented a place in town. The house was old and falling apart and honestly too small, even for just the two of us. Dane had said it would be okay if we stayed at the house while he toured Europe but we both wanted to stay in town; be closer to our jobs.

I was still tattooing but not as much. I haven’t stepped foot in Midnight Ink for over a month. I had been helping Dash out while Dane traveled and now that we were designing our dream house, I really didn’t have time for the shop. But I sure missed it.

I grabbed the drafting pencil and sauntered over towards Dash, holding it just out of reach. He kept his eyes on the blueprint as he reached for the pencil but I kept pulling it just out of reach.

He finally snapped his head up and glared at me with a desirous grin. “Are you teasing me?” He cocked a challenging brow at me and I giggled.

“Maybe...” I bit my bottom lip while twirling the pencil in my fingers. Then I slid the pencil into my cleavage as Dash let out a growl and pushed away from the drafting table, stalking towards me with dominance.

“Do you need a spanking?” He rasped out, glaring at me with clouded eyes full of hunger.

I slowly nodded, still nibbling on my bottom lip. “Please...”

He grabbed me then and spun me so my back was against his chest. I inhaled his powerful male scent and shuddered in his embrace. I would never grow tired of how this man made me feel. He placed his hand in the center of my back and pushed me forward until my arms were holding me up against the drafting table.

“I’m going to fuck you while you stare at our house. I want you to see all the rooms I’m going to fuck you in; every surface I’m going to fuck you on.” Dash’s voice was like a growl and full of hunger. Desire spread through me like wildfire as my panties became wet.

His hand cascaded down my body until it was on my ass. He whipped my dress up, revealing my bare cheeks to him right before he spanked me. I jolted beneath his hold, biting my bottom lip as a whimper left my mouth. This man never ceased to amaze me and it never surprised me how much my body reacted to his touch. One single glance from Dash and I was a goner; one single glance from Dash and my panties were soaked.

He tore my panties to the side before tracing his finger over my wet lips. My back arched, allowing my hips to press out and farther into his touch. I moaned against the drafting table as I gripped the edge for dear life; my knuckles turning white.

I heard the sound of his zipper right before he pushed himself deep inside my core. My eyes widened as a deep moan erupted through my chest. His size still stretched me every time we had sex and I don’t think I’ll ever get accustomed to the feeling. Every time with him was like the first time. I was consumed by him; bewitched by him.

His hands claimed me as one gripped my waist tightly while his other trailed up my body until he gripped my throat. My mouth fell open in a silent moan as he pounded feverishly into me, my core squeezing and pulsating around his cock. He slipped his thumb into my mouth as I lightly nibbled the tip before sucking him hard into me, my cheeks hollowing.

He hissed out a breath, thrusting his cock even deeper. “Fuck. You are so perfect.” He groaned the sexiest, deep groan I had ever heard from him. “So fucking perfect.”

“Dash!” I cried out, gripping the table even tighter as my sex tightened around him, my orgasm threatening to rack through me any moment now.

“That’s it, baby. Let go. Cum on my cock,” he rasped out, gripping my hip tightly and slamming into me.

Right as my orgasm slammed through me, rocking my world, the office door opened and Dane was standing there with a shocked expression on his face. I couldn’t stop my orgasm now as I screamed out my release.

“Dash!” My body shook underneath him, my toes curling in my heels as a numbness invaded my body.

Dash released my throat and slapped my ass with that hand as he growled out his own release. He surely saw that his brother was there right?

“Dane,” Dash breathed out while his cock throbbed inside of me, his thrusting slowed as he milked himself with my walls, “don’t go anywhere. We’re just finishing up.”

Dane had a wicked grin on his face. “I can see that. Looks like you two haven’t lacked in the sex department while I was away.” He laughed, shaking his head. “I’ll just wait out here.” He pointed his thumb behind him as he closed the door behind him.

Once the door was finally closed and we were alone again, Dash pulled out from me and helped me stand up. My legs were weak and as he spun me to look at him, a satisfied grin spread across my lips.

He kissed my lips lightly, nibbling on my bottom lip before releasing me. “I need to talk to him about you know what.” He winked, pulling his bottom lip between his teeth. “Don’t move. I’m not done with you yet.”

The anticipation of that promise made my body shiver all over again. No matter how many times Dash and I had sex in one day, it never felt like it was enough. I never got my fill of him.

“Hurry back,” I purred out, slapping his ass as he left the office.


I found Dane sitting in the waiting room right outside our offices. He looked more tanned than normal and a peaceful energy surrounded him; he must have had a wonderful trip.

“Glad you’re back, brother,” I greeted him as he whipped his head up and grinned.

He stood up and we hugged, slapping each other’s back. “Good to be back, brother.” He nodded his head towards my office. “I see you two are still in love.”

I grinned like an idiot. “That’s the understatement of the year, brother. And speaking of love; I have something I need to ask you.”

“Anything,” Dane replied without hesitation.

“Will you be my best man?”

His eyebrows rose with surprise as he chuckled. “Shit, man. I didn’t know you popped the question.”

I nodded. “Last month. I surprised the hell out of her. I don’t think she knew it was coming.”

“She obviously said yes?” Dane asked, cocking a brow at me. I know deep down that he wished things would have worked out differently between the three of us and I have no doubt that he still loved her.

“Obviously.” I grinned. “So? What do you say? Will you be my best man?”

“Fuck yeah! But under one condition...” Dane hugged me again, really slapping my back now. “I’m so happy for you brother.”

“Thanks, Dane.” I stood back and stared at him. “What condition?”

He chuckled, shaking his head. “I met someone.”

Now my brows were the ones raising in surprise. “Oh? Well, come on, fucker; who is she?”

He blushed, actually blushed, and then shook his head. “Kristina. Adrena’s cousin.”

“Well, fuck me, ladies and gentlemen!” I laughed, fake punching him in the shoulder. “That’s great, man.”

“Yeah?” He sounded as if he wanted my approval on the matter. But why would I disapprove? Because she was Adrena’s cousin? Hell no. I am thrilled for my brother. It was about time he found someone of his own and Kristina was a perfect fit for him.

“Yeah...” I finally answered, throwing my arm around his neck. “Now come on, we’ve got some work to do. That drafting table isn’t the same without you standing next to me, pissing me off.”

He laughed with me as we headed back into my office; back to our lives as if everything were the same. Only now things were better; much, much better.

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