Dash and Dane (18+)

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Chapter 3


I was holding the door frame in place as Dash knelt down and nailed the wood into place. But then I saw the front door open as my eyes followed the movement, freezing when I saw a gorgeous, nearly naked brunette step into the front lobby.

“Damn it, Dane! Hold still!” Dash barked from underneath me as I jumped and held the frame back in its place, but not taking my eyes from the brunette I had the pleasure of meeting the night before. I had this huge urge to know who she was. Where she came from. What her desires were. What her dreams are; everything. But I couldn’t help but notice how freaked out she looked when she stood there staring at us.

“We’ll only be a minute longer and then you can get by,” I said to her, who couldn’t stop looking between me and Dash like we were ghosts.

Dash stopped what he was doing and turned to see who I was talking to and nearly shot a nail into my leg. What the hell?!

“Jesus!” I barked out, jumping out of the way as Dash stood to his feet.

“Adrena, w-what are you doing here? Did I forget something?” Dash asked her, looking all nervous, which wasn’t like him at all. And I couldn’t help but feel a ping of jealousy that my brother knew who the woman was and not him. How did he know Adrena and how come I didn’t meet her first?

Adrena clearly looked dumbfounded and cleared her throat. “I live here,” she finally replied, still looking between the both of us. “Brothers?”

Dash nodded but I answered her question, “Fraternal, not identical, although, some people try to argue that fact.” I stuck my hand out to her. “I’m Dane and you obviously already know Dash. How is that again?” My eyebrow lifted as I cocked my head at Dash, who was still staring at the brunette beauty in front of us.

“I-I did his tattoo,” she stuttered before shaking my hand but kept her eyes on Dash. “What are you doing here?” She was now speaking to Dash.

“We’re working on the building for Macy,” I replied, still answering her questions and not my brother. “We own McCarthy Home Remodeling and do a lot of work for her.”

Adrena nodded, still staring at Dash but finally looked over at me, a look of confusion and bewilderment on her face. “That’s nice.”

“How’s that window in your apartment?” Deep down I wanted Dash to know I had been in her apartment when he clearly hadn’t been. I loved poking at my brother, even if it completely irked him.

“It was fine last night but this morning...” she trailed off, looking between the two of us again like she just couldn’t believe what her eyes were seeing, “...it got stuck again.”

“Hmm, that’s a bummer in this heat. I think I have an old window air conditioner lying around at the shop. I can bring it over to you later on if you’d like. The heat is only going to get worse, I’m afraid.” I was trying to pull her attention away from Dash but it wasn’t working like I wanted it to. “Are you okay with that?”

She slowly nodded, pulling her gaze from Dash and finally brought her eyes to meet mine. “That would be great, but you don’t have to do that.”

I shrugged. “It’s no big deal.”

“I can take a look at your window now if you’d like?” This came from Dash and I glared at him. Is he seriously trying to play this game right now? He knows who wins; so, why does he even try? “Dane’s good with his hands, but not as good as I am.”

I looked over and saw Adrena swallow before a blush crept up her neck and into her cheeks. Was she turned on by that? That’s super sexy. But now it was obvious that Dash had already sunken his hooks into her and I was about to be out of the game. However, that didn’t mean I wasn’t still going to try and get her attention. Who knows, maybe she’ll want both of us. Now that was a game I loved playing.

“That window is shot, Dash,” I growled out.

“Dane,” Dash warned, keeping his eyes on Adrena. “Show me the way.” He backed out of her way as she passed by us and Dash disappeared up the stairs with her. I cursed under my breath and got back to work. Sneaky bastard.


I couldn’t believe how lucky I was getting to see her twice in one day and now I was on my way up to her apartment. That’s a win-win, ladies and gents. That little hot scene in the shop earlier had given me a raging hard-on and I was still feeling the effects from it, even now. I didn’t want to seem like an asshole while she worked on me so I just kept my mouth shut. I was so wound up and about ready to burst that I had become extremely sexually frustrated and my dick hurt, which meant that if I had talked to her, I probably wouldn’t have been real nice. So, I didn’t say anything at all.

Adrena opened her apartment door and I followed her in, realizing she didn’t have much stuff in her place as if she had just moved in or was about to move out. Her scent filled the space and made my cock stir in my jeans. Yeah, I was getting a boner just from the smell of her. What the hell is this woman doing to me?

“It’s that window there.” Adrena pointed and I followed her finger to the only window in the room.

It was a piece of shit, no doubt, and there wasn’t much I could do to fix it. If Dane couldn’t fix it, then I wasn’t going to be able to either. Hell, I just wanted an excuse to come up to her place and get a moment alone with her. However, now that we were here and all alone, I didn’t know what to do with that. This is usually where Dane fit into the picture. He was the talker and the charmer, whereas I, was the doer and the fulfiller.

“Hmm, I think you just need a new one. I can talk to Macy and see if it’s in the budget. I doubt it, but I can still ask her.” I turned back to Adrena and noticed that she was either flushed from the heat or from my presence and by God, I hoped it was the second one.

“Thanks.” She bit her bottom lip and turned towards the kitchen area. “Are you thirsty?”

“Yeah, thanks.” I followed her into the small space and watched her move about.

She leaned into the fridge, her ass on full display for me and I had to hold my breath and bite down on my tongue so I wouldn’t reach out and grab her. I was trying to be a gentleman, but there was something about this girl that made me want to grab her and claim her.

“All I’ve got right now is this.” She stood back up, making me tear my gaze away from her ass, as she handed me a beer. “I know you’re working right now so you don’t have to drink it if you don’t want to.”

I popped open the beer, took a sip, and grinned at her. “That’s the glorious thing about being my own boss. I can drink a beer at lunchtime and nobody is there to yell at me.”

She let out a small laugh and I loved the sound of it. It was cute and innocent and I wanted to keep making her laugh. Something told me that she didn’t laugh much nor had much to laugh about. I was going to change that.

She popped open her own beer and cheered him. “Well, here’s to having a beer at lunchtime and not having anyone to yell at us.”

I chuckled before I clinked my bottle against hers and then took a drink along with her.

We stood silently for a moment, looking at each other and then away awkwardly before Adrena asked, “I hate to ask this but since you’re here... Could you fix my closet door? I can’t get it to close properly and it’s driving me crazy.”

I laughed. “Yeah, that’s no problem. Show me the way.”

She brushed past me as she left the small space and it took everything I had not to grab her. I wanted to stop her, spin her towards me, and taster her mouth. After that, I wanted to pick her up and set her down on the counter while I pushed myself between her legs, continuing to taste her.

That’s when I realized I was now standing in the kitchen all alone and my boner was back. Nice. It was like the thing had a mind of its own and I was seventeen years old all over again; getting boners at the sight of a beautiful woman.

I entered the bedroom, where her scent was the strongest, and had to mentally scold myself. My boner was now raging and I couldn’t get a handle on it. If I didn’t, I wasn’t going to be able to think straight and I definitely wouldn’t be able to fix the closet door.

“It’s this side.” She grabbed the door and tried to close it but it stopped, not closing all the way before popping back open. “I would love you if you could fix this for me.”

My heart instantly began to race in my chest at her use of the L-word. I barely knew her but I had this feeling that I needed her love; that her love would cure all my struggles and stress. And I knew I could lover her eventually. There was no question in my mind about that.

I swallowed before answering her, “The track just needs to be adjusted; easy fix.” She let out a relieved breath as I slid in next to her, her arm brushing against mine as I grabbed the door and jimmied it until it popped off the track. These old doors were junk but I could make this a quick fix and then be on my way; even though I didn’t want to leave.

After adjusting the upper track, I popped the door back into place and slid it closed. A perfect fit.

“Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. You have no idea how much that has been bugging me.” She laughed again and I spun to look at her, standing dangerously close. Even though I knew how big of a shit hold place this building was, I loved how small the apartments were in this particular moment. She was so close I could feel her body heat radiating against me.

“You’re welcome,” I rasped out, looking down at her and not moving. Adrena was basically pinned between me and her bed and the only way out was crawling over and that would have been a dangerous move because I didn’t know if I was going to be able to let her off of it before I took her in those purple silk sheets of hers. It was clear that she didn’t care about material things but she did however, have expensive sheets and it made me smile.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?” My voice was low as I peered down at her through hooded eyes.

She visibly swallowed and licked her lips. “Well, there is one other thing...”

I felt my cock stir in my jeans again as I waited for her to ask me to take her right here; right now. Oh, the things I would do to this girl.

But instead, she surprised me. “That bathtub doesn’t plug right and I really want to be able to take a bath sometimes.”

I let out a small laugh, wondering if I had heard her right. Here I was, thinking about fucking her brains out and she wants her bathtub fixed. I really need to get my head out of the gutter.

She tried to walk around me, but without thinking, I stopped her from passing me as I wrapped an arm around her waist. I had no idea what I was doing but my body just took over.

“Adrena...” I rasped out, looking down at her.

I felt her grab onto my arm, digging her nails into my skin, as I heard her suck in a breath while looking up into my gaze. She almost looked frightened and that hurt me, but then her expression changed to a dark desire as I watched her eyes move down to my lips.

She turned towards me and before I could think straight, she slammed her lips onto mine. I definitely wasn’t expecting her to do this, but I wasn’t going to complain either. I wrapped my arms around her small waist and pulled her impossibly closer to me, spreading her lips with my tongue as she opened for me. She tasted so damn good that I let out a groan and pressed my aching cock against her stomach; a small moan escaping from her and filling my mouth.

I could stand here kissing her all night. She felt so good against me, as if she was made for me. Then I felt her push against my chest and I cursed myself for trying to push this onto her. I released her mouth, breathing heavily, while letting my arms drop. I was waiting for her to tell me that it was moving too quickly; that she wasn’t this kind of girl; that she couldn’t do this, but instead, she surprised the hell out of me.

I watched her reach for the bottom of her shirt and lift it up and over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra so when her shirt fell at our feet, she stood completely topless in front of me. And damn, she was perfect. My cock begged for release as my eyes scanned over her body, my mouth watering at the sight of her. That’s when I saw that she had a small barbell piercing in each nipple and damn was it a turn on. I wanted to put my mouth on her and flick my tongue over the metal piercings. I had never been with a woman with piercings in exotic places before and this only made me hungrier for her.

I looked up into her eyes then and waited for her to give me some kind of approval. I didn’t want to rush her and wanted her to be the one who called the shots here; which wasn’t like me at all. I normally took what I wanted.

“Dash,” she whispered, my eyes searching hers, “take your clothes off.”

Wow. I was not expecting that at all, but I wasn’t going to argue either. So as smoothly as I could, I began to strip myself while tossing my clothes onto the small floor space at our feet.

“I don’t know if I can contain myself with you.” I had to be honest with her. My hard-on was nearly bursting from my briefs and it was throbbing.

Adrena cocked an eyebrow at me and smirked. “I don’t care how you take me, Dash, I just need you to me.” It was right there in her words; in her voice, that she wanted me just as badly as I wanted her. Thank God.

I took what I had been wanting for the last two days. I wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her towards me, slamming her body against mine as my other hand slid into her hair, tugging her roughly. I pulled her head back to expose her neck as I lowered my mouth to her neck, nibbling and sucking from her ear down to her collar bone and onto the top of her breast before I stopped and looked down at her. Damn, she’s sexy as hell and tastes even sexier.

Her gaze was filled with a brazen promise and I growled. “I need you to tell me if I’m being too rough, okay?” I had a lot of pent up desire for her and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to control myself when I was buried deep inside.

She let out a small moan before nodding, digging her nails into my back; driving me wild. My cock was screaming to be freed, so I hooked my thumbs into my briefs and slid them down until my cock was free and standing at attention. I watched her eyes scan down my body and stop at my cock, her eyes getting wide with surprise as she whipped her gaze back up to mine.

“I’ve been so fucking hard for you,” I rasped out, fisting my cock in my hand before stroking myself. I needed some kind of friction to stave off this deep desire.

She watched me stroke myself while licking her lips and then finally reached out for me.

But I shook my head. “No. If you touch me I’m done for.” I grabbed her skirt and nearly tore the material in two as I slid it down her legs, exposing her nakedness to me. She has the sexiest curves I’ve ever seen. I grabbed her around the waist and tossed her onto the bed. She landed with a yelp and a giggle as I crawled towards her, settling between her legs.

“Is it going to fit?” She eyed my cock again and I let out a small laugh.

“Yeah, baby, it’ll fit. I’ll go nice and slow.” I stared down at her as she adjusted herself beneath me, hugging my hips with her knees as I leaned down and took her lips with mine.

She moaned into the kiss, pressing her breasts into my chest, and I was seconds away from blowing my load without even being inside her yet. She was affecting me way more than I ever expected her to. What the hell is she doing to me?

“Dash, please...” She begged in a raspy whisper while pushing her hips against me as my cock slid across her wet lips. She was so wet for me as my cock glided effortlessly through her folds, the head of my cock pressing against her sweet spot. She was writing beneath me like I had imagined before, only this time it was real.

I grinned down at her but before I entered her, I wanted those nipples in my mouth. I wanted to taster her there, to see what it was like to have a metal bar against my tongue and how she’d react when I teased her with my mouth. So I lowered my mouth and took one nipple in, making it pucker immediately, as Adrena cried out and pushed her breast farther into my mouth. I moaned against her nipple, my other hand wrapped under her ass as I lifted her hips and began moving my own hips so that my cock slid up and down over her wet clit. She cried out when I began to flick my tongue over the barbell; digging her nails deeper into my flesh.

“Dash! Please!” She threw her head back as I looked up at her to see that she was getting close to an orgasm. “Please... Make me cum... I can’t stand it!”

I grinned against her nipple, loving that she was begging me. “You want to cum, baby?”

She bit her bottom lip and moaned out, “Yes...”

I released her nipple from my mouth and leaned back so that my cock was no longer pressed against her clit.

Her eyes shot wide open as she glared up at me. “You bastard.”

I barked out a laugh and threw my head back. “You won’t be calling me that when I’m done with you.”

She kept glaring at me. “I’m about to be done with you if you don’t make me cum soon.”

I leaned forward again, my cock pressing against her wet lips once more as she threw her head back and moaned again. “Beg for it...” I growled out before leaning forward and nibbling her other nipple, making her cry out once more.

“Dash, please! Please fuck me! Please make me cum!” She was clearly frustrated and I was loving it. I loved that she was begging me to fucker her; to make her cum.

And then in one swift movement, I grabbed my cock and pressed it at her entrance before pushing myself deep inside of her. She let out a deep moan as she stared up into my eyes; my own moan filling the space around us. She felt so good. I had never felt anything so amazing in my life and I didn’t plan on letting her go anytime soon. I wanted to feel this again and again and again. It was like she was made to fit my cock. She squeezed me perfectly and I fit perfectly.

Being inside her after all this pent up desire had sent me right over the edge. I thrust my cock as deep as I could, thrusting harder and harder, as she cried out her release. I was glad she came fast because I was grinding my teeth together, trying to hold on just a moment longer. I quickly pulled out and began stroking my cock with a groan as my cum spilled onto her stomach. I had marked her; claimed her. She was mine.

I looked down into her face and she had a smile on her lips; something she hadn’t really done around me, and I smiled back.

“You’re right. I did need that.” She leaned up on her elbows and grinned at me. “But in all seriousness, I need you to look at my tub before you go.”

She moved from beneath me, rolling off the bed and cleaned her stomach off with an old shirt before throwing on a silk robe and walking out. She just left me alone in her bedroom. I sat there, feeling completely confused and completely naked. Did she just fuck me and leave? Only I ever did that. This girl just might be the one for me. Son of a bitch.

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