Dash and Dane (18+)

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Chapter 5



“Well, damn girl, looks like the other brother worked you over good!” Kristina laughed as I entered the shop, looking all frazzled.

I blushed, walking up to the counter so only Kristina could hear my words. “Actually, both brothers worked me over pretty good. I’m exhausted so I hope this guy doesn’t want anything big.”

Kristina’s eyes widened as she stared at me. “Did you just say both?”

I nodded, not wanting to get into it with her over the details, as if I would give them anyways. No, that was my special time with them. I knew I probably shouldn’t have even told her about the threesome in the first place, but I just couldn’t help myself.

“Damn, girl. Here I thought I was the freak.” She laughed as I gave a dismissive wave of my hand before walking back to my station to start prepping for my client.

A few minutes later and my client was walking back with a smile on his face. He looked to be in his thirties, well built, and had minimal tattoo work done.

“Hi, I’m Adrena. What are you thinking about getting done today?” I tried so hard to focus and listen to him but damn if my mind didn’t go back to the naked brothers in my bed. I wonder if they are still there and waiting for my return. Anticipation swam through my body as I grinned.

I was thankful that the guy just wanted a small piece done; a paw print and his dog's name written in cursive across the paw. Easy and adorable. So I got to work so I could go back to my apartment and hopefully to the brothers.

But before I could do that, Kristina stopped me and began parading me with questions.

“How did this work out? I thought you were going to seduce the other brother... How did you end up between the two of them?” She was leaning on the counter, anticipating my answer.

“I brought Dane up to my apartment. We were kissing and then Dash showed up. Apparently, they both want me and the next thing I know, I’m between the two of them.” I shrugged it off.

“Girl! That is hot! I’m so jealous...” Kristina laughed. “But, how is this going to work now? I thought you were trying to get Dash out of your life and now you have two men to deal with.”

I shrugged. “I guess I’ll tackle that when the subject arrives. For now though, I might just enjoy the ride.” I winked at her. “I’m taking off though- going to see if they are still at my place.”

Kristina laughed, shaking her head. “Girl, I hope you have some ice packs laying around because it sounds like you’re going to have one hell of a weekend.”

I laughed in return, waving as I left the shop and nearly ran back to my apartment.

When I got there, though, I notice that Dash and Dane had left and realize I don’t have either of their numbers. Would they try to reach out to me? Was it a one-time thing? Thoughts of them tricking me into a threesome and then ditching out filled my mind as a tightness consumed my chest. They wouldn’t do that, would they? I really don’t know much about either of them.

Exhaustion overtook my mind and body so I crawled into bed, the sheets still smelling of the two different men and sex, causing me to fall into a deep sleep.

The sounds of hammering echoed around me as the bright sunshine filtered into my room and burned my eyes. My heart began to race then when I realized what that hammering sound was and where it was coming from: The sexy brothers. I really want to see them again, to know how they would react to seeing me after what we shared and what it all meant.

I climbed out of bed, took a hot shower, and put on something a bit provocative before heading out of my place and towards the hammering sound.

But when I reached the sound, I was unpleasantly surprised to not find either brother. It was a different man altogether. He was handsome and around my age with a warm smile when he saw me.

“You’re not Dash or Dane...” I remarked, eyeing him skeptically. I didn’t mean to sound rude or anything but I was upset that the brothers weren’t here.

The guy laughed, shaking his head. “They don’t work on weekends. I’m Joey, their weekend guy. Did you need help with something?”

Oh, I needed help alright. I woke from a steamy dream and was aching for the brothers’ touch but found neither of them when I came down here. Now I was all hot and bothered and honestly a bit pissed off that they weren’t here. They haven’t even tried to reach out to me and I was dwelling on all the scenarios in my head that kept saying they had used me; forget about them.

“Umm, no, not really. I just had a question for them.” I twirled a piece of hair around my finger and couldn’t stop thinking about the two men.

He lightly chuckled. “Well, even though they aren’t on any job site today, I know where you can find them.” He was eyeing me with a grin.

I shouldn’t be the one to track them down, should I? But then again, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t get the answers I sought after and I wouldn’t be able to get their hands on me again. So, I nodded at the man, coaxing him with my eyes to give up the information I needed.

He stood up and reached into his back pocket before pulling out a card and handing it to me. “They’ll be at the office today doing some work. Swing by; they’ll be there.” He winked and then got back to work without another word or glance in my direction.

I looked down at the card in my hands and grinned. Their logo and company name were neatly typed on the face with the office number and direct numbers to each brother along with an address. I thought about calling them, but instead, my mind went some place dark and seductive. No, I was going to show up dressed to impress and surprise them. Today was going to be a good day.

After running upstairs and putting on a little black dress and nude heels, I called a taxi and waited impatiently for its arrival. While I waited I pulled my hair into a high pony, pulling tendrils out to frame my face before applying light makeup to my eyes and nude matte lipstick. As I did so, my mind went wild with all the possibilities today held.

It could really go two ways. One, I would walk in there and they’d be confused and surprised to see me, pushing me out the door as nicely as they could. Or, two, they would welcome me with open arms and put their mouths on all the right places. God, I hoped for the latter.

In just two short days, the McCarthy brothers have totally made my world spin upside down. I came to Georgia running from an abusive man, away from an ugly life that I would rather just forget while falling into the arms of two different men. Sure, I was having fun, but what happened at the end when I could no longer have fun with them? Did I choose one and not the other? But, who would I choose? Did we have an open relationship between the three of us and try to live in harmony? Or, would I lose both men completely? I couldn’t and shouldn’t think about that right now. After all, it was just sex right? Out of this world, mind shattering sex that I didn’t think I’d be able to give up freely when it came time to do so. I am so screwed!

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard a car horn out front and knew that was my awaiting taxi. I quickly checked myself in the mirror once more before grabbing my purse and left my place.

When the taxi stopped at its destination, I looked out the window and saw an old brick industrial looking building that had obviously been here for years with large green vines crawling up the front. It was actually a beautiful place and the last place I would think a construction company would use as their office. Then I saw “McCarthy” printed on one of the doors and knew that it was indeed their building. I paid the driver and slipped out of the back seat. I stared up at the building before taking a deep breath and made my way towards the front doors.

I was met with a blast of cold air from the air conditioned interior, perking my nipples, as I made my way towards the front desk. A pretty redhead sat behind the desk, smiling warmly up at me when I approached.

“Welcome to McCarthy Home Remodeling. How can I help you today?” She was all smiles and I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was up close and that’s when jealousy gripped my stomach. What the hell was that?!

“Um, yeah. I’m looking for Dash and Dane. I have... a question regarding my estate?” It came out in a question; I was horrible at lying. But the redhead didn’t seem to notice as she smiled with a nod while typing on the computer in front of her. My nerves were spiking through my entire body as a small sheen of sweat cascaded over me, even with the cool interior temperature.

“It looks like they’re just finishing up with a client now. If you’ll have a seat, they’ll see you promptly afterwards. Can I get you something to drink while you wait?”

Yeah, a bottle of whiskey would be wonderful, I thought. I shook my head and walked away from the tall desk on shaky legs and headed for the leather chairs doting the waiting room. The place seriously screamed class; I had never been in a place this nice before. I wonder what their homes look like if just their waiting room looked like this. And of course, that brought dark thoughts about how I would fit into their life. I was the farthest thing away from class and money and I didn’t know how I would fit into their glamorous lives. But then again, I was thinking too far into the future. This is just sex.

It felt like I had sat here for over an hour when the door just to my right finally opened and a petite blonde came out with a grin on her lips while her skin was flushed. She looked up and looked right into my eyes, grinning at me with a knowing look in hers, and it did not sit well with me at all. I knew the brothers were good looking, I mean, hello!! But I didn’t expect a beautiful little blonde to come out looking like she had just been worked over by the duo. I was the one who got worked over by them. And of course, that brought even darker thoughts. Maybe I wasn’t the only woman they had a weird arrangement with and I was just kidding myself.

I stood up to leave but the redhead behind the desk stopped me before I could make my escape. “The brothers are ready for you. You can head back now.”

I didn’t want to look weird by not replying and just running through the front doors, so I turned on my nude heels, nodded at her, and headed back through the door that the blonde had just come from.

The long hallway had multiple doors and I realized I had no idea where to go from here. I could hear the brothers talking as I followed their voices to the end of the hall and through a fancy wood and glass door. I was now in a small room with a leather couch to my right and a table with refreshments on it; another waiting room? There were now two doors in this room and “Dash” was on one while “Dane” was on the other. These must be their personal offices, I thought to myself. I heard them discussing something about mahogany wood and granite countertops when I took a deep breath and stepped forward.

I stopped in the doorway and watched the two brothers. They looked especially yummy today in professional clothes: slacks and button-ups. They were looking over a blue piece of paper on the table in front of them while I stood there and watched them work. It was spiking my arousal for them.

“Am I interrupting?” I finally asked, notifying them of my presence.

They both stopped and looked up at me, a dark, brazen smile spread over Dash’s face while Dane’s eyes lit up like the fourth of July.

“It’s a welcomed interruption,” Dane replied, rounding the desk and lightly kissing my cheek.

I watched as Dash just stood there, watching me intently as I interacted with his brother. What’s that all about? His eyes were hooded and he crossed his arms over his chest as he leaned back against the desk. I couldn’t get a handle on how he was feeling, but I was nervous all of a sudden and felt like maybe I wasn’t supposed to be here because Dash almost looked perturbed.

“You look amazing,” Dane commented as he ran his hands down my sides and grabbed my hips. His eyes scanned over the rest of me, heating my skin where he looked. “Doesn’t she look beautiful, Dash?”

I cast my eyes towards a stiff Dash and noticed that he just lightly nodded while keeping his eyes glued to mine. His glare was making me feel uncomfortable and I had the urge to just turn around and walk back out the way I came. Dash was not making me feel welcome at all and now I regretted even coming here in the first place, even if Dane was being sweet and welcoming. Dash was a force to be reckoned with and I could feel his annoyed energy smack me right in my care.

Dane slid his finger beneath the strap of my dress while smiling down at me. “I’m so glad you’re here. We really needed the distraction.” He looked over at Dash and chuckled. “Stop standing there like a statue and come over here. We both know how badly you want to touch her.”

Dash growled deep in his chest, his eyes burning with desire, but he just continued to stand there, not moving a muscle

I swallowed and looked back up at Dane who was searching my eyes.

“Can I touch you, Adrena?” He asked softly and I hated that he was asking me for permission. I wanted him to just touch me on his own will, to grab me the way he wanted to; not ask me if he could. But I nodded anyway, licking my lips.

He slid the straps of my dress down my arms and leaned forward to lightly kiss my shoulders. It was obvious that Dane was a gentle lover and there was nothing wrong with that, but right now, I needed to feel rough hands on me to remind me why I came here.

I was getting impatient so I reached forward and started unbuttoning Dane’s shirt while pulling it from the waistband of his slacks. His shirt fell open as I stared at his chest, his abs, and farther down to the bulge in his pants.

Dane finally freed my breasts as he pushed my dress down to my waist, grabbing a globe while kneading it in his hand. I threw my head back and let out a small moan as I went for Dane’s pants.

He began flicking his thumbs over the small barbell in my nipple when I looked over at Dash who was watching us intently, a dark fire in his eyes, but still unmoving. Damn him, why wasn’t he over here too?

I felt Dane slide his hands down my body until he had his bare hands on my thighs, sliding them up to my panties. He hooked his thumbs in the top and slowly pushed them down just enough for him to slip a finger through my wet folds and across my aching nub. I shifted from one foot to the other as passion ignited me.

“Mmm, you’re so wet,” Dane purred against my ear while I grabbed onto his shoulders for support and sucked in a harsh breath. This felt so good, so brazen, as Dash’s eyes watched the act happening in front of him. Although it was turning me on that he was watching, I would much rather have him join in. He seemed to know what my body needed and craved and between the two brothers, they always hit the right spots.

Dane grabbed my hand and slid it down over his chest, his abs, and into his briefs where I fisted my hand around his throbbing erection. He groaned as he pushed his hips forward into my hand. “That feels so good, baby,” Dane purred.

He pushed his pants down over his hips to his thighs as his cock sprung free, still wrapped in my hand as I began to stroke him a bit faster, giving the head a bit more attention than I normally would.

“Fuck,” Dane growled as he grabbed my hand and pulled it off of him. “You’re going to make me cum too soon.” He kissed my lips lightly before moving behind me, sitting on the brown leather chair behind them. He reached forward and turned me towards him and grabbed my panties, pushing them the rest of the way down until they pooled at my feet.

Dane fisted his own cock as he began to stroke himself in front of me, sending erotic shivers through my body as I watched him. It was a huge turn on. I moved to straddle him, but before I could do that, I felt other hands on my hips now and couldn’t help the grin that lifted the corners of my mouth as I looked over my shoulder at Dash standing just behind me.

“You like his cock, baby?” Dash rasped into my ear as chills swam down my body, making my buds harden while my breasts felt heavy; needing his attention. His hands slid down over my hips before I felt him reach between my legs and slip a finger across my wet lips. I sucked in a breath and bit my bottom lip while still watching Dane stroke himself in front of me. “You need to be fucked, don’t you?” Dash rasped out again, his finger slipping farther back until he was at my entrance and slowly slipped inside of me.

I gripped onto his forearm as he began to fuck me with his fingers. I was lightheaded and weak in his arms as I felt my orgasm already beginning to build. “Yes,” I sighed out in a whisper. I wanted a cock inside of me right now; needed it. I didn’t care whose it was, just as long as one of them filled me completely.

With Dash’s other hand, he began to undo his pants and moment later, I felt his cock slip between my thighs from behind as he removed his fingers from me. His cock head slid across my swollen clit as I cried out, reaching an arm around Dash’s neck and leaning back into him.

He wrapped an arm around my torso and grabbed one of my breasts, twisting and teasing my nipple. The barbell stung and caused me to nearly let go.

Dane was watching with a dark gaze as he continued to stroke himself in front of us.

“Do you want Dash to fuck you?” Dane asked, watching our every move.

I nodded. “Y-yes.”

Dash growled behind me as he adjusted his hips before I felt him push himself into me. He stretched and filled until he couldn’t go any farther. My body trembled in his arms as my eyes widened and I held my breath. I wanted to savor this feeling before he started thrusting his hips in and out in a slow, torturous pace.

I felt Dash grip my ponytail before pushing me forward, bending me at my waist, as I came face to face with Dane’s throbbing cock.

“Taste him, baby,” Dash rasped out, still tightly holding onto my ponytail as he guided my mouth onto Dane’s cock. I was so turned on that I moaned around Dane’s cock as soon as it slid over my tongue. I began to suck him while twirling my tongue around the head. Dash kept control of my head as he pushed my mouth farther down onto Dane’s cock while his own thrusts became harder and faster. Then I felt his free hand circle my hips until he found my aching clit, making me cry out against Dane’s cock in my mouth.

Dane hissed out a breath and cursed as he watched me devour his full length until he hit the back of my throat. I was so close to my release as I squeezed my walls around Dash’s cock and let go. My orgasm climbed higher and higher until it nearly shattered me. Heat and wetness pooled at my core as I let myself be completely consumed by Dash. My small whimpers of pleasure were muffled by Dane’s cock as I slowly came down from my orgasm. My toes curled and my eyes fluttered close.

Then I felt Dash pull out of me as I cried out in protest only for him to pull her mouth from Dane.

“Turn around,” Dash ordered, spinning me towards him. I loved how he looked at me, like he was about to devour my entire soul. He grabbed my chin and slammed his mouth onto mine, pushing his tongue through my lips as I moaned out my pleasure into his. He broke the kiss and pushed me back towards Dane. “It’s Dane’s turn to feel how tight you are, baby. And I want you to taste yourself on me.”

His voice was like sandpaper, filled with so much desire that my knees went weak. But Dane grabbed my hips to steady me as I sank down on Dane’s cock, my last orgasm still shuttering through me. Dane moaned out his approval as he began to move me up and down in a sweet pace.

Dash stepped up between our legs as he grabbed my chin with one hand and his cock with the other and guided himself into my hot mouth.

“How do you taste, baby?” Dash asked as he pushed himself deeper into my mouth.

I grabbed the base of his cock and murmured “good” with a mouthful. Dane’s cock gave me a different sensation as he was bit longer than Dash and hit me deep inside. And with Dash’s cock finally in my mouth, I was able to look up to see how I was affecting him. He was staring down at me with a look I couldn’t decipher as I took his cock deeper into my mouth, causing him to inhale a sharp breath. He was quite larger than Dane and I had a hard time taking all of him into my mouth.

“Fuck,” Dane cursed from behind me as he pumped a few more times and then lifted me off, spilling his seed onto his stomach.

Dash wasn’t concerned with what was happening with Dane as he thrust his hips harder and faster into my mouth. It was clear that he was close so I reached between my legs and began circling my clit, bringing myself back to climax as I felt Dash’s cock swell in my mouth. He threw his head back and let out a guttural moan as I felt his cum squirt into the back of my throat as I sucked and stroked him harder, draining him.

Just as I did that, my own orgasm came to fruition again, causing me to suck and stroke even more feverishly as my orgasm ripped through my body once more. I moaned against Dash’s cock as he looked down into my eyes. I loved it when he looked down at me like this, watching me, admiring me.

Dash pulled his cock from my mouth and helped me stand up as he helped pull my dress up and over my breasts. He kissed me but this time it was different. It felt like it had more meaning behind it. It wasn’t his normal rough, possessive kiss. No, it was soft and sweet and made my knees go weak.

Then just as quickly as he kissed me, he stepped away and adjusted his clothes before turning back towards the desk; looking over the blue paper splayed out in front of him.

I turned and saw Dane cleaning himself up with a tissue before buttoning up his shirt. He stepped up to me and lightly kissed my lips.

“Do you like movies?” He grinned while an eyebrow lifted with humor.

I cocked my own brow at him. “Yeah?”

He grinned. “Good, because if you’re free tonight, we’d like to take you to dinner and then maybe see a movie afterwards; if we make it that far anyway.” He kissed me once more and then joined Dash at the desk. “We’ll pick you up at six, okay?”

I only nodded, still feeling the effects from not one mind-blowing orgasm, but two. And now they wanted to take me to dinner and a movie? A real date? They wanted to take me on a date, in public... I’m not sure how to feel about this.

Before I left, I turned to look at the brothers once more and saw Dash looking over his shoulder a blank expression on his face and I didn’t know what to think about that. He was so hot and cold all the time that I never knew what he was thinking about. Maybe tonight I’ll get to know the duo a bit more over dinner but until then, I was going home to take a nice bath and relax my aching body because I have a feeling the brothers aren’t going to be easy on me tonight.

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