Dash and Dane (18+)

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Chapter 6



I couldn’t help but notice how tense Dash was, even after a mind-blowing orgasm we just had with Adrena.

“What gives?” I asked, breaking the tension in the room. I really want to know what was up my brother’s ass and why he was acting so strange.

Dash dropped his pencil and looked over at me with an annoyed expression on his face. “I’m trying to get this shit done. This project has been a fucking nightmare from day one and you don’t seem to care about it.”

I scoffed. “What do you mean? Of course I care about this project! This project is huge for us!” When Dash didn’t reply right away I studied his face. “Seriously, what has you all wound up? You’re normally pretty chill after you get your rocks off; Adrena not doing it for you or something? I’d be happy to take her off your hands, if you want...” I knew this would piss him off and I hoped it did. I wanted some type of reaction from him.

“I’m fucking fine, and yes, Adrena definitely does something for me. Can you just drop the fucking subject and get back to work please?” He huffed out a breath, grabbed his pencil, and went back to drafting.

“Well, drop the attitude before tonight. We don’t want to scare the poor girl off. And nice little act you pulled earlier. She looked terrified that you were just standing there watching me kiss her. What the hell was that all about?” I studied Dash’s face again, noticing the hard line in his forehead.

This time Dash slammed his hand on the desk, making me step back and glare at him. “I don’t know what you want me to say, Dane! Next time I won’t just stand there, is that what you want me to say?”

“Dude, chill. This isn’t our first rodeo sharing a woman. I just want you to not be so wound up next time. You’re a bit rough with her, you’ve never been this aggressive before.” I went back to work, showing Dash that I was serious about the project, but also still wanting to hear what he had to say about his roughness. I really didn’t want to scare this girl off. She was perfect for both of us.

Dash groaned. “I need a fucking drink.” He stepped away from the table and grabbed his keys, leaving the office.

I have no idea what is going on with my brother but he better get his shit together sooner rather than later or we’re both going to lose Adrena and there is no way in hell I’m going to let that happen.

After realizing I wasn’t going to get much done on the project alone, I stepped away from the desk and went to get some fresh air. I thought about going after Dash and demanding answers, but I knew that was just a dead end. If anything, I’d just piss Dash off even more and our night planned with Adrena would go down the drain so I left my brother to his sorrows; at least for now.

I had walked for several blocks and realized I was on the street that led to Adrena’s apartment. I thought about going up and seeing if she was home, but then again, I didn’t want to seem so needy so I headed past the building, taking in the sights around me as I walked. I thought about all the women me and Dash have shared over the years and wondered how it would end this time. In the past, the women all wanted something serious and neither of us was ready to settle down just yet, so we had to let them all go. But thinking about Adrena, I couldn’t ever think about letting her go. I wanted her so bad. I wanted her in bed, out of bed, and everything in between. But it wasn’t just about sex with her for me. There was something deeper that I wanted to explore with her, but I wasn’t sure how to without scaring her or Dash off. It would present itself in due time, I thought, continuing down the street until I rounded back to the office and headed back inside to see if Dash had come back yet.

I was glad to find Dash had come back when I entered the office, but I couldn’t help but smell the whiskey coming off of him while he sat behind his desk typing on his laptop.

“Jeez, how does the ole liver feel there, buddy?” I gave him a knowing smirk while taking a seat in the leather chair. I would never be able to sit in this chair again without thinking about Adrena’s hot mouth and how she felt wrapped around my cock. The thought alone had my dick stirring in my pants.

Dash gave me a hard glare before going back to typing. “If you came in here to give me a lecture, you can take your righteous ass back to where it came from.”

I shook my head and knew where Dash was coming from. Growing up, it was clear who our parents favored and it wasn’t Dash. So of course, he took it out on me all the time and instead of facing it head on, he would always turn to the bottle. I wished I knew what to do for him. It wasn’t my fault that people seemed to warm up to me far more than they did to Dash. But I didn’t blame people either. I was more kind-hearted and knew how to talk to people, whereas Dash, was more rough around the edges and intimidated people without even realizing it.

“I didn’t come to lecture you. I was just seeing if your attitude was left at the bar so we could do some work, but it’s clear that it wasn’t,” I spoke softly, not wanting to poke the bear but I was getting real sick of Dash’s sour mood.

“I am working.” Dash bit back, pointing to his computer. “Another project came in so I’m trying to see if I can do a quick bid before the end of the day.”

“Don’t you think we have enough projects, brother?” I asked, eyeing him cautiously.

Dash tightened his jaw and glared over at me. “Why don’t you let me do what I do best and you go plan the events for tonight? You seem to know how to do the hearts and flowers bullshit, so get out of my office and let me work.”

I seriously couldn’t figure out what was going on in Dash’s mind and I wasn’t about to dig through that mess right now. So I stood up and left Dash alone to head back to my own office. I really did want to make tonight special for Adrena, but I also didn’t know what she liked so I did some research on my own laptop and blocked Dash’s attitude from my mind.

Without noticing, I saw that most of the day had passed me by and it was time to go home, shower, and pick our girl up.

But when I went to get Dash, I saw that his office light was off and he was gone. Where the hell did he go? We didn’t have time to mess around and if Dash was MIA, I was going on the date with Adrena alone and Dash would just have to miss out.

I left my office, noticing that Sarah, our receptionist, was also gone for the weekend so I locked up behind me. I got to my car in the parking lot and saw that Dash’s truck was gone. Son of a bitch! But again, I wasn’t going to worry about his stubborn ass.

Once I got home, I went to my room to grab some clean clothes and headed for the large en-suite bathroom. I loved this damn shower and could stand under the multiple jets for hours.

And while I was in there I couldn’t help but think about Adrena and my cock got hard. I soaped up my hands and began stroking myself, closing my eyes and pictured her doing this to me and not my own hands. My breathing became heavy and my cock swelled in my hand right before I felt my stomach tighten and my orgasm explode through me. I let out a garbled groan as I released, my cum shooting out onto the shower floor before going down the drain.


My eyes whipped in the direction of my name being called and knew it was Dash. So he hadn’t completely disappeared after all, huh? I quickly finished getting showered and then wrapped a towel around my hips before heading into my room.

“Where’d you go?” I called back, grabbing first my briefs and then my pants.

Then Dash was standing in the doorway looking freshly showered as well and in clean clothes. We both had the same idea, I guess; jeans and a nice tee. It was too hot to wear what I originally wanted to; which included a suit jacket.

“I thought you were ditching out tonight...” I commented, keeping my eyes averted from his.

Dash snorted. “And leave you alone with Adrena? I think not. If I ever did that, she’d fall in love with you and I’d be shit out of luck, wouldn’t I?”

I couldn’t help but laugh at his statement. It was clear that Dash still held grudges from our past, but I hope it won’t interfere with our thing going on with Adrena or we’d both lose her.

“Relax, big guy, nobody’s falling in love; at least not tonight. Are you ready then?”

Dash only nodded as he kept his jaw tight and stared around the room.

“So, we’re just taking her to dinner and a movie then?” Dash asked.

Shrugging, I replied, “Unless she feels like coming home with us for dessert, but I figured we’d let her decide.”

I knew that if Dash had the chance, he’d kidnap her and never let her leave the house, having her naked and ready for whenever we wanted her, but I wasn’t going to let that happen again. We had shared a woman a few years ago who begged us to let her stay with us, be at our every beck and call, and Dash jumped at the opportunity. However, it didn’t turn out like any of us had planned. She turned into a crazy person and we were exhausted and going a bit mad ourselves.

“Well, let’s go then, it’s almost six.” Dash turned and left me to finish getting dressed.

I hated that Dash hadn’t said a single word to me as I drove through Savannah on our way to Adrena’s apartment. I wasn’t sure if Dash was still upset about whatever he was pissed about from earlier, or if he was just nervous. But it wasn’t like Dash to be nervous. He usually didn’t give a crap about what people thought of him and would plow right through them, but tonight he was being strange.

I pulled up in front of the apartment building and put the car in park. I knew it burned Dash’s tough guy persona that we were taking my little Honda versus Dash’s big Chevy pickup, but I didn’t care.

“You going to go get her, or am I?” I asked, nudging Dash out of his day dream. And when he didn’t reply, I sighed and got out of the driver’s seat.

I climbed the two stories and knocked on her door and when she opened it and stood in front of me, I was seconds away from saying screw the whole date and keeping her on her back all night. She wore a tight black pencil skirt with a deep purple blouse that showed off her cleavage in a delicious manner, and her long, lean legs stretched down into black high heels. Her hair was down tonight and in waves that framed her face and shoulders. She was mouth watering to say the least.

“You look amazing,” I whispered as I leaned forward and kissed her cheek. I couldn’t help but notice how she went slightly stiff when I leaned in but ignored it anyway. “Are you ready to go?”

She simply nodded and stepped into the hallway with me, her perfume danced around my, making my dick stir in my jeans as she turned and locked the door behind her. Smart girl, I thought.

As we left the building, I noticed Dash had gotten out of the car and was leaning against it, waiting patiently. And when he looked up and saw us coming, I noticed Dash’s eyes light up and his crabby demeanor completely evaporated when he looked at Adrena.

Dash stepped away from the car and greeted Adrena halfway as he put his hands on her hips and lightly kiss her cheek, whispering something into her ear that made her blush and giggle. What the hell did he say to her to get that kind of reaction? Jealous ripped through me as I noticed how much more open she looked around Dash.

I stood by the driver’s side as I watched Dash open the front door for her and helped her in, getting a big smile from her. I have to stop feeling jealous and just go with the flow. No woman had ever come between us before and I wasn’t about to let my jealousy ruin it for all three of us.

As we sat around the table at a popular restaurant, I noticed how Adrena looked a bit uncomfortable and kept looking around at the other patrons.

And Dash must have noticed too because I watched him lean forward and tell Adrena, “Don’t worry. They don’t know that both of us will be balls deep in you later.”

I watched as Adrena’s cheeks flushed while giving Dash a desirous grin, making me jealous all over again.

“So, Adrena...” I cut in, pulling her attention away from Dash, “tell us a bit about you. Where do you come from? What was your life like before coming to Georgia?”

She nervously bit her bottom lip. “Oh, you don’t want me to ruin your appetites with my dirty laundry. Why don’t you two tell me about yourselves?”

Dash stared at her and I looked between the two. “There isn’t much to tell,” I started, sipping from my wine as Dash chugged from his beer. “We came to the states when we were sixteen. Mom and Dad put us in public school, we went to college and then started up our own company and now we’re here.”

Adrena studied me, clearly wanting more details but I didn’t want to delve too far into our past tonight. It would eventually come up, but right now wasn’t the time nor the place for such dark discussions.

When the check came, I reached into my wallet and paid the tab, staring at Dash with annoyance. He was leaning into Adrena and whispering things into her ear that were making her giggle and blush. I seriously want to hear what is being said but will leave it alone for now.

“You guys ready to go catch a movie?” I asked, trying to break into their little private conversation.

Adrena looked up at me with embarrassed eyes and it only made me want to know what Dash said even more now. But the moment passed when Dash leaned back in his seat and nodded, looking to Adrena for her thoughts.

“Yeah, a movie sounds great. I don’t want to go back to my apartment just yet. It’s super hot in there and I’m enjoying the comforts of air condition.” She laughed, standing up from her chair.

I grinned at her. “Well, you could always come back to our place tonight. We have air conditioning and you can lay around naked and nobody would judge you.”

She giggled, shaking her head as if my words were a joke, but they most certainly were not.

“Shit, the air conditioning wouldn’t matter once I got my hands on you,” Dash cut in, leaning into Adrena again. “I will make you work up a sweat in no time.”

And again, she giggled, nudging Dash in the stomach with her elbow while giving him a playful, yet scolding look as they began walking through the restaurant towards the exit.

I had kept my hands to myself all night because it was clear that Adrena was uncomfortable being out in public with the both of us, but now as I watched Dash being all cute with her, I wished it were me she were reacting to like that and not Dash.

The summer heat slammed me in the face as we stepped onto the sidewalk and headed towards the old movie theater down the street from the restaurant. Dash and Adrena were walking ahead of me and I couldn’t help but glare at them as they walked. Adrena was giggling at something and Dash had his arm around her waist, holding her possessively at his side. This had never bothered me in the past, but right now, I was a hot gasket that was about to burst.

Once we got to the movies, Dash paid for our tickets as Adrena stood back next to me. She looked up at me and nudged my side as I looked down into her gorgeous eyes.

“What’s up?” I asked, smiling down at her. My eyes moved down to her lips and I wanted so badly to lean down and kiss them.

“Race you inside.” She winked before grabbing her ticket from Dash and quickly walked towards the doors that led inside to the movie. I couldn’t help but laugh as I shook my head and went after her, Dash right on my heels.

I caught up to her first and wrapped my arms around her waist, holding her tightly to my chest. I loved the feeling of her against me, her soft hair pressed into my face as I took a breath in to get a good sense of her smell so I would always remember it and could take it with me wherever life took me.

“Where should we sit?” Adrena asked over her shoulder, looking at the empty theater in front of us.

I looked around and saw that there were only a few people in the theater and saw the perfect seats towards the middle, but Dash apparently had different plans because he grabbed Adrena’s hand and pulled her up the stairs.

Shaking my head, I followed behind them. Dash took threw spots in the very back of the theater with nobody near us and I stared at him, knowing damn well why he had chosen these seats and not ones closer to the screen.

Adrena sat down while Dash sat to her left and I sat to her right just as the lights in the theater dimmed and the screen lit up to start the previews. We made it in perfect timing, I loved the previews because I got to see what was coming out next.

I was so intrigued by the new movies coming out and one in particular looked like something me and Dash would see together, so I turned to get Dash’s attention but could only stare at the scene in front of me as a ball of jealousy built in my stomach.

Dash had Adrena’s face in one hand while his over teased at the opening of her blouse, his fingers disappearing under the material and no doubt touching her nipple. His mouth was devouring hers as I watched Dash nibble on her bottom lip, then their tongues danced together. I looked down then and saw that Adrena was rubbing Dash’s erection from the outside of his jeans and I swallowed back my anger.

I felt like this entire date had gone to shit and now my brother was sucking face with her while I sat over here feeling like the third wheel.

But then I froze when Adrena placed her free hand over my cock on the outside of my jeans as I tore my gaze away from the screen to watch her.

Dash was whispering in her ear again as they both stared at me, her hand moving over my building erection. I watched Dash being to nibble on her ear lobe as she closed her eyes and grabbed my cock harder. Damn, this is seriously turning me the hell on right now. The ball of jealousy completely disappeared and was now filled with a desire unlike I had ever felt before.

I reached down and undid my jeans as I grabbed her hand and slid it into my briefs, needing to feel her flesh against mine. When she fisted her hand around me, I became harder and threw my head back in the seat, trying to stifle a groan.

She began stroking me just the way I liked when I looked over and saw that she also had her hand in Dash’s jeans, no doubt stroking his cock too. But what made it even hotter was that Dash had pushed her skirt up, her panties were pushed aside, and he was fingering her hot tight pussy. And damn if it didn’t make my cock swell and throb even more. I could smell her arousal and I instantly wanted to taste her, but instead I reached over and into her blouse as my fingers worked over her bud, flicking the barbell with my thumb as I watched her stare at me intently. Her eyes became dark and filled with a wanton desire.

The movie started blaring around us and we didn’t seem to flinch as the scene between us became more intense. My orgasm was building with each stroke of her hand and I was seconds away from cumming in my jeans.

And just like that, I was cumming in my jeans, my cock swelling in her hand as she stroked me harder and more thoroughly than I ever could. Damn, she was perfect.

I looked over and saw that Dash had devoured her mouth again as his fingers continued to fuck her, his thumb reaching up to circle her clit while her hand was still in his jeans. Even though I had just joined in on the fun, I still felt like I was sitting on the outside looking in. now that I had cum, she had removed her hand from my jeans and had placed it on Dash’s hand, where he was still fingering her, helping herself cum. It was hard to watch the two of them be so intimate together as if I wasn’t even there and now I was sticky. This sucks.

I tried to focus on the movie again but with Adrena’s small moans coming from next to me, it was nearly impossible, so I looked over at them again.

Now Dash and she were forehead to forehead, staring into each other’s eyes, as I watched Dash’s face contort into his orgasm face and Adrena gripped his hand and let out a long breathy and quiet moan at the same time. Did they seriously just cum together? Why was I even here? This is fucking ridiculous.

During part of the movie where it actually got real quiet, I heard Dash whisper to her. “Come home with us tonight.” I whipped my head in their direction again, waiting for her reaction and hoping it was what I wanted to hear. And I was pleased to find her nodding her head but still staring into Dash’s eyes. I need to figure out how to get Adrena back in the game with both of us. I wasn’t sure how it happened since they had only had two sexual experiences before this one, but it might be possible that Dash finally found a girl who would choose him over me. And I wasn’t sure if I should be jealous or if I should be happy for Dash for once. Only time will tell, I guess.

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