Dash and Dane (18+)

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Chapter 7



My head was already spinning and I had no idea what was going to happen once I went home with them. Boy, did I want to, but another part of me was screaming to run the other way.

My feelings for the two men were confusing me enough to not be able to let me think straight. At first, I thought it was just sex, but the more I slept with them and the more I spent time with them, the farther down the rabbit hole I fell. And this wasn’t supposed to happen

I expected to come to Georgia, tattoo at Midnight Ink, and live a quiet and peaceful life, unlike the one I had run from. But that wasn’t happening and I realized it the second I had an orgasm in the middle of a movie theater with two very attractive guys on each side of me, both of their cocks in my hands, and now I was going home with them. I have a feeling things aren’t going to be quiet and peaceful at all.

I was feeling extremely nervous as Dane drove us away from downtown as I looked between Dane driving and Dash sitting in the back seat. Dash winked at me and I felt my heart clench at the sight of him, smiling before whipping my head back to the road.

Apparently they lived out of town because the buildings and homes were becoming more sparse and there were fewer light posts lighting up the streets. This obviously made me more nervous as I thought back to a time in my past when I was going on a drug run with Karl. We were driving out of El Paso, heading along the border and out into the desert where there weren’t many houses or people for that matter. I can’t remember much, other than Karl making me shoot up with the guy he was selling to because the guy didn’t know Karl and didn’t trust him for good reason. Karl was not a trustworthy person. So I shot up with the guy, I went first of course, and the rest of the night was a blur except when I ran from him, falling so hard I scraped the hell out of my knees on the rough sand as gunshots fired all around us. Karl grabbed me and dragged me back to the truck where he forcefully shoved me inside where I passed out.

“You okay?”

Dane broke me from my dark memories when he reached over and gripped my knee with his strong, warm hand.

“Yeah, sorry...” I trailed off, trying to give him a smile but obviously failing when he scowled at me. “I was just remembering something that happened a long time ago.”

He squeezed my knee a bit harder. “You’ll have to tell us about it sometime; when you’re ready, of course.”

I gave him a warm smile before continuing to look out ahead at the road. I knew that if we all continued to have any kind of relationship, my past was bound to come up and bite me on the ass. But for now, I wasn’t going to divulge anything to them.

“Yeah, someday,” I finally replied.

I noticed Dane had turned off the main highway and onto a smaller country road before turning yet again onto a long dirt driveway. The sun had been down for a while now but I could still make out a few things from the car's headlights and was in awe. Trees lined the driveway as moss hung from the branches, giving it that southern feel as we drove along. Then I saw a house up ahead and was surprised to see that it was a small little two story cottage with a wrap-around porch and I giggled a bit when I saw a few rocking chairs doting the porch.

“It’s so cute,” I remarked, still looking at my surroundings but unable to see much more than the house lit up in front of me; the darkness was consuming.

Dash snorted from the back seat. “Don’t call it cute,” he teased me. “Besides, it’s temporary. Dane and I want to tear the sucker down and build two separate houses on the land.”

This surprised me, but yet again, I didn’t know much about them so everything surprised me with them. My mind drifted to the thought of two different houses and how she fits into all of it. Obviously I shouldn’t be thinking about those things though, because neither one of them have so much as mentioned anything long-term with me, only my stupid heart was playing that fiddle.

“Come on, we’ll show you around.” Dane shut the car off and got out as I followed behind them. The August heat was still scorching and I couldn’t wait to get inside and back into the air conditioning, even though Dash promised to heat things up before I could cool down and my nipples hardened with anticipation. The movie theater was a simple tease and now I craved their attention more than ever.

As they entered the cottage, I couldn’t help but notice how the interior seemed to represent the two different men. Some of the things clashed while other things fit perfectly and I wondered if this was what their relationship in real life was like. The cottage smelled of leather and male and it sent shivers over my skin. I wanted to see what their home was like and now that I was finally here, I got to first-hand what they were like and it excited me.

“This is obviously the main living room and through there is the kitchen; the bedrooms are back there, and...” Dane started but immediately stopped when I stepped up to him and began studying his face.

There was something about his features and persona that made me question my sanity. He was definitely not the kind of man that I would normally go for and he was too gentle, too kind, too perfect, for the kind of man I needed, but yet here I was, totally enthralled by his presence and his touch.

Then I looked over my shoulder at Dash who was standing a few feet behind me as I studied him as well. He was most definitely the kind of guy I normally went for, except Dash seemed different than the rest. I knew he had a kind soul and a gentle heart inside that tough exterior he permeated and that was poison to my heart and mind. Two completely different men had my head spinning and I didn’t know how to steady myself.

And I wasn’t about to when I watched Dash walk up behind me and grab my arms, leaning forward to kiss my shoulder. His lips felt so good against my skin as shivers ran down my spine, causing me to close my eyes for a split second before I felt Dane lean forward and kiss my other shoulder. They were like fire and ice, both destined to destroy me in the end but I’m unable to protect myself from their destruction. I wasn’t ready to admit to myself that they were changing my heart and opening me up to a world I had never experienced before; a world of love and trust and a newfound fear: Losing them.

I grabbed the collar of Dane’s shirt and brought his lips to mine as I devoured his mouth. He moaned into our kiss as I felt Dane’s arms pull me tightly to his chest all while Dash’s lips still explored my shoulder and up my neck, his hands still on my waist.

I slid my hands down Dane’s chest, abs, and finally up the bottom of his shirt as I pressed my hands onto his bare skin. He sucked in a breath as he broke our kiss and I looked up into his eyes while he stared down into mine.

“You’re so beautiful,” Dane whispered, “I could look at you for hours.”

His statement pulled at my heartstrings but also made me a bit uncomfortable. I wasn’t used to men being gentle and polite with me and this was all too new, but I wasn’t about to let my dark past ruin what might be wonderful. So I gave him a shy smile and then began pushing his shirt up and over his head, throwing it to the floor at our feet.

I had never been with a man who didn’t at least have one tattoo and the artist in me desperately wanted to mark his perfect olive skin with my needle.

My thoughts were interrupted when I felt Dash slide his hands around to my front, opening my blouse as he cupped my heavy breasts in each hand. They ached and his touch made me throw my head back onto his shoulder as he nibbled and sucked my neck. When his thumbs traced over my tight buds I moaned and pushed my hips back, pressing my ass tightly against Dash’s erection.

Dane slid his hands up the outside of my thighs as his hands traveled under my skirt while one hand moved between my legs, his thumb pressing against my aching clit from the outside of my panties.

I let out a breathy moan, finally opening my eyes to stare into Dane’s. They were burning for me as he studied me, his gaze dropping to my lips as his mouth opened and his thumb rubbed faster circles over my nerves.

Dash’s fingers were teasing my nipples harder and between the two men touching me, I was about to cum way too early. I needed to slow this down, we had all night after all and I didn’t want to be worn out before the good stuff happened. But then Dane slid his finger inside my panties and began circling my clit, the sensation of his skin against mine made my body quiver in Dash’s arms. I held onto Dane’s shoulder as my body climbed higher and higher, a wicked storm building.

My mouth fell open as I stared into Dane’s burning gaze. Between Dash’s teasing fingers on my sensitive buds and Dane’s teasing fingers on my clit, I threw my head back and felt my walls squeeze Dane’s fingers as he entered me, the sounds of his fingers and my wetness surrounding us. My entire body shattered as the high of my orgasm sent me into nirvana. My knees went weak and nearly buckled underneath me but Dash pulled a hand from my blouse as he wrapped his arm around my waist and held me steady and hard against his chest.

“That’s it, baby, cum for us,” Dash rasped into my ear as my orgasm slowly dwindled down, leaving my body numb and on cloud nine.

My body and mind felt exhausted and I desperately wanted to sleep; my eyes were having a hard time staying open. Dane picked me up and carried me towards the couch and I was so glad they were going to let me sleep.

But they weren’t...

I felt a cool draft across my nipples as I felt one of them remove my blouse. I was still so exhausted that I couldn’t open my eyes to see who it was but the gentleness of their touch made me assume it was Dane. Then my skirt was being slid down over my ass and down my legs as one of them helped each of my legs out of the thin black skirt. One of their mouths began trailing kisses up the side of my leg until they reached my panties, nibbling my skin, Dash presumably, as he hooked his thumbs into the straps and pulled down; leaving me completely naked now.

Even though my entire body was exhausted, I was so aroused and couldn’t wait for them to touch me where I so desperately hungered for them to.

“Adrena,” one of them growled out as I ripped my eyes open and came face to face with Dash, surprised to find him standing in front of me naked. My senses were way off because when my eyes were closed the scenario looked completely different in my mind. When did he get undressed? And why is he by my face and not at me feet?

He was staring at me in such a way that made me hold my breath. It was as if he was studying me but also claiming me with his gaze, making me feel more ready than ever to throw myself into his life; their life and never looking back. The dark of his eyes were holding my gaze to his and I finally took a breath and swallowed, studying his features. Dash was a gorgeous man, and the five o’clock shadow he was sporting only made him more gorgeous.

I licked my lips and anticipated his kiss, his lips, but I was distracted when I felt Dane spread my legs and a moment later his mouth was on my back entrance. I couldn’t help the little squeal that escaped my lips as I stared at Dash with a surprised expression and he only glared down at me with a brazen fire in his eyes. He liked this. Oh, so did I...

“She tastes good, Dash,” Dane rasped out, teasing my entrance again and sending a new wave of desire through me that I had never felt before. I had never done any anal play before but I was more than willing to share this experience with them. I felt the tip of Dane’s finger slip into my as I moaned out. “And so fucking tight.”

Jesus! I seriously needed them to do something soon or I was going to combust just sitting here and I didn’t want to cum again before they were fully inside of me.

Dash’s eyes revealed a hidden smile as the corner of his lips turned up seductively.

“Do you want us to fuck you, Adrena?” Dash’s voice was like sandpaper against my already sensitive emotions, sending a shiver down my spine. I licked my lips and only nodded, afraid I wouldn’t have a voice if I tried to speak.

Dash gave me a small grin, framing my face with his strong hands, his bulging bicep muscles with glistening tattoos from a sheen of sweat caught my eyes before I stared into his intense gaze.

“So fucking sexy,” Dash whispered, running his thumb over my bottom lip, causing my mouth to open slightly. “I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk. You’ll always remember tonight. You’ll always remember who you belong to.”

My heart slammed against my chest as I sucked in a breath. His words both excited me and confused me all at once but that intense glare he continued to give made me shut down any thoughts that were trying to fester.

Then his mouth was on mine, his tongue pushing inside as he tasted me, fully consuming my mouth. He was a force to be reckoned with and I had never been kissed like this before. When Dash kissed me it was as if my life before him had never existed. And sex with him? Well, I wasn’t about to compare that to anything because there were no comparisons. He rocked my world.

I threw my arms around his neck and held on tightly to him as I savored the kiss, savored his taste, and savored him. His hands left my face as they trailed down my body until he gripped my ass, spreading my cheeks to give Dane a better angle all while he continued to finger my ass. The sensations were almost too much; too brazen.

Dash lifted me up then and away from Dane as I felt his finger slip out of me. Dash walked us backward until he sat down on the other couch, making me straddle his hips. He began to softly trace my spine with one hand while he teased my wet folds with his cock, the crown sliding like silk over my bundle of nerves.

I was biting down on my bottom lip while rocking my hips in motion with his throbbing cock. My body was on high-alert and I desperately want to feel him fill me. I knelt upon my knees, re-positioned myself over his cock and slowly sank down onto him.

“Fuck...” Dash hissed out as he gripped the top of my thigh with one hand while his other dug into my back, pulling me impossibly closer to him. This angle allowed him to wrap his mouth around my taut bud and it nearly sent me right over the edge but I regained my control; my power. I began riding Dash, sliding up and down his cock slowly and deliciously. He moaned out against my nipple, flicking his tongue once, twice, before releasing me with a suction sound, staring up at me with an expression I couldn’t decipher.

I had one hand on his shoulder and the other embracing his chin as I stared into his eyes, riding him a bit faster and a bit harder. I couldn’t seem to pull my gaze from his and I didn’t want to. We were connected in a way I had never connected with another soul on this planet and I never wanted this feeling to go away. I studied his face, his eyes, and landed my gaze on his lips as he silently whispered my name and I felt the threat of tears build in my throat, my eyes burning as I fought my building emotions.

Then I felt other hands slide down my back and had completely forgotten that Dane was here with us. He was just behind me, his throbbing cock pressed against my back as I continued to ride Dash, my gaze still locked with his. But then I felt Dane’s hand slide over my ass before he lightly slapped me. His fingers slid over my back entrance once more before he began to tease me there.

“You like this, don’t you?” Dane whispered into my ear as I shivered, nodding my head. “I’m going to fuck your ass now, okay?” Again, I just nodded, anticipating what was coming next.

I had faced many firsts with the two men and this was just another one. Dane slid a finger in me and I cried out in pleasure, never feeling this sensation before and not realizing until now how much I enjoyed it. Then I felt him pull his finger out just before I felt warm and slippery liquid being massaged at my other opening; he was lubing me up.

I looked over my shoulder at Dane to see what exactly he was doing but Dash grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him.

“Worry about me right now, baby. It’ll only make it easier. Just keep staring at me, keep riding my cock.” His voice was filled with so much emotion and lust that I nodded and focused on Dash beneath me.

“When I enter you just try and relax, okay?” Dane purred behind me, still prepping my back entrance. “Just keep focusing on Dash, baby.”

I vigorously nodded just before I felt Dane’s cock press against my backside and I couldn’t help but focus on the intruding cock as I tensed up.

Dane rubbed my back. “Relax, baby, I’ll take this nice and slow.”

“Adrena,” Dash rasped out, pulling my attention back to him. He grabbed my chin again and pulled my face to his as his mouth slammed onto mine. The distraction was working wonderfully as I focused solely on Dash’s mouth and thrusting cock; but his thrusting slowed to nearly a stop and I released he was holding me still so Dane could enter me too.

Then I cried out in both pain and pleasure as I tore my mouth from Dash’s and gripped the back of the couch. Dane’s cock was probably only halfway in my ass but I had never felt more full in my life. With Dash’s cock in my pussy and now Dane’s cock in my ass, I realized how much I was enjoying this. I thought it was going to hurt but it only turned me on more.

Dane began thrusting his cock in and out of my backside as he let out a few moans, gripping my waist and kissing my shoulder. I wished there was a mirror that I could look into to see how Dane was positioned behind me, and to see both men inside of me at the same time. I wanted to see both of them claiming my body at the same time.

Dash began moving his hips again, thrusting slowly in and out of me as I gripped the back of the couch again, leaning forward onto Dash’s chest. He gripped my thighs to hold me still while he fucked my front hole and Dane fucked my back hole. The sensation was unlike anything I had ever felt and I couldn’t quite explain how it felt to be this full, but I was seconds away from cumming and cumming hard.

The sounds of our fucking mixed with our heavy breathing and moans surrounded the three of us while I tried to stay as still as I could while they fucked me. But I wanted to move my hips so badly, I wanted to ride both of them. My moans and whimpers were relentless as they pounded into me. I looked down at Dash and saw that he had his bottom lip pulled between his teeth, clearly trying to hold off his orgasm.

Dane pounded harder, his cock fully entering me now as my mouth fell open and my eyes glazed over.

“I’m-I’m going to cum!” I cried out, gripping the couch so hard I thought my nails would puncture a hole into the leather. I was seconds away from convulsing between the two men. And then it was here. They both thrust their cocks harder and deeper into me as I felt both of them fill me with their hot liquid, almost on cue.

I felt both of their cocks throb inside of me, driving my orgasm even higher as I screamed out a long, deep moan, and rode the wave of ecstasy, squeezing their cocks inside of me. Then I collapsed against Dash’s chest, breathing heavy and unable to open my eyes as I felt Dane pull free from my ass. Dash caressed my back, his cock still inside of me as I let my exhaustion sweep through me.

“I should go draw you a bath, beautiful,” Dane started and I wanted to tell him no way, that I just needed sleep right now, but I couldn’t move my lips to form the words so I just pressed my face harder into Dash’s chest, feeling the rumble from his light laughter.

“Maybe later, brother. I’ll carry her to bed for now.”

I felt Dash slide out of me and I wanted to protest against it, I didn’t want Dash to let me go yet. But he didn’t. He held me tightly in his arms as he carried me out of the living room. I didn’t care where he was putting me down, just as long as there were a soft bed and silky sheets that I could fall asleep in for the next several hours.

“Just put her in here.” I heard Dane say but Dash groaned at his statement. “It’s closer and on the main level. Don’t be a stubborn ass. You can sleep here too, I’m not trying to steal her for the night.”

I felt my brows crease in confusion as I listened to their words but still unable to open my eyes or even say a word. Then I felt the cool sheets press against my back as I sucked in a breath and tightened my hold on Dash’s neck. He let out a small laugh as I felt my lay down next to me, his body heat keeping me warm. A blanket was draped over me then as my body pressed tightly against Dash’s and allowing me to fall into a deep, peaceful sleep.
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