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Evie Kidd has known the MC world since birth. Her father was the President of the club and because she was his only kid, she was forced into the life. But she wanted a life of her own, and that's exactly what she planned on doing, even if that meant screwing everything up. She had been Dusty Parker's old lady since they were kids. Everyone thought they were destined to be together, but to be honest, she was sick of him doing whatever and whomever he wanted. To have her own life, she had to let him go, too. But leaving the club life and Dusty behind was a lot more difficult than she ever thought. X-Rated. Highly Addictive Series. Trigger Warnings of abuse/sexual assault.

Erotica / Drama
Lulu Waters
4.9 84 reviews
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Okay, lovelies!! I have decided to bring the entire WICKED SAINTS SERIES back to Inkitt for this month ONLY. If you don’t get through them by the end of June, they will then be available through Amazon or Patreon. Note: The version being brought back to Inkitt is the original, unedited version. Rewrites, edits, and bonus chapters will ONLY be available through Amazon’s version. Release Date: TBD. Happy reading, babes. Much love, Lulu

Welcome to my first attempt at a Trilogy, and my first attempt at a Biker Book. This story is 6 years old and far from perfect. (You’ll probably notice the difference in my writing- it’s what happens to all authors who continue to work on their craft.)

This book, along with the entire series, is not your perfect, fairytale romance where a big, strong biker guy sweeps the girl off her feet.

You won’t find that here!!

What you will find are raw, imperfect, and struggling characters trying to find their way.

I wrote this book as imperfectly as possible. Just remember: THIS IS FICTION! None of the craziness that occurs in this series is from my own beliefs or practices.

Relationships in this book are toxic, dark, and downright ridiculous at times, but please give me a break... I wrote this series 6 years ago.

Growing up, I heard all kinds of stories from my dad about his life around bikers/clubs. They were ugly, toxic, crazy-to-the-core, what-the-fuck-is-happening kind of stories. There was no HEA’s. Life is not perfect where perfect men and Prince Charmings are around every corner.

Because let’s be honest... we’ve all been in a relationship with a mentally/physically abusive, cheating spouse that left a scar.

This story is as “real” as I could write it.

Some of you will love it- some of you will HATE it.

Just remember... FICTION- This is NOT real.

To you, this is just another book on another reading app, but remember that there’s a real person on the other side of your screen who wrote this and has feelings. Yes, I see/read everything you all leave on my stories. Be kind. If you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all.



~Drug/alcohol use

~Gun violence

~Lots of cursing

~Death/murder (in detail)

~Abuse (physical, mental, etc.)

~Rape/Sexual assault (some in detail, some not)

~Bloody fight scenes

If you know you can’t handle this type of story, PLEASE find another fairytale romance that will make you swoon. This story will make you HATE my imperfect characters, not knowing who to root for by the end.

Okay, enough rambling from me. If you decide to continue, I hope you enjoy the wickedly toxic, not your normal kind of romance, and characters as real as I could make them kind of book. Happy reading.

Much love,

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