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Chapter 17


I had taken the long ride back to Charlie’s clubhouse last night, and was surprised and glad that I wasn’t pulled over for how fast I was riding. Only two things could settle my anger down. Fucking and riding. And I was done fucking, unless it involved Evie. But now that I couldn’t have her, riding would have to do the trick.

It was midnight when I finally got back and crashed in my trailer. Between my anger, adrenaline, and the long ride, I was exhausted. And when I finally woke in the early afternoon, I had a mind splitting migraine and my hand hurt like a bitch.

Looking down, I saw the evidence from Jimmy’s face on my knuckles. They were bloodied and swollen, and I couldn’t help but smile thinking about what Jimmy’s face looked like this morning. The fucking bastard.

I was glad to have a moment alone as I knew most of the guys were still passed out in the clubhouse. Sneaking in, I went to the bathroom to clean my hand and throw a small bandage over the open wounds.

After drying my hands off, I felt the vibration of my phone and quickly pulled it out. I just missed whoever called when I saw nearly a hundred missed calls and texts. My heart sank, knowing something was wrong, and instead of deciphering through all the texts and voicemails, I decided to call the President: Axel Kidd.

“Dusty! Where the fuck have you been?!” Axel’s voice boomed through the line sounding distressed.

“I just woke up. Long night. What the hell is going on?”

“I need you down here at the hospital right away. It’s…” Axel’s voice cracked. “It’s Evie, Dusty. Get down here now!”

I felt the color drain from my face as my heart dropped into my stomach. If Jimmy did anything to hurt her, I would personally fucking kill that son of a bitch. Fuck, I should have never left Evie alone with him, no matter what she had said to me.

Wasting no time, I shoved my phone back into my pocket and ran back out to the camper to grab my cut and my keys.

Revving my bike to life, I popped the clutch and tore out of the lot like a bat out of hell, praying to God for the first time in my life that Evie was alright.


Jimmy woke me in a not so gentle manner as I rolled over, still naked, and feeling like I had been run over by a freight train. When I realized where I still was and who I was here with, I almost cried. I hoped that last night was a nightmare and that I’d wake up in my own bed. That wasn’t the case at all.

“Get dressed. Your dad needs you to bring your addict mother to rehab. We’re already late so hurry the hell up.” He threw my clothes at me before he stood from the bed and walked over to the table to light a cigarette.

I got up and dressed as quickly as I could, thinking that the sooner we left the sooner I could get the hell away from Jimmy.

And it wasn’t soon enough because I was stuck riding on the back of his bike, forced to hold on to him or possibly fall off. I didn’t think the latter seemed all that bad, but then I remembered my baby and knew I had to fight long enough to make sure he or she was okay.

When Jimmy pulled up outside of my parent’s place, I jumped off as quickly as I could and headed toward the steps. But before I could reach the steps, Jimmy grabbed my wrist really hard and whipped me around to face him.

“If you tell anyone about last night don’t think I won’t hesitate to come after you and take you out.” His eyes moved to my stomach. “Or that bastard kid you’re carrying.” He spit on the ground at my feet as I flinched. “Do you understand what I’m laying down, Eves?”

All the blood in my veins ran cold as I nodded, my throat and mouth too dry to speak.

“Good, now get the hell out of here.” He nodded toward the house as I back stepped and nearly took off running, wanting to be free of him.

I heard Jimmy shift his bike into first gear and then he was gone; the rumble of his bike fading the further he rode away.

Taking a deep breath, I ran my fingers under my eyes before I went inside. I was thankful that Axel wasn’t here because if he took one look at me he’d know something was wrong. I just wanted to forget about it and move on. For now. The sooner I got Mom to rehab the sooner I could come back home and make sure the baby was okay.

“Mom, are you ready to go?” I could hear the shakiness in my own voice. “Mom?” I called again, clearing my throat.

“Yeah, what the fuck? Stop yelling. Just let me grab my bag. Shit.” Sally entered the kitchen and I had to blink a few times. My mom had actually showered and brushed her hair. She was surprisingly wearing clothes that didn’t have holes or stains in them, too. “Let’s go.” She stormed past me and marched out the front door with her fancy bag in hand.

I wondered where Axel told her she was going because Mom had never been this excited to go to rehab before. She was normally a raging psycho when you said the ‘R’ word.

Grabbing the truck keys, I followed Sally out and jumped into the truck, smiling over at her.

We didn’t say much as I drove down the highway, heading north.

“So, where exactly are you going? Dad wasn’t very descriptive about it.”

She sighed. “I don’t know! Some stupid spa retreat. He said if I did it, he’d have a nice tray of rocks for me when I got home.” She shrugged while she dug in her purse and pulled out a meth pipe, a small baggie of crystal rocks, and a purple lighter.

“Mom, you can’t smoke that in here.” I nervously looked from the road to my mom.

“Don’t tell me where I can and can’t smoke, Evie. Just drive the fucking truck and shut up.”

Now was as good a time as ever to break the news to my mom. “Mom, I’m pregnant.”

Sally whipped her head toward me with the biggest rotted tooth smile. “Oh, Evie, how great! Dusty is a fine man. With a fine ass,” she added with a wink. “You got lucky with that one.”

“Um, thanks, I guess.” I looked over to see her opening the bag of meth. “Mom!”

She glared at me. “What?!”

“The baby!” I pointed at my belly and then over at the drugs in her hands.

“Ah, shit.” Sally closed the bag and threw the paraphernalia back into her purse. “Can you at least pull over somewhere and let me have a hit before I get stuck at that bullshit spa for the weekend?”

“Sure, Mom.”

I was disappointed in her, but it wasn’t the first time and it surely wouldn’t be the last. I just hoped this time was going to be the time that really gets through to her. I want my mom back.

As I drove the open road, there were no towns or other cars in sight and soon felt myself becoming a bit sleepy. I was exhausted from the night before and that’s when the horror flashed through my mind again. All the sounds, all the feelings, and all the pain.

Then I was ripped from my memory when a large truck flew by us and cut me off, making me have to slam on the brakes.

“Asshole!” I shouted at the prick. “Learn how to drive!”

I looked in my rearview mirror and saw three guys on motorcycles riding up on my ass as my heart began to race. What the hell was going on?

“Mom, hold on,” I yelled as I grabbed the wheel with both hands and began to drive like my dad taught me.

I swerved between both lanes trying to get around the truck in front, but he was swerving too, blocking my path. I went into the ditch, only to be blocked again. Who were these assholes, and what did they want?

Then the truck slammed on his brakes and I didn’t have time to react as I slammed into him. Hard. We came to a dead stop after my head hit the steering wheel. The airbags never deployed and everything went blurry.

“M-mom?” I looked over and saw that she was bleeding from her head. She reached up to touch it as I tried to reach out to her, but I couldn’t move and my leg felt pinned in.

I could hear rustling outside the truck and then I saw him. A man wearing a black ski mask and black zip up walked to my mom’s side of the truck and raised a pistol. My heart hammered as I tried to move, tried to scream, but nothing came out.

Then I heard the first gun shot and nearly threw up.

One shot. Two shots. Three shots. Darkness.

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