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Chapter 19


It was lucky that Axel drove to the hospital in the club truck because my bike was gone like I knew it would be. I’ll deal with getting it out of impound later. There were more pressing matters to handle at the moment.

We were heading down the highway when Axel finally broke the silence in the truck.

“I just don’t understand it.”

“Understand what?” I was confused.

“The shooting. Nobody knew where Evie and Sally were going today. The two people who knew were myself and Evie. Hell, Sally didn’t even know because I knew she’d lose her damn mind and find some way not to go to rehab.”

I thought about what he was saying. “That doesn’t make sense. Evie is too smart to tell anyone where she was going. She knows the dangers of that, especially not having an escort.” Then I turned to him. “Why didn’t they have an escort?”

Axel groaned. “Hell, I didn’t think they needed one. Not with this being a secret.” Then I watched as a look of realization came over Axel’s face. “Shit.”

“What is it?” My skin crawled. I wanted answers and I wanted them right fucking now.

“I wrote down all the information on a piece of paper in the office. Someone could have easily seen the information. Fuck me,” Axel cursed.

“Then let’s get back to the clubhouse right away. Your office has cameras in it for this fucking reason.”

Axel stepped on the gas and got us back to the clubhouse in record time.

The guys were all waiting for Axel’s return and seemed pleasantly surprised to see me walking in behind him, but when they all started to greet us and stand up, Axel put a hand up and told them to fuck off. We marched through the bar and headed straight for the office, slamming the door behind us.

Axel pointed at the computer. “You do it. I can never figure out that fucking thing.”

I wasted no time as I jumped in the captain’s chair and started clicking until I brought up the security footage.

“When should we look?” I looked up at Axel.

“I got the call from the treatment center yesterday around ten in the morning. Check after that.” He moved a piece of paper on the desk before he grabbed a yellow one. “This one.” He held it up for me to see the information written on it.

I nodded and started to footage just after ten in the morning. The office was empty until around two in the afternoon when I slowed the footage down.

“It’s just Evie, keep going,” Axel demanded.

I kept fast-forwarding until Evie wasn’t alone. I watched on the black and white screen as Jimmy entered the office and sat in the chair in front of the desk as the two spoke for a minute. There was no sound to the video and knew I’d help install a better system when this was all over. Evie stood up from the desk and walked over to the filing cabinet. Then I watched as Jimmy went up behind her, a little too close for my liking, and then my heart fell into my stomach. I watched Evie turn and throw herself onto Jimmy as things heated up. Jimmy carried her over to the desk and wiped it clean as shit flew everywhere. He laid her down as my eyes were glued to the screen.

Evie pulled at Jimmy’s clothes and him at hers, but then her jeans were down to her mid-thighs before I watched the unimaginable. Jimmy pushed himself into her and I watched as Evie threw her head back in pure pleasure. The image made me want to puke. I watched as that son of a bitch thrust in and out of her while she enjoyed it. Then it was done. She pushed him off of her as she stood up and pulled her pants up.

I let out a breath I didn’t realize I held when Axel slapped me on the shoulder.

“She loves you, we all know that.”

I knew Axel had to say something to break the awkwardness in the room. After all, he just got done watching a video with his daughter getting fucked on it. How traumatizing would that be?

“Yeah. Sure.” I fast-forwarded the tape a bit more, watching as Evie cleaned up the office in fast-motion and then left. “Where the fuck is it?” I was getting frustrated the longer the tape fast-forwarded with no action. And then I stopped it.

Jimmy entered the office, looking like a sneaky bastard as he kept looking over his shoulder. He paused a few times before he sifted through a few papers Evie put back on the desk until he held up a small sheet that was the same size the information was written on. Jimmy pulled out his phone and snapped a picture of it before he slid it back under the stack of papers and left the office.

I paused the video and turned to Axel. “He’s a fucking dead man.”


All the men from the club were sitting around the meeting table looking sullen and torn in two. Normally, the room was buzzing with activity and conversation, but today was a different day.

I sat down at Axel’s left as he looked around at all the men.

“Our club has taken a massive blow this morning. Four unidentified men stopped Evie dead in her tracks on highway 12. One of them jumped off his bike and put three holes in our girls,” he paused to look around at them all one more. “Sally is gone. Dead on site. Evie is sitting in the ICU right now with a bullet wound in her stomach.”

A lot of the men groaned as the activity spun around in the room before Danny held up his hand to get their attention again.

“The baby?” Danny asked with tears in his eyes.

I looked at him with confusion. He knew about the baby? Oh fuck, who am I kidding? Of course he did. Evie looked up to Danny like a grandfather, but when I looked around at the other club brothers, I realized that most, if not all of them, knew about this baby. Why the fuck was I the last to hear about it? Was Evie hiding something else? If she couldn’t tell me, then who the hell was the father? My eyes stopped on Gearhead as my hands fisted beneath the table.

Axel shook his head. “Evie lost the baby, it was a direct hit.”

The room went eerily silent as the men looked down to take a moment. This impacted the entire club, and they were thinking about what this meant for them as well.

Smokey looked over at me as I held his gaze. “So sorry, man.” He shook his head. “You would have made a damn good father.”

Wait, if Smokey was apologizing to me, did that mean that the baby was actually mine? The guys around the table seemed to think so because they were all staring at me with the same solemn look as Smokey was. My gut twisted up in knots.

Axel grabbed my forearm. “We need you right now. Pull it together.”

I whipped my head back up. “I’m your guy. Sorry.”

“We’ve kept this an internal matter for the moment so we can snoop around and find some shit out. Dusty, I need you to go back up north and act as if nothing happened. See what you can find out from Charlie or any of the other guys up there.” His jaw tensed as he glared at me. “And if that bastard Jimmy shows up, you know what to do.”

I did, indeed. If Jimmy showed up, I would jump him, tie him up, and then bring him back here so Axel could exact revenge for his wife and daughter.

Axel smacked his gavel and ended the meeting as I stood up from my seat. Several of the guys came over to give me one-armed hugs with a single smack on my back, and I wasn’t sure how to react. I didn’t like all this emotional bullshit and didn’t know how to act.

Before long, I was sliding back onto my bike that Aaron got back from the tow yard during the meeting, and started her up. I had a long ride ahead of me and I knew that the entire ride would consist of thinking about Evie and our baby while I sped to get back to Charlie’s for some answers.

Putting my bike in first gear, I eased her away from the clubhouse and back on the highway, swallowing the emotion that threatened to rise in my throat. I wasn’t going to cry. Now right now.

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