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Chapter 33


The hot water streamed down my back as I pressed my face into Dusty’s strong chest. His hands slid up my sides until he placed them on each side of my face, tilting my head up.

When he pulled me back to look into my eyes, he didn’t say a single word as he stared deep into mine. He traced his thumb over my bottom lip as I shivered. He was the only man to ever make me feel this good.

Then he turned me around and began to wash my back. I looked down to see the crimson-colored water fall from our bodies before it disappeared into the drain. I couldn’t pull my gaze away from it as my thoughts took over. This was the last time I’d be with Dusty, the last time I would murder someone, and the last time I would wash someone else’s blood from my body.

I leaned my head back against his chest when he circled his hands to my front, washing my breasts. His warm, soapy hands moved over my nipples, making me writhe beneath his touch. My body was quick to react and he must have noticed too because he paused over my nipples, flicking his thumbs over them. I sucked in a breath and arched my back, pushing my breasts further into his hands.

“Mmm,” Dusty moaned behind me, pushing his erection into my ass. He groped my tits harder, kneading them as he skimmed his thumbs over my nipples once more.

I couldn’t take it anymore. Even though I had just had him, I needed him again. I leaned forward as I reached between my legs and grabbed a hold of his rock hard cock, centered over him, and pushed back until he sank deep inside. He gripped my hips and sucked in a sharp breath as I pushed myself all the way onto him.

“Evie,” he growled, stroking a hand down my spine before he wrapped an arm around my shoulders and pulled me back against his chest.

He bent his knees in order to thrust in and out of me as he nipped on my neck and teased my nipples again. I threw my head back against his shoulder and guided his hands with my own.

“Dusty,” I moaned out his name as another powerful orgasm ripped through my body. Dusty kept a steady pace until he came himself, slowing his thrusts as he grunted.

He slowly pulled out of me as I turned and smirked. He looked as satisfied as I felt.

“Your turn.” I held up the soap as he grinned at me. He watched me soap up my hands before I slid them seductively over his chest, down his abs, and wrapped around his dick.

He sucked in a breath. “Careful now, or I might take you again.”


I looked up at him through hooded eyes as I wrapped my fingers tighter around his cock and began to stroke a bit faster. I watched him come undone right in front of me. His body trembled under my touch as he groaned deep in his chest and a second later, he was coming again.

“I love that only I can affect you like this,” I breathed out, leaning in to lick up his neck. But when he didn’t say anything, I leaned back and caught his gaze. He looked like he was battling something inside of himself. “You okay?”

He slowly nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

We rinsed off and finally stepped out of the shower as Dusty wrapped a towel around his waist before he helped me dry off. We were both looking at each other in the mirror, eyes locked, when Dusty asked the one thing I didn’t want to answer.

“Does this mean you forgive me?” He looked hopeful and that look ripped my heart out.

“Yes,” I whispered, not sure what else to say. I had forgiven him. I forgave him for everything when he brought me into the basement and let me take out Jimmy Dunken. He was the monster who took away the one thing I could take with me that was Dusty’s. Now I was leaving and would have to forget about Dusty forever.

“Good, because,” he paused to kiss the top of my shoulder before he locked eyes on mine in the mirror, “because I love you.”

I felt like I was going to pass out. I knew deep down that Dusty loved me, that he would do anything for me, but he had never said those three words to me before. Now it was too late.

“I love you, too,” I whispered back as a single tear slid down my face as I looked away. More than you’ll ever know, I added silently.


She loved me too. Those four words would be forever grained into my mind and I would never hurt Evie Kidd again. I was feeling hopeful that we could finally move forward together as a team; as one.

And as we laid in bed together, completely naked with my arms around her, I couldn’t help but think about what life would be like now that we could move forward. Would she want to try for another baby? Would she want to get married? Marriage. That word scared me more than it should, but I knew that if I ever got married, I would only do it with Evie.

“What are you thinking about?” She asked, breaking my thoughts.

“Marriage,” I blurted out, not realizing my thoughts actually came out verbally until her body tensed in my arms.

“Marriage?” Her voice was soft, barely audible.

I looked down at her, noticing how she stared straight ahead and looked scared. “Well, not for a while, but yeah… marriage.”

“Oh.” That was all she said, making me feel unsure all over again.

“What? You wouldn’t want to marry me?” I was half joking, but I really did want to hear her answer.

“I never said that.” She bit her bottom lip.

“Relax, Kidd, I’m not asking you to marry me right now.”

She let out a breath and relaxed in my arms, making me feel a bit embarrassed.

“Jeez, way to make a guy feel confident,” I added.

“I’m sorry, I just wasn’t expecting that, I guess.”

“Obviously.” I felt aggravated as we sat there in the silent room for a moment before she pushed out of my embrace and leaned back on her heels, exposing her perfect tits to me. My cock pulsed to life in response to the sight of her nakedness. I loved her body. All that ink covering her perfect body; a body I knew well.

“Shut up and make love to me.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

I rolled to my back as she straddled my hips and sank down. My dick slid into her wet pussy and I was lost in her spell all over again.


After I woke with a grin on my face, I reached over to pull Evie close to me, but she wasn’t there. My hand met cold sheets as my eyes whipped open and saw her absence.

“What the hell? Evie?” I looked toward the bathroom only to find that it was empty. “Evie?!” I sat up and looked around the room, seeing my clothes scattered around the room, but hers were missing. “Fucking hell.”

I slid out of bed and put on my boxers before I walked into the bathroom to double check. I was about to leave the room and run after her when something caught my attention. Turning on the lights, I saw a note taped to the mirror. It was Evie’s hand-writing.

I tore it off and read it.

Dusty, As you know, things have been rough between us for years. I’ve talked about having a different life while you’ve wanted the life you currently have. And I’m happy that you’re happy, but I’m not. The last twelve years have been a rollercoaster of emotions, but I’ll always remember you; your lips, your touch, your love.

And even though our love for each other runs deep, it’s not enough for me, and for that, I’m truly sorry.

When you wake up, I’ll be gone.

Don’t try to come for me because you won’t find me.

I’ll always love you, Dusty. Forever.

Love, Evie Kidd

“What the fuck?” My heart dropped into my gut as my blood ran cold and the hairs on my head tingled. This was a joke, right? I read over the letter a few more times, stopping on the one line that gutted me: when you wake up, I’ll be gone.

I dropped the letter and ran into the bedroom as I frantically got dressed and threw on my boots, leaving my cut lying on the floor as I whipped open the door and ran through the clubhouse until I was on my bike.

Tearing out of the compound like a crazy man, panic consumed me at the thought of losing Evie for good. She always talked about leaving, but I never thought she’d ever do it.

I pulled up to her apartment and saw her car still parked out front. Part of me felt relieved to see it, but I wouldn’t be completely calm until I was holding her in my arms again.

I jumped off my bike and ran up the stairs two at a time before I banged on her door.

“Come on, Evie! Open the fucking door.” I begged to whoever was listening that she was still here; that she would open the fucking door and end my suffering.

But my impatience got the best of me as I stood back and kicked the door in. It busted from the hinges and smashed a hole in the wall behind it. I stormed inside and began going from room to room in search of her.

“Evie, where the fuck are you? This isn’t funny!” I ran from each room, finding them all empty. “Don’t play like this, Evie! Come on!”

Then I was in her bedroom and went straight to her closet. I put my hand on the handle and paused. “Please… Please…” And then I opened the door and stared at what was inside. My heart dropped first and then my body followed.

I dropped to my knees as I looked into an empty closet. All the hangers were bare except for one. Her leather cut was the only thing left hanging in the closet.


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