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Chapter 6


I got to the clubhouse early the next day to help my dad finish up in the office, and to tell him how my visit with Mom went the night before. It was another depressing afternoon to say the least. My mom was three sheets to the wind like always and hardly remembered who I was. It was a chore and a half to get her dressed and actually put into bed. I gave my dad lots of credit for having to deal with that shit every single night.

When I opened the door, ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ blared from the jukebox as I saw a few of the members already sitting at the bar. Careen was there this time, the one bar-maid that I actually liked and had a friendship with.

“Hey, Sugar, can I grab you a beer?” Careen was drying off a glass with her white bar towel as I slid onto the stool next to Danny.

I nodded at Careen as I slid my arm around Danny’s neck.

“A bit early for you isn’t it, old man?”

Danny laughed. “What is it with everyone calling me old man? I much prefer Danny or Tattoo-Dan.”

I laughed, nudging his side. “It’s because we love you and love giving you shit even more.”

He grunted as Careen slid a beer in front of me. I took a pull from the bottle as I looked over my shoulder to find Dusty coming into the bar from the hallway. I nearly choked on my beer at the sight of him. Damn, he looked good. More than good. He was straight up delicious.

He came into the room wearing his signature ripped up jeans, black biker boots, and his cut with no shirt underneath. His perfect eight pack abs and colorful artwork done by Danny were on full display. I knew every curve on his body having tasted nearly every inch of him. His dark brunette hair was all messed up from sleep, and his jawline was covered in stubble. The man was a god.

“Mornin’, darlin’,” Careen greeted him with a smile and a beer, which he took before he headed toward me and Danny.

My heart sped up the closer he got as I tried like hell to hide my reaction to his body as he slid onto the stool next to me. His strong thigh rubbed up against mine as heat spread through me like wildfire. Damn, this isn’t good. How did I go from hating him to wanting him? Story of my fucking life.

“Get everything done?” Danny asked over my head.

Dusty nodded as he nursed his beer and stared straight ahead. I couldn’t help but look at him out the corner of my eyes, though. His cut was pulled back just enough to show his flexed abs, and I couldn’t help but think about running my tongue between those muscles as I had a hundred times before. The memory brought a familiar taste back into my mouth as I recalled what his manly, salty skin tasted like.

His cigarette pack stuck out of his right pocket as I reached over and grabbed it. He flinched and watched me grab for him, disappointment etched on his face when he realized I wasn’t reaching out to touch him.

Trust me, big guy, I want to, but I can’t.

“Oh, you think so, huh?” Dusty’s raspy voice ran over my skin like silk.

Nodding, I pulled a cigarette from the pack and stuck it between my lips before I pushed the pack back toward him on the bar. I patted my pants for a lighter when I realized I didn’t have one. Damn it.

Dusty watched every move I made as he reached into his other pocket and revealed a lighter. He reached up and cupped the end of the cigarette to help me light it as I reached up and placed my hand on his. The touch was too intimate for me as chills ran over my body.

I quickly pulled my hand away and puffed on the cig while I kept my eyes straight ahead. Of course I saw his eyes on my lips through the mirror’s reflection behind the bar as I got the courage to pull my gaze away. Damn him and how he made me feel. The bastard.

“Pres is throwing a party tonight if the shipment is successful,” Dusty stated as he pulled his gaze from mine in the mirror and looked over at Danny.

Danny nodded. “I figured as much.”

Then Dusty looked back at me as I felt his heated gaze on the side of my face.

“Are you going to be there?” He asked.

His voice was raspy and full of seduction, and I knew that voice all too well. It was his I’m-about-to-fuck-you voice. And damn if I wasn’t hot for him.

“I’m a member, aren’t I?” Is all I could ask as I kept my gaze straight ahead.

I had to play it cool here. I had to pretend like he didn’t affect me, or else I would be in trouble tonight.

“Why is there so much sexual tension down here?” Careen interrupted the moment as she grabbed Danny’s empty bottle and filled his hand with a fresh one.

I coughed and sat straight up, putting my cig out in the ashtray before I slid from my stool. My chest rubbed against Dusty’s bare arm as a deep growl came from deep in his chest.

“That’s my leave,” I whispered as I turned back to the bar. “Careen.” I winked at her. “Grand-dad.” I slapped Danny’s back. “Pig.” I glared at Dusty, who could only give me that stupid cocky grin of his.

“Ooo,” Dusty laughed as he swiveled around on his stool and looked at me. “You’re a cruel woman,” he teased.

I swayed my hips the way I knew Dusty liked; the way I knew would torutre him as I flipped him off over my shoulder and disappeared down the hall.


My cock hardened in my jeans as I watched her walk away. We were perfect together, and even though I messed up, I knew that Evie knew it too. Why else would she be teasing me? Being with her was the best lay I’d ever had. So, why I kept fucking, I didn’t know.

Danny laughed behind me as I spun back to the bar, hoping to hide this hard on behind my cut.

“What’s so funny, old man?”

“You two are.” Danny nodded in Evie’s direction. “We all have bets on how long this will last. How long before you have her on her back again.” He sipped his beer as he shook his head.

I looked up at Careen who was smiling at me.

“We all know you two will get married and have the most beautiful babies together. Only a matter of time now.”

When she mentioned babies, my hard on immediately went away and I felt sick. Pushing my beer away, I groaned. Kids? I didn’t know how I felt about being a father. I’d never really been around kids at all.

I didn’t know if kids were in the cards for me, but I couldn’t think about having them with any other woman than with Evie.

“Get the fuck out of here,” I shot back at both of them. Crazy bastards.

Careen and Danny smiled at each other as I slid from the stool and headed back to my room for a shower. I refused to think about that shit any longer.

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