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Chapter 7


“She’s really sick, Dad.”

I had just finished telling him what I had to deal with the night before with Mom.

He sighed. “Yeah, I know she is, but what do you want me to do about it?”

“She needs help. Help that we can’t give her.” I didn’t want to see my mom go down this path any longer. I would love nothing more than to have somewhat of a normal relationship with my mom again. Right now, she was a shell of her former self and I hated that for her.

“I know. After tonight, I’ll look around for some good rehab places and see if I can get her into one of them.”

I hugged my dad around his stubborn neck. “Thanks, Dad.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, now stop with all this lovey-dovey shit and help me out with this before the guys get here and we have to take off.”

I smiled as I pulled up a chair and got to work. Running drugs wasn’t what this club was founded on, but in this economy, we had to do whatever we could to get income; no matter how much we all hated it.


“Hey, brother, you ready to get your freak on?” Smokey smacked me on the back as we got off our bikes.

We made another successful run and were safe and sound back at the clubhouse.

“You know it,” I replied.

I honestly wasn’t looking forward to the party, but I could definitely use a damn good buzz before I left my brothers tomorrow. None of them had heard the news yet, but Axel would tell them soon.

As I sat in my chair in the meeting room, I looked across to find Evie’s chair was empty. Where the hell was she? She rarely ever missed a meeting.

All the guys took their seats while Axel looked around, his eyes landing on Evie’s empty chair as well.

“Evie won’t be joining us for the meeting, but she’ll be back later.”

I wanted to know where she was, but I knew if I asked, the guys would give me a bunch of shit. Axel would probably tell me to mind my own fucking business anyway, so I kept my mouth shut and leaned back.

Axel got on with the meeting as we discussed the run that took place, and what to expect for the next one. Then Axel turned to me and told the guys he had an announcement. Here we go.

“Dusty will be leaving us tomorrow for some time.”

They all looked shocked and confused as they looked between me and Axel. This was new to all of them, obviously, and by the looks on their faces, it wasn’t good news.

“I’m sending him north to help set up our new chapter. I have no idea how long it will take. Maybe a few months? So until then, I’m appointing Gearhead to fill in as Sergeant at Arms until Dusty returns.”

I felt like I got punched in the gut. First, this prick sleeps with my girlfriend, and now he’s taking over my spot in the club?”

“No fucking way,” I blurted out, but when I tried to continue, Axel cut me off with a stern voice.

“I’m the President, am I not?” He pointed his question at me mostly before he glared at Gearhead. All the guys nodded, including me, no matter how upset I was about it.

And I was fucking livid. If my mood wasn’t sour enough, now I was really fucking sour thinking about Gearhead taking over my patch until who knew when. Then my thoughts took over and I clenched my jaw. What if while I’m gone, Gearhead not only takes over my position in the club, but in my entire life? My patch and my girl?

About ready to punch something, I was glad the meeting was over because I desperately needed a stiff drink.

When I sat at the bar, I noticed the clubhouse was beginning to fill up with anticipated party-goers for tonight’s festivities. At this point, I could give two shits about the party.

That was until the clubhouse door opened and a five-foot-seven-inch beauty stepped inside, making my dick throb. Long tanned legs stretched out from the bottom of cut-off jean shorts that didn’t leave much to the imagination. She wore black heels that I pictured wrapped around my ass as I fucked her. My eyes traveled up her torso to see her stomach exposed between her shorts and grey v-neck tee as her perky breasts just about exploded out the top. Her long, blonde curls framed her face and fell just below her tits where my eyes landed on a petite version of my own cut.

Evie. Fucking. Kidd.

My heart rate spiked as I felt my mouth water. She was always the most gorgeous woman in the room, and she had always been mine until recently. Most men in three states knew that she belonged to me and never stepped out of line because of it.

But when the guys whistled and hollered cat-calls at her, it made my anger spike through my veins. She was mine.

I slid off my stool and greeted her just inside the door.


She smiled up at me, nearly making me lose control as my eyes moved to her mouth. Her plump lips were covered with lip gloss, and her sparkling green eyes were sexy as hell behind her long, dark lashes. Evie was the type of girl that was sexy as hell wearing zero make-up, hair pulled back, and sporting pajamas, but when she dressed up like this, I seemed to lose all intelligence. Fuck, she could drop me to my knees in a heart beat.

“Thanks.” She grabbed the beer from my hand and headed toward the bar, taking the stool next to the one I had just vacated.

I felt like an animal as I checked to see if my tongue was sticking out of my mouth. Evie Kidd always made me fucking weak. I followed her over to the bar and sat in my spot.

Missy walked over, glaring at Evie before she threw me a wink and smiled.

“I see you need another beer, honey.”

I only nodded as she popped the top and slid a fresh beer in front of me. I looked over at Evie to see her reaction, and found myself disappointed when I saw that she was looking straight ahead with no emotion on her face. She wasn’t showing any jealousy at all and that bothered me.

Normally, she would be throwing daggers at Missy with her eyes as I waited to act if she lunged over the bar.

Then she turned to look at me, her tits stretching the material of her shirt.

“How was the run today?”

“Fine. Good. Yeah, it was great,” I stumbled over my words.

What the hell, man? I was a grown ass man, not a fucking teenager. But damn, she was distracting as fuck right now.

Evie giggled and I nearly lost my shit. Her giggle could ruin me in seconds. Man, I was in trouble tonight.

“I better go help get the kegs ready out back.” She finished off her beer and set it on the bar as she placed her hand on my forearm and slid from her stool.

Her skin on mine sent a reaction straight down to my dick. Thankfully I was sitting down and my cut hid my crotch, because I had a raging hard on again. I was going to need a cold shower before the night was over.

The party was getting crazy out back as I sat near the fire with Danny drinking whiskey and watching all the chaos. The ladies danced seductively on any willing man, which was ninety percent of them, while the other ladies like Evie, Careen, and Angel - Danny’s old lady - sat to the side laughing and drinking.

I caught Evie looking over in my direction a few times, but she was still being stubborn and keeping her distance. I’d let her think she had control for a little longer.

That was until Angel came to sit on Danny’s lap, and Careen walked back into the clubhouse, leaving Evie all alone. Danny was busy getting his face sucked on by his wife so I stood up, grabbed two beers, and walked over to Evie.

“Beer?” I held it out before she took it.

“Is this your excuse to come talk to me again?” She grinned over at me, which was a good thing, right? She was in her playful mood at the moment and not angry. I could work with that.

“I don’t need an excuse to come talk to you.” I grinned back, refraining from taking her in my arms and biting her lower lip. I knew she loved that. I could win any argument with a single kiss. “We’re still friends, yeah?”

“The last time I checked, it didn’t work like that.” She took a pull from her beer, averting her eyes.

“I fucked up, I know that, but we have a lot of history, babe. We were friends before all of this shit happened.” I took a pull from my own beer, still staring at her.

“Wanna dance?” She nodded toward the dancing crowd.

I knew she didn’t want to talk about it anymore. She always changed the subject when she was done with something, and part of me knew I really fucked up if she didn’t even want to talk about our friendship. For now, I’d take the dance.

Nodding, I finished my beer and threw it into the garbage can behind her. I grabbed her hand and pulled her along until we were dead center between the dancing drunk. When she looked up at me with her big green eyes, I had a hard time refraining myself. But then she started swaying her hips just the way I liked and spun so her back was to my chest. Her ass grinded against my dick as I growled deep in my chest. My hands instinctively grabbed her waist as I swayed along with her.

I knew she could feel my erection because she knew just how to grind on me when I was excited, and it was driving me wild. I felt like an excited teenager all over again, back to the first time I was this close to Evie, right before we lost our virginity to each other.

Evie spun to face me as she wrapped her arms seductively around my neck. My hands slid down her back to cup her ass as she moaned into my ear and bit my earlobe. Fuck this, I can’t handle it any longer.

I held her tight against me as I lowered my face and began to lightly kiss her lips. I was grateful that she returned my enthusiasm, her lips parting as I bit her bottom lip, causing her to moan into my mouth. I smiled against her lips before I plunged my tongue deep into her mouth, devouring hers. She tasted so sweet; so perfect.

I felt her nipples harden against my chest as I pictured my mouth wrapped around one of them, flicking my tongue over the hard nub as she squirmed and moaned beneath me. Then she pulled away from the kiss and turned away from me, but I wasn’t about to let her leave so easily. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her back against my chest, lowering my face to her neck as I lightly licked and nibbled her there.

“Give me one more night,” I whispered into her ear as her ass grinded against me.

Her moan of acceptance pushed me into action as I grabbed her hand and pulled us through the crowd of people and into the back door of the clubhouse. I had won again. I knew Evie Kidd wasn’t done with me. We’d never be done.

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