The intern

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First year intern Mikáela is craving her co-teacher, Mr. Santana. Playing with fire, she tries to get him to notice her, will he play with fire or will she get burned.

Erotica / Romance
Latina exótica
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Lust at first sight

"Hello Everyone! Welcome to our first high school history department meeting! We have many new faces therefore I would like you all to introduce yourselves to each other. Please let us know your name, what grade you will be teaching and anything else you would like us to know about you." Says Lisa Moorehouse, last years dean of students, this years AP history teacher and history department chair. If you ask me she couldn’t handle being the dean, the students hated her. To be quite honest I don't blame them. Since I've met Lisa she has given me nothing but bad energy and fake vibes, although I did admire her hard work and intellect. I have never met anyone so hard working and intelligent therefore I admired that piece of her. You can say I admired her work ethic but didn't like her as a person.

This school year we have new teachers since we now have 9th and 10th grade. That means I have more people to learn from and get familiar with. While everyone was introducing themselves via Zoom I pin in on the new and only hot teacher in this school so far, Santana Collins. He was the 10th grade U.S history 2 teacher and boy he was gorgeous. He was an older white man, with a full beard that had hints of red, black and some white on the chin. His eyes are light brown or hazel but it's difficult to tell through the screen. His hair was fairly short, gelled to the side, with a hint of salt and pepper on the sideburns. He is beautiful and I can't keep my eyes off of him.
"Hello my name is Santana Collins, I'll be teaching 10th grade U.S history 2 part time this year" he says as I snap out of my trance and tune in on his sexy voice. His voice was deep enough to turn you on and make your heart drop. It fit him perfectly " I'm the founder of a non profit company called "Wilderness realness" where we take low income students outside hiking, boating, rock climbing, camping etc. We like to get kids outside into nature exploring and keeping them out of trouble. I'm excited to be here this year and work with you all." He smiles and turns off his mic. That smile was absolutely perfect. "My name is Mikáela Hernandez" I say nervous as hell "I am the high school history intern. I had the honor to work with Mr. Moose last year with the 9th grade current 10th grade. I'm excited to have the opportunity to work with you all. Thank you" I shut it down real fast so I don't embarrass myself in front of everyone.

For the next 2 weeks every meeting and training all I could do was stare at Mr. Collins. Why was he so sexy? I wanted him so bad and I had no idea why. I felt guilty lusting for a man when I was engaged although my relationship was crumbling apart and I was tired of putting the pieces together.
After two weeks of training and professional development, online schooling officially started and I was camping in Connecticut. Since I was a student in school I have always been nervous for the first day of school and as a student teacher nothing had changed. Teaching virtually was something new to many of us and I can imagine that I wasn't the only one nervous. We were all unsure on how this was going to work exactly and were all working on new websites to engage the students and make the transition as easy as possible for the students and ourselves.
-During Zoom Class-
"Ms. Hernandez are you in a tent?" Asks Mr. Collins as he chuckled. My heart drops as he says my name. "Yes I'm camping" I reply. "Wow that’s awesome! Where at?" He asked. "Connecticut" I say as we get back to teaching the lesson. The 10th grade student were very excited to see me as I was happy to see them although it was only via Zoom. We got to chat and talk about summer, covid-19 and introduced Collins to the students. It was a very good first day of school. After class ended and all the students logged off I stood online just to make touch bases and see if Collins needed any help with anything.
"Hello" I say
"Hey!" Collins say very enthusiastic "It's really great to have you in class! I think the students are more open with you being here"
"Thank you, I really enjoyed seeing the students today. I wanted to extend my help in anyway. Please don't hesitate to utilize me in the classroom or outside."
"Awesome Thanks! What exactly did you do with Mr. Moose last year?"
"I graded, taught small lessons, tutored, small groups or anything Lisa or Moose asked of me"
"Great I will definitely have you grading once work is given."
Within a few weeks our after Zoom conversations got longer. We exchange a few jokes and exchange numbers. I was becoming an addict to the sight of this man, to his voice and presence. I texted him often asking him questions I already knew the answer to, updating him on students and classwork just so I can pop up in his mind.
~Message received From Mikaela Hernandez~
H-"Is tomorrow an asynchronous day?"
C-"For just your class or the entire school?"
C-"Why would there only be asynch for my class?"
C- "That was a stupid question"
I was a bit hurt and in shocked. At a lost for words I wasn't sure what I wanted to say, but I knew this isn't the type of guy I wanted to text let alone fuck.
H- "How so?"
C-"Suck it"
H-"Well then..."
H- "Sorry for the bother Collins"
C- "Sorry Hernandez"
C- "You've caught me at a bad time"
C- "Please forgive my inappropriate attitude"
H -"No worries sir"
H- "Have a goodnight"
C- "Did I upset you"
H- "No Sir I am fine...Thank you"
We joked around so much I didn't want him to think my feelings could be easily manipulated. Deep inside i was upset, who did he think he was talking to me like that!? I was sad he would be disrespectful, my emotions were all over the place but I couldn't let him now other wise.
C- "Someone's got a tough spirit I see"
H- "I'm stronger then most"
H- "And I easily for give...Blessing and a curse"
C- "Same"
This conversation lasted a couple of hours and I can imagine he was busy since he took forever to always text me back. As a business man I can imagine the work he had to do, he also had a family to take care of so as much as I wanted to be on his mind 24/7 like he was on mine, i believe he had better things to think and worry about.

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