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I was tricked and offered as a Virgin gift to a powerful dangerous unmerciful wicked man in order to pay off a debt. A sexually twisted Demon who fed from my fear and tormented me just for his amusement. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. I am His Captive. Welcome to my hell. -Warning- *Strong Sexual Content *Violence and Mental Abuse *Graphic Scenes *Scripted Parts *Not Intended For Younger Readers . . . . Yes!! A brand new version of His Captive is back!! The old story got deleted so I am rewriting a new version. Male leads name will continue the same. HEADS UP—> This story is meant to be different than the original version. —WARNING— -This story is meant for mature readers ONLY. Younger readers should stay away from this type of content. Any readers who do not agree with dark romances should not be reading this story-

Erotica / Romance
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Ch. 1– Cat & Mouse Game

“If I find you my little mouse you know what will happen”

Thump..Thump..Thump. My heart was beating loudly. My vision was getting blurry.

“Mmm...I could smell your freshly clean pussy”

His steps were getting closer. I tightened my bare thighs shut and covered my mouth with my hand preventing to make the slightest noise.

He was a Demon that provoked fear and inflicted a great immense of torment on his victims. How I hated his sick twisted demented games.

Only when he had a bad day he would force me to play along. Giving me only three minutes to hide anywhere in his huge dark room. He would then time himself and if in two minutes he didn’t find me.

I would win an entire week off without being frighteningly tortured by him. This time he caught me by surprise coming out of the shower.

His eyes widened in a sadistic type of way attentively watching the water drops slowly roll down my body. He loved it. While I hated it.

My body couldn’t stop shaking. I couldn’t control the fear I felt within. His rough touch disgusted me. The way his lustrous eyes saw me with pure wickedness caused my stomach to turn.

I felt nauseous just by the thought of his lips devouring my body the way they do. So sexually. So erotically.

“Where has my little mouse gone too? I wonder..Could she be hiding underneath my bed?”

I heard him pull his bedsheets up then a slight chuckle came out of his mouth.

His steps grew closer towards his closet. Then they finally stopped. I bit my lips shut hiding still behind his expensive wardrobe.

There was a sudden silence. I couldn’t have been more afraid and hopeful all at once. I wanted to hear that alarm go off and know for certainty that I was free from his torment at least one whole week.

Those minutes crawled instead. The longest two minutes of my life.

Suddenly the closet doors opened.

“Found you”

The alarm finally went off. Unfortunately it was too late. His hand reached in to pull me out. I struggled to get away from his rough grip.

He firmly held me in front of him. I was completely naked and afraid. Just the way he liked it.

“How many times have I told you not to make this so got damn easy for me”

“I-I didn’t know where else to hide Master”

“You know the rules My little mouse”

“I know”

I dropped on my knees and unbuckled his belt. His thick long cock bounced out slapping my face. Playing hide & seek always got him hard.

There was something about me running away from him that turned him on to the fullest. He was a sick fuck that enjoyed dark twisted games and I was his favorite prey.

I began to suck his hard cock slowly at first. Sucking tightly on the tip as I went up. Just the way he liked it.

My mouth would get swollen of how long he had me pleasuring him at times. He didn’t care one single bit of my emotions. All he sought was pleasure, dominance and endless torture.

He grabbed my hair and began to maneuver my head to his liking. Forcing me to suck his fat cock faster. I felt the cum power-loading from the bottom shooting from his tip an overload of hot cum all inside my mouth.

I gagged in disgust but knew better than to spit it out. Sharply looking at me he waited for me to swallow it and so I did.

“Ahh good little mouse” he said with a grimace smile on his face.

He pulled me up and then unexpectedly said “Run”.

I stood in silence for a short moment looking at him with a confused stare. He had never done that before. Did he mean I was free? Could I leave? What if I ran outside the Mansion? Would he stop me? Or did he just mean to run outside the room?

He suddenly shouted “RUN!!” in a raging voice that snapped me back into reality and made me fly out of his room.

I ran down the hall as fast as I could. Before heading towards the stairs I looked back and saw him. He stood outside his bedroom glaring at me.

His hands balled up into fists. I couldn’t sustain the frightening feeling that ran down my spine. Making every bone inside my body tremble in fear.

I wanted to run but I wasn’t sure if that was the right move to do. Where could I have gone where he wouldn’t find me? Maybe he was just testing me.

If I continued running his anger would increase and his punishments would only be unbearable.

He took a step forward. Naturally my survival instinct kicked in and immediately I turned back around and ran down the stairs.

Just as I had initially thought..I didn’t get far. Trapping me in the middle of the stairs he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me back.

Falling on my back he got on top and turned me around.

“N-no! N-no! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” I shouted while he continued to grab tightly onto my hair. His strong body muscle pinning me down.

Suddenly his thick cock forcefully pierced my pussy.

“Ahh..Ahh...Stop...It hurts!!”

His nasty tongue slithered all over my neck making its way onto my ear.

“Please stop!!” I cried out while tightly holding onto the red rug on the stairs.

He took a hold of my hands and firmly held them behind my back. I knew exactly what that meant. His speed was about to intensify.

I bit my bottom lip putting pressure on it as if that would help at all.

“Mmm you like that little mousy? Want me to go faster?”

“N-no please..Stop”


I shut my eyes tightly and said “I want you to fuck me faster Master”.

His cock rapidly slid inside my pussy. Deeper each time. I cried out in silence afraid he would hear my whimpering.

Last time that happened he beat me senselessly.

He finally shot another load of cum all over my ass. He carried me up and took me inside my bedroom.

“Your pussy hair is beginning to show. You know I like it clean and smooth. Take care of that”

He leaned towards my forehead and gave me a gentle kiss then suddenly stopped. While touching a few strands of hair that had fallen on my face he said “I will have Gladis trim the split ends of your hair. You know how much I hate that”.

Inside my bedroom he had a separate closet with other belongings of his. Such as belts, dressing shirts, pants and shiny shoes.

He took out a white stylish elegant suit and put it on. I quietly sat on my bed as I watched how he smoothly slicked back his pitch black hair.

He took out a cigarette from inside his coat and a lighter.

Lighting it up he began to smoke while attentively looking at me.

He had such a frightening intimidating stare. That by simply looking at him for more than a minute it would give you chills.

“What is it little mousy? Does the big evil cat scare you?” He asked with a sinister tone in his voice.
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