Twisted Obsession (mxm)

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River has always been watching. River has always been listening. Now he thinks it’s time he act. {Warning: The content in the book will be graphic and disturbing. It is not for the weak. You have been warned.}

Erotica / Thriller
Luna Rose
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Chapter One

When I was younger my mom told me I was special and that I wasn’t like the other kids. I didn’t know what she meant. I thought I was fine. In fact, I thought I was perfect as can be at eight years old. I was smarter than everyone in my class and those three grades ahead of me. I was active too. I played every sport I could and I always won, losing wasn’t an option in my mind. I didn’t see how that was a problem and neither did my father.

I would often stay up late at night as a kid and creep down the steps and hear them yelling and arguing over me. My mom would often cry and swear that there was something wrong with me and I needed to see a doctor. My dad always argued that I was just a unique kid and that I would grow to be just fine.

It wasn’t until I was ten that my dad started to give me the same looks my mom would. I had made a friend, her name was Danny, and we were best friends. Well, I thought we were until she called some else her best friend. She said we both were her best friend but I didn’t like that or believe that. I didn’t like how this new person was taking Danny away from me and it made me mad.

So I pushed them off the top of the monkey bars and they broke their ankle. I swore it was an accident but Danny had seen it happen from the slide and told on me. That made me madder so I told her that I would put a roach in her ear and let it eat her brains. She never talked to me again and neither did the other kid. In fact, Danny had managed to turn the whole class against me. It was then I knew that Danny was an enemy that I had to get rid of.

I planned it all out in my notebook one night and it was perfect. Although I was stupid enough to leave the notebook out on my bed and my mother had found it. I was pulled out of school early that day and was placed in the backseat of the car. I remember my father driving with a grim look on his face and my mom’s eyes were red and puffy. I asked where we were going and my father just told me not to worry about it.

I guess my father had officially agreed with my mom because I ended up at the doctors’ office. I remember the doctor who talked with me, she had my notebook too. She asked me all types of questions. I answered them all because I thought she just wanted to know more about me. In the end, she was just diagnosing me and if she was smart enough she should have made sure the door was shut completely when talking to my parents about it.

I remember telling them although I was young and they were pretty sure I had Antisocial Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. It was rare to have both but there were a few cases. She informed my parents that strict therapy would be needed and that Borderline Personality Disorder wouldn’t be the disorder to cause the most worry. That was easily managed with some Therapy and structure but the other one wasn’t.

I remember my mom crying and my father holding her and telling her it would be alright. That they could handle this since it was early and that I would live my life just like other kids with a little help. I thought it was more than a little help seeing as my entire life was changed after that and I was even homeschooled for a few years too.

As time went on the restrictions were dropped and my family started to become normal again. I even had two little sisters and a little brother now. Their names were Camie, Corey, and James and they were all nice. Camie was the youngest and had just turned sixteen a few weeks ago, Corey was the second youngest and she was currently in her freshman year in college, and then there was James who was in his third year of college and turning twenty-one in a few months.

Then there was me, the oldest, and I finished college early and grad school. I currently lived the farthest from my family and took up a nice house in Yamse County, Albec. Albec was the state that seemed to hold the most open-minded people and the most famous. The cost of living here was high and I could afford it with my job and clientele. My parents didn’t want me to move so far away but I had enough of them watching me and always asking if I was taking my meds and seeing my doctor.

I still video chat them a few times a week and the same with my siblings. I made sure to go down for holidays to see them and I never missed a single birthday party. I even made the effort to come down to the annual barbecue that my father would throw for his family and friends. I couldn’t stand anyone besides my family because they were all liars and fakers. I hated people who lied and thought I was stupid enough to not notice. I was smart for a reason and a white lie would very much make me want to get back at them.

I picked up my phone as it was vibrating and looked at the collar ID. I let out a sigh and tossed on the couch beside me. My doctor had been trying to reach out to me for the past couple of weeks but I didn’t need him anymore. I had found the real doctor, the person who could save and cure me. He was perfect in every way and I was happy my talents allowed me to watch how perfect he was all the time.

Sam Dallas was beyond being a doctor if I thought about it. He was like a god who was brought here just to make me better. If Sam Dallas was happy so was I and if Sam Dallas was upset so was I. Sam Dallas was my angel and even if he didn’t know me yet I knew we would have the love story that was only told in fairytales. I just knew it. Sam Dallas was my favorite person in this entire galaxy.

I put down one of the magazines I was holding and picked up another one. I had collected several magazines over the weeks and combined only the ones with Sam in them to make entire magazines of just him. I felt a tent rise in my pants as I stared at the several pictures of Sam without a shirt or in pants that firmly shaped his body. Sam was the best model ever and at first some people didn’t see that but I made them see it.

And of course, there were those who thought they were good enough to be with Sam. I had gotten rid of any of his exes and I even got rid of the current girl he was dating. Sam didn’t need to be with those who weren’t on his level. I was the only one who could give Sam the love he needed in life and soon he would know that.

I got up from my couch and placed the magazine on the coffee table with the rest. I walked towards the back of my house and used my fingerprint to unlock the door I stopped at. I shut the door behind me as the lights turned on and all the monitors lit up. I stared with a smile on my face at the several cameras that would capture Sam’s every move. They were placed everywhere and in the places I couldn’t get cameras, I could tap into the cameras there.

Although I loved my cameras the most because they came with full sound. I made them myself because I wanted to hear Sam’s moans when he had sex or when he masturbated. I wanted to hear his voice when he spoke or hear the little sounds that came from any actions he did. Any sound that came from him was better than any medication I had ever taken.

I sat down in my chair and switched the main monitor, which was a huge screen in the center, to the camera that showed Sam currently. He was getting ready to get in the shower and I found my breath picking up as I watched him strip out of his clothes and reveal such lushes smooth skin. I licked my lips as I took in his firm ass and his defined muscles as he walked towards his see-through shower.

I turned up the volume as I leaned back in my chair and rubbed myself through my pants. I let my breaths slip out my lips as I watched the water travel over such amazing skin. I wished I was there to lick every inch the water touched. I wished I was the water as he turned around and droplets settled on his erect dick. I quickly switched to the camera directly inside his shower so I could see him better as I watched his hand wrap around his hardon.

I slipped my hand inside my pants and pulled out my dick as I kept my eyes on Sam. I moved my hand at the same pace as him as his low moans filled the shower they filled my ears. I found myself letting out low groans as pre-cum slid down my raging boner and landed on my hand. I imagine being able to have Sam’s mouth wrapped around my dick, eagerly licking up my cum as he jacked himself off.

“Ohhh, Sam.” I moaned out as the sound of his moans grew louder and I felt myself loving him even more.

I picked up the speed just like him and watched as his body tensed before his lovely cum came spraying out the tip of his dick. I felt myself tense and cum as I imagined licking up all of Sam’s cum for a lovely meal. I sat breathing out heavy breaths as I imagined what it would be like to cum on Sam’s face or to cover his entire body in my fluids and rub it into his skin.

My dick got hard again and I watched him wash himself up as I started to masturbate again. I watched the soap that covered his back and beautiful ass. I wanted to be deep inside of him as he moaned out how much he loved me and begged me to never stop. Just imagining how warm and tight he was inside had me cumming again with a loud groan just in time for him to finish showering and wrap a towel around himself.

I watched him move about with grace and not a care in the world as I just thought of how much I loved and worshiped him. I didn’t need religion because Sam Dallas was my religion and I would do anything to be on my knees in front of him.

I should meet him. If I meet him, I can talk to him, I can make him love me, and then he could be mine forever. After all, I was his true love that he just hasn’t met yet. I could be Sam Dallas’ everything and anything.

I can make Sam Dallas mines.

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