Roommate FWB #1

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Chapter 2 Kevin, Emily


Night of the party

Ben pulls his truck around the back and opens the gate and pulls in. He pulls out two kegs and a lot of ice. I’m standing behind the bar over by the pool slicing fruit when Ben brings a keg over on a dolly and puts it next to the bar.
“Do you remember a girl named Emily Turner? She was at the wedding.” Ben just stands there and says, “Nope.”
“She was one of the bridesmaid for Angelia.” Ben taps the keg and stops, then looks up, “Nope.”
“She was the heavy set girl,” I tell him.
“Wait, was she the one who had that idiot of a husband who just sat there and did nothing and made her do everything for him?” Ben says.
I snap my fingers and give him the finger guns. “That’s the one.”
“Why? What about her?” he asks.
“I ran into her at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago, and I got to tell you, she looks great. She’s lost a ton of weight. When she told me who she was, I couldn’t keep my cock from exploding out of my pants. So I invited her to the party tonight.”
“Really? Did you tell her what kind of party it was?” Ben asks.
“No, but I gave her a little hint that clothing is optional. Oh, and she’s bringing a friend.”
“Did she say who?” he asks.
“Nope. Gonna find out tonight, maybe.”
“Well, I hope her friend is just as hot as you say Emily is,” Ben says while taking his hand and gesturing holding a head while getting a blow job.

Couple hours into the party.

I’m sitting in one of my lounge chairs that sit around the pool looking around and still haven’t seen Emily yet, Ben walks over to me.
“Hey, where’s this Emily chic at? I thought you said she was coming.” Looking at my empty glass, I get up and go to the bar and pour myself another beer.
“She said she was coming. Maybe something came up,” I say. I hope she was coming, she’s been on my mind since that day at the store. My phone chimes in my pocket. I installed a new doorbell that has video and sound. I pull it out of my pocket and see it’s Emily and her best friend standing at the front door. Emily puts her face right in front of the camera.
“I wonder if this is one of the new doorbells?” Emily says. She looks right into the camera and starts to move in closer with her eye. Now all I see is a giant eye ball. I stand at the door for a few more minutes waiting to see if she’s going to do something else.


“God, what’s taking so long?” I say.
“You sure we’re at the right address?” Madison says.
I pull out the note from my back pocket with the address on it. “See, that’s what I put in my phone and the GPS puts us here,” as I put the note away. Just when I was going to ring the bell again the door opens and its Kevin laughing.
“What’s so funny?” I ask.
“You, apparently. You do know everything you just did is being recorded.” as he shows me on his phone.
“Hope you got a good laugh tonight because that’s all you get tonight,” I say.
“Please come in,” he says. “Wasn’t sure if you were coming.”
“Something came up earlier that I had to take care of.”
“Hope everything went ok,” he says with a concern look on his face.
“Let’s just say, I’m ready to get my drink on," I say.
“Wow, this place is huge,” Madison says with excitement and pushes her way in.
“Come follow me, I’ll show you around,” he says with a small bend with his hand out.
We follow Kevin through the house. Madison slaps me on my ass and mouths the words. “He’s hot.” As I wave my hand to get her to stop before he hears you. Few minutes later we end up by the pool near the bar.
“So you said you wanted to get your drink on,” he says.
“Hell yeah,” Madison says.
“I did say that. What are we drinking?” I ask. He holds up an empty glass and pours himself a beer.
“I’ll have one of those,” Madison says.
“Same here,” I say as I watch him pure our beers.
“I did write that this is a pool party on the note, right? Cause you know, your both over dressed,” he says with a snicker.
“Yeah, well you also said clothing was optional. So I wasn’t sure on how to take it. But looking around, It seems your friends have little or nothing on.” I say as he looks around and see’s what I see.
“These are my friends and ex-employee’s. They used to work for me a couple of years ago before I sold my company. I like to keep in contact with them, and they like to hang out and relax a little.”
He hands Madison’s her beer, then mine. Madison takes her beer and goes running in another direction. He slightly grabs my arm and leads me to a couple of chairs in front of the pool.
Before I took a seat, I noticed two girls swimming naked doing laps. They both are beautiful swimming side by side doing the back stroke while looking at the stars. Their boobs swayed from side to side as they floated in the water. I slowly take a seat in the lounge chair.
“You like what you see?” he asks.
“Yes I do. I’ve always wanted to be free and not worry about what I look like. I’ve had dreams of being an exhibitionist and not giving a shit. Even when I was a big girl, I didn’t care what people thought or said about me. But my ex always tried to keep me hidden from his friends and family.
Like he was ashamed of me in some way. We almost never do anything I wanted to do, it was always what he wanted. Sex with him was always the same, missionary. Madison would always talk about what she did and where. I was always jealous of her when it came to sex. I wanted to try different positions or role-play, but he would just blow me off. We only had sex when he wanted it, never when I wanted it. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever had a real orgasm, ever. I’m almost thirty, and I can’t believe I’m even saying this to you.”
I have this look on my face that I just spilled the beans to a man I barely know. I lower head into my left hand.
“It’s ok, you’re fine. You can talk to me. I promise, anything you say or do here, stays here. The number one rule in this house, no talking about others and no judging, or your gone. Would you like another beer?” he asks.

I looked at my empty glass. I must have been drinking the whole time I was complaining about my ex. But when I look at Kevin, I can tell he’s telling the truth. There’s something about him I trust already.
“Yes, please. Can I have another?”
“You can have as much as you want,” he says as he takes my glass, gets up and walks over to the bar.
I look back at the pool and see both women are sitting at the steps of the pool with the water just at their waist. Both girls start kissing one another. It was the good kiss, the type of kissing you dream about. It was passionate and slow, their tongues entering each others mouth was getting me hot. One of the girls places her hand behind the head of the other, her fingers were interlaced in her hair. While the other girl holds the left boob of the other pinched the nipple ever so slightly that you can see a change in their breathing. The one girl who was holding her head now takes her other hand and places it between her legs and pulls her head back. This catches the other girl off guard, her breathing is more erratic. You could see the passion in her eyes for her not to stop. Her arm is under water and I can tell she’s being fingered by the ripples in the water.
My legs spread apart. I can feel my inner thighs are getting hot. Both my nipples are hard as hell. I have one hand cupping my left tit, while my other hand is outside my pants cupping my pussy. I can feel the wetness coming through my suit and my jeans. I unbutton my jeans and slowly slide my hand between my suit and start rubbing my swollen clit. My breathing starts to get a little heavy. Kevin comes back and takes a seat without me knowing. I start doing circles on my clit watching the other ladies make love in the pool.
“Damn, that’s hot! Don’t you think?” he says and startles me as I whip my hand out from under my pants hoping he didn’t see anything.
“I’m so embarrassed.”
“Don’t be, this is an embarrassment free zone,” he says.
“Can I ask you a stupid question?” I ask while taking a drink from my beer hoping to cool me off.
“What is this place? I know it’s where you live, but is this place like fantasy island, or is it Kevin’s house of orgies?”
He gives me a laugh. “It’s a party. My friends here like to get naked from time to time. I live on thirty acres with no neighbors for miles. So what happens here, stays here.” he says with a little laugh.
“Is it getting warm out here?” I ask.
“Well, you are still fully dressed and I can see your wearing a bathing suit.” he says.
“Should I take it off?” I say with a little wink.
“You are at a pool party.”
“You just want to see me in my bathing suit.”
“Well, of course I do,” he says.
“Better yet, you just want to see me naked,” as I stand up in front of him with my arms crossed.
“Do you want me to lie to you?” he asks.
Hearing him say yes made my eyes get really big. I really don’t know if he’s attracted to me, or he just wants to see me naked. Either way I came here to unwind and have fun. So I unbutton my jeans and peal them off my legs. I could sense he was watching ever move I make. Knowing this got me super excited. I turn to face him and cross my arms. I grab the bottom of my shirt and slowly pull it over my head. I can feel his eyes burning on my boobs as I throw my shirt over by my jeans. “You like what you see?” as I see his eyes are all over my body. “You know, I bought this suit the day you invited me to come.”
“Did you?” as he has a big smile on his face. I grab the strings to my thongs and pull them up. Stretching the material over my freshly shaven pussy showing him a little camel toe. For a brief minute, I think he stopped breathing.
“Wow, you are beautiful. You can’t even tell you were a big girl. You look like you’ve had this body all your life. You are definitely not the same girl who was at the wedding.”
“I’m not,” as I take my hands and do a spin for him. “This didn’t happen over night. It nearly took me two years of hard work to get this. Do you know, to this day, my husband has never said a word to me about my change. Nothing.” I take a seat and grab my beer. “Just so you know, me standing in front of you, I’ve gotten more complements from you, then I think my whole marriage with him.” Now I’m starting to get a little mad that I was married to that asshole for so long. I chug the rest of my beer and slam it down on the table. Damn that felt good, now my pussy is on fire. I look at the pool and jump in.
I come up from being under water and look up and see Kevin wasn’t there. I look across the pool and see the other two ladies still sitting at the other end of the pool. I start to swim towards them. “Can I just say, that you two are so beautiful together. I could watch you two make love all night.”
“Awww, thank you,” they both said at the same time while still holding each other and gave each other another kiss.
Couple minutes go by and Kevin comes back with another beer.
“I thought you could use another beer, that and I had to stretch my legs,” he says.
In the back of my mind I was thinking, Yeah right. Like the day you kept trying to hide that ragging hard on by hiding behind the shopping cart.
I had my arms holding myself up in the deep end of the pool. I was trying to think of a beautiful way to get out of the pool. I think about a scene in the movie 10, where Bo Derek pulls herself out of the pool in slow motion, where all the water runs off my body in slow motion. So I attempted to pull this off. Slowly I pull myself out of the pool, little did I know about the suit I was wearing. It was translucent until it got wet.
Kevin’s eyes got really big. The material was so thin that you could see my nipples and my freshly shaven pussy threw it. I get out trying to cover up, but its not helping. Kevin reaches behind one of the chairs and pulls out a towel for me to cover up. “Thank you, I guess you got to see me almost naked.” Kevin just nods and shrugs his shoulders, then we both started laughing at each other.

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