Roommate FWB #1

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Chapter 3 Kevin


We must have talked for hours by the pool. She told me a lot about her husband who was her high school sweet heart. Got married when she was twenty. He was the perfect guy, he knew how to treat her right, he also knew the right words, until they got married then everything just started going down hill from there. They tried having a baby, even though they knew it was impossible. He kept blamed her for not trying hard enough to carry. She stayed with him as long as she could. He didn’t believe in divorced, until one day, he said something that couldn’t be taken back.
Then that was the day that she snapped. She went into a deep depression, then one day realized, she needed to make a change. So losing all the weight was going to make things better, not for him, but for her. She made it a point to flaunt her stuff in front of him to see what he was missing. But to no avail, nothing. So divorcing him was the only way she was going to be free. That’s why she was late to the party. She got a call from one of her friends at work that her divorce was final and had to sign the paper work. Once the papers were signed, he drops a bomb on her that she has to move out tonight. Because he was getting married to his fiancé, and she was moving in and it would be uncomfortable with her still there. So she decided to pack her things, which wasn’t much and took them to Madison’s, her best friends apartment. She only has a one-room apartment. So she took the sofa which is hard as hell. She says while crying.
Within seconds of crying she wipes away the tears and starts talking about her job. She’s a secretary for a very large firm downtown. In a couple of weeks she’ll be on a plane to L.A. with her boss for a consultation with some big football player. She takes a drink of her beer and has an empty glass. She stands up.
“I’m gonna get another drink.” She stops and see’s someone in the hot tub. “Who’s that in the hot tub?” she asks.
“That’s my best friend Ben. Why?”
“Why is he moaning like that?” she says as she looks at me with a puzzled look on her face. “Does that hot tub make you moan like that?”
“No, it doesn’t,” I tell as I watch her stumble while having problems standing.
“What’s making him moan so much?” as she walks towards the hot tub. I follow her over to where Ben is, knowing she’s had a little too much to drink tonight. I stay close in case she falls over. We make to the hot tub and all I can see is a head under water bobbing. Then a head comes out from under the water and takes a deep breath and go’s back down.
“Who’s that?” she says with excitement.
“I don’t know.” Twenty seconds later, the head bobs back up.
“Is that you Mads?” Madison stops and wipes the hair away from her face, so she can see. She looks at Emily with a crazy smile still holding on to Ben’s cock.
“Oh my god! That’s why I love her so much. I never knew you can give a blowjob under water,” Emily says. Her voice got jealous real fast. “I wanna do that.”
I look at Ben. “Don’t you cum in the hot tub,” I say as he gives me a Benny Hill salute and says. “Sir, yes sir.”
“I mean it, If I find out that you did. I’ll make you drain it and clean the whole damn thing out. Nobody needs little Ben’s floating in there." He gives me a thumbs up and waves me away to leave him alone with Madison.
Madison lets go of his cock and jumps out of the pool naked. “Oh, baby girl. I’m so sorry. This wasn’t planned. I was hoping you would get lucky tonight,” Madison says.
“The only person to get lucky was this guy,” as she points her finger at me. “He saw all my naughty bits and pieces and still has his pants on,” Emily says while slurring her words.
“Ok, I think this one had a little too much to drink tonight.” Madison grabs my arm and looks at me.
“She’s got great tits and a fine ass. If I had a cock I would have fucked her already. Maybe you should fuck her?” Madison says with a little too much to drink also.
I grab Emily by the arm and swing it over my head and pick her up. She puts her other arm around my neck and nuzzles her head on my shoulder.
“Your such a prince,” she tells me as she starts kissing my neck. I carry her back to my room and lay her down on my bed. All the others room were being used at the moment. I lay her down, and she starts taking off her bathing suit. “Come on big boy, you wanna ride this?” as she lays there grabbing her pussy. Seconds later Madison comes in and see’s Emily naked and jumps on the bed with her. Now I have two naked girls in my bed, I go in my closet and pull out two large t-shirts and throw them to the girls. “Put this on and get some sleep.” They both put the shirts on and with in moments they laid down and within minutes they were both asleep. I take the blanket and cover them both up. I start to walk back out to the pool and find Ben asleep in a lounge chair still naked. "Nope, you're on your own," I say as I walk around and pick up the girls clothes scattered all over the pool area. I make it back to the house and see most of my friends are either sleeping or having sex in the spare bedrooms. I grab a blanket and a pillow from the laundry room and walk in the living room. Thankfully nobody's in here, so I make myself comfortable and just relax.

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