The Experimental Professor

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Jasmine has an idea that she needs to have tested but her brother manages to block her attempts to get access to the university labs. When the new professor overhears her brother he finds he already has nothing to lose by helping her. They find themselves in some hands on testing to see a few different chemical reactions. Neither of them knows what is hotter them of the elements reacting to each other.

Erotica / Romance
Kat Thomas
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Chapter 1

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Walking into the building she knew that be where she did either amazing things or she would fall flat on her face and the words that everyone had told her would come true. She had the drive to want to prove all of them wrong but they always seem did to have some facts to them. She wasn’t good with people. Though she had been called shy it wasn’t that to much. It was more that she had been told she was worthless and that she couldn’t provide anything worth listening too. Jasmine Martin had to fight herself every day to even get out of bed. She knew this was a risk but it was one she had to take. She had to learn to put herself out there and be heard.

Flashes of all the words and statements passed through her head as she walked up to the third floor where she had taken a small teacher’s assistant job. it wasn’t something she would normally do because she didn’t like talking to people but it would grant her more time in the labs. The professor was nothing really special but he was the one who was in charge of the campus laboratory. She needed that extra access and time to it so she could try to prove one of her theories. It would take a semester at least to do.

Jasmine walked into he room and there was a meeting of the professors and their assistants in the room. She was early to start her processes and this was her first day. School had not begun yet for the rest of the students. She had her notebook ready to take notes as the professor she was going to work for looked up and motioned for her to go to the desk.

“And I think that is it for this meeting.” The dean in charge of the science department said as he looked around the room. He locked eyes with her and she lowered her head. She of course knew him and knew him well. He walked up to her and chuckled. “Well,well,well what do you think you are doing here. This is a private meeting for my professors and their helpers.

“I am helping Professor Tighe.” Jasmine said, “For the semester.”

“No you aren’t. You wouldn’t. There would be no point.” He said with a deep chuckle, “Did you forget that you don’t ever do anything correct the first time. This is real life now. You know an actual university. Not the game you played with the other girls in the house.”

“I do know I am in university.” Jasmine said as she looked at the man in front of her. The fact he was a combination of their mother and father was enough to remind her even more of what they had said. It didn’t surprise her that her brother would use it against her as well. He was the product of them in every way. The others were as well. Jasmine had left the house when she had turned eighteen just so she could try to live.

She had done well enough on her own. She didn’t want to have to answer to many people. Starting a small business in her apartment she was making a comfortable living though it was not a huge thing. She just made herself somewhat comfortable for the moment. It was the one thing that was hers and she could be proud of.

Though she also knew her theory could work. Everything she had ever thought of could work but she needed to prove it. The problem was that at this level of her education she was being blocked because of her brother being the dean of the department. She couldn’t transfer if she wanted too. She only had one more year to get through everything and prove her thoughts. If she didn’t she would regret it for the rest of her life. However long that would be.

The room went silent in the room as the dean was talking so rudely to the newcomer who was small and female. The professor that she would be working for looked at her with large eyes. She saw the look of fear he had of her brother. “Go home Jazzy.” The Dean said. “I can’t afford to have you screw up things here.”

“I don’t plan on screwing up.” Jasmine said as she finally said something back to someone in her family. She could feel the rush of adrenaline go through her veins. “I have a right to use the labs and the classrooms like any other student in the program. “

“oh jasmine, how do you think you got here in the first place?” He asked so condescendingly that it almost hit her like one of their mothers slaps across the face.

“Since you didn’t even know I was attending here until last year when you stalked me I wouldn’t say it had anything to do with you even though you want to take credit for it.” Jasmine finally said as she stared at him. She knew that this was also unlike her. She never talked back but the fact he was again going to through a wall in front of her only because he could. He probably thought that it would be something their mother would reward him for as well.

“Excuse me?” he said raising an eyebrow at her.

“You heard me.” She said as she stared back. “Look I don’t want any trouble from you or them. That is why I don’t talk to any of you. However you keep coming after me. Over and over and every different way you think you can. I just want to get through and move on to something else.” Jasmine said as she looked at him.

“It is just you being delusional again, Jasmine. Literally no one cares that much about you. I mean we all know how you are.” He said as he turned and chuckled. He looked at the professor she was supposed to work for. “if you give her a position this year you won’t have one yourself here next year.”

He then walked out of the room with his head high and Jasmine could almost fill the tears welling in her eyes. She had been so close to being able to show her work and all her thoughts. Of course her brother would stand in her way. Of course he would now run back to his office and call their mother so he could be praised.

The professor, Mr. Tighe, Looked at her and began, “I’m so sorry.” He paused for a minute, “But I can’t afford to get on his bad side.”

“But I can.” A new voice said as the others had filed out.

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