The Experimental Professor

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Josh stood behind her thinking that maybe she had been into the other professor for some reason though he couldn’t see why. The outfit she wore was not one that was good for him getting any real work done. He would be trying to see much more of her. The shirt was tighter then most though it was still appropriate for working but the skirt she had on was rising up as she bent over. He bet if he took a few steps back he could see the beginning of her panties. The thought made his cock twitch a bit. He leaned back against the door that he now shut.

“Are you going to help?” She asked as she turned over her shoulder. Seeing her profile he saw something in her that she didn’t want others to see. She was quite attractive under her layer of shyness. She tried to hide it though. Possibly she didn’t even know it was there in the first place.

“Actually I was thinking I like the view better.” Josh said and she stood up all the way. Her total height was still only up to his shoulder. He chuckled as she mouthed the word view and the turned to look at him and then out the window. She shook her head and then went back to work lifting the piles of paper and placing them in neater higher stacks so she could sort them later. “So Miss Martin why is it you don’t need to be a paying job?”

“I already have a job.” she said.

“Doing?” He asked.

“I own a small business and make a few things.” She said.

“Such as?” he asked and was chuckling knowing that this was a defensive measure that she must have. She didn’t let people close to her or know to much.

“I make a few make up things.” She said. As she continued. Small talk was not one of the things she was good at. She just wanted to work.

“What kinds of make up things?” He asked as she tilted his head. This couldn’t be the small business owner that was out selling one of his fathers companies in cosmetics. They knew the person had to be based somewhere in the area but the quality they were getting was beyond what they could do in the labs. If it was this mouse of a woman he just hired he would personally give her a grant to make more of whatever.

“Some lip balms, Lipsticks, some powder blushes, eyeshadow, you know the basics.” She said as she looked at him.

“And the name of the company?” he asked.

“Silk shadows.” She said as she was continuing what she was doing without any thought about what she had just said. He chuckled. This mouse was a find on so many levels. She had become the bane of his fathers company. He thought it was rather funny that she had just walked into his employment. “Why?”

“Just curious.” He said. “I would like to see your base of operations if possible.”

“Why?” She asked.

“Heard of Top till cosmetics?” He asked.

“Of course who hasn’t?” She said as she turned and looked at him.

“Well my father owes it.” He said. “I believe he has probably been harassing you to sell to him or at least your formulas.”

“He has.” She said as she looked at him. “I would love to see the base of operations of the person handing him his ass.”

“You won’t report back to him?” She asked as she looked at him.

“Nope.” He said. “the fact that you are beating him against the wall in sales for nearly a year with a small business has brought me a huge amount of pleasure. Knowing that I now know the person who is responsible for this and she works for me and I am giving her access to one of the family labs is even sweeter. I think that this could be even better than I did before.”

“Why is that?” she asked and turned a bit but lost balance and ended up tipping over and he moved fast to catch her mid fall.

“Because.” He said as he just held her there, “This might be more beneficial to both of us.”

“Why?” she asked though she noted that he wasn’t moving her to stand up again. He leaned forward and was not far from her mouth.

“You aren’t one of my students, correct?” He whispered.

“no.” she replied.

“You aren’t working for me for money, correct?” he whispered again.

“no.” She said.

“Good so when I do this it isn’t for power of control.” He said as he lowered his mouth to hers. The kiss flared to life in a way she didn’t understand. It was like being in a fire with him being the wood. He stood her up but didn’t lift off of her. Soon his hands were framing her face. She had to hold on to his shirt to stay standing up against him.

His hand moved from her face to her neck and held her there gently while his other hand ran down her side and lightly touched the sides of her breast. It sent waves down her spine. No one had quite touched her like that before. He lifted of her mouth and looked down at her as he didn’t let go of her neck of move his hand away. “Now that surprised me.” He said softly. “However I want more. Can I have that?”

She just looked at him with widened eyes. She had heard of professors and students having relationships but she wasn’t his student. There was no benefit for her or him to continue like this. That was when it hit her. He just wanted her.

“What do you want, Josh?” she asked softly just to make sure she was right.

“You.” He said and his voice was different when he spoke. “You wrapped around me.”

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