The Experimental Professor

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“I don’t think that would be a good idea.” Jasmine stated as she looked at him for a second. “I don’t do well with Things like this.”

“Things like this?” Josh asked as he didn’t let go of her neck and still had her there against the door.

“Sex.” She said as she looked away from his face. “I am not good at sex.”

“Oh? Really.” He chuckled. “I don’t think that is true.”

“How would you know?” She asked slightly puzzled he didn’t just drop the subject and let her get back to work. It really wasn;t that she thought she was bad at sex it was what other people had told her. Though no one really looked twice at her she knew she had been used the few times she had let someone into her life.

“Some little boy told you that.” Josh said as he pressed closer to her. “It didn’t go his way and he couldn’t get you to cum so he took it out on you. Sweetheart I am not little nor a boy. The problem didn’t lie with you it did with him. Don’t hold it against all of us that one or two could do the right things to please you.”

“But.” She started to say and he lowered his mouth to hers.

“No buts.” He said as he neared her mouth, “Unless it is this one.” He hooked both of his hands quickly under her rear and lifted her easily. “Just for a teaser though this time I will show you it isn’t you. It was them.”

“What?” she asked.

“Oh this will be just a taste of things to come between us.” Josh said as he turned and placed her on the edge of the desk. The cool top of the desk was on her bare ass. Shocked by the touch and the quick movement she had to try and brace herself as she placed her hands down on the desk to lift her off of it. “Don’t worry soon you will be too hot.” His quick movements were something unreal to her. She watched him stand and pull the curtain down that covered his window. Then a quick flick of his wrist had the door locked. “Make sure to be quiet if you can be. They will just think I left.”

“What?” She started to asked but he was there standing in between her spread legs. He leaned down and had her leaning back bracing herself on the desk as he ravaged her mouth. Then she felt his hands lower on her hips. Then they moved to her inner thighs. She nearly jerked with the slightest touch from him.

He chuckled, “Been a long time?” he whispered the question in her ear as he then trailed down her neck as he let her get used to the idea of his hands there as he just traced a few patterns on the soft skin. Then he pulled back and looked at her. She had her eyes closed and she seemed to be enjoying the soft touches. “Good girl. Sit back and just enjoy this.”

He lowered himself and reached before him to hook his fingers in on the sides of her panties. He then inch by inch started to pull them down her legs. Soon the lay on the floor next to his desk. He moved forward and ran one finger of the slit that was there. She whined a bit as he did. “Remember be quiet, sweetheart.” He then watched as his finger spread her folds and he saw it slightly disappear in the warmness of her. Running up and down the length he could see she was not used to the touch of anyone there.

He could wait much longer to have a snack. He moved his mouth there and soon his tongue along the edges as well. She whined again though he could hear the restraint in the sound. Then he finally nipped at the tiny bud and focused the attention he knew she needed right there. Circling around it and changing the speed and pressure. Soon her cries were coming in waves. She was also moving her hips and he had to pinned then to the place she was in.

Over and over he lapped at her pussy then when he inserted his finger into her core he knew what he wanted more than anything else. He had never felt a pussy that was so tight on his finger. He wondered at the previous little boys that had messed with her mind. This was heaven to someone like him.

He worked his finger in deeper. The digit was coated in her pleasure as he worked her up on a new level now. He was continuing to lick at her clit as he finger fucked her. He then entered two digits into her core. Her pussy tight and warm another part of his body wanted to be there instead of his tongue and fingers though those were happy enough to be there. She began to shake slightly and her eyes were unfocused. He knew this was the first time she had ever began to enter this state before. When her body shook on the desk and there was more than a slight build up of her wetness on his hands he watched her slump more onto her arms.

He enjoyed the slight of her there with her pussy exposed to him on her well pleasured on his desk. The coating on his fingers as he saw them was a good finishing touch. He kept his fingers playing there gently to keep her at that blissed out state. Letting her enjoy the feeling was only one thing he wanted to do. His goal though was to have her reach the state again and possibly again in different ways.

Having an assistant just took a turn that he enjoyed more than the idea of just watching her work in his office. The idea of fucking one of the college girls wasn’t something he entertained but this one was different. He wanted to see all of her. He wanted her encasing him with her pussy as he showed her all he knew.

“Ready for round two?” He asked.

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