The Experimental Professor

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“Again?” She asked.

“A bit more this time.” Josh chuckled as he looked at her as he stood up. He picked her up and then sat down on his chair after finding his way through the piles of papers. “This time I want to feel some things too.”

“Oh.” She said as she was starting to feel her sense again. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Though it had been a long time since someone had looked at her like he did she had never felt anything like what she had just done.

“Remember you have all the power, Jasmine.” He said softly as he moved slightly to completely unbutton her shirt. She didn’t stop him as she watched him work. He knew that this had to move at a pace that she could comprehend. She was not used to all of this.

The shirt was now hanging open and he reached around and unclasped her bra to release her tits out of their encasement. He let his hands then push off her shirt so it fell to the floor. He then slid the bra off her shoulders and down her arms. Then he began to palm the massive mounds in front of him. Slowly kneading the soft flesh. He leaned her back so her back was riding the desk and he leaned forward to take one of the cold hard nipples into his mouth.

Letting his tongue flick the ends he was surprised by her twitching around in front of him. He could hardly believe that no one had ever really tried to get at these. She might be able to hide some of her charms but these were not in that category. They were huge and perfectly round. He moved to the other and repeated the process. He wanted nothing more to spend an entire day getting her used to the feeling of his mouth there moving from all three places in a triangle that would probably bring her to tears with how many times he could make her cum.

That was for another day. Maybe a rainy one where no student comes in for the office hours. He would find the time to play with all of her. He was coming up with more and more ideas by the second of the things he wanted to do to her tiny body.

When he lifted his head he looked at her and then met her mouth hard. Their tongues twisted and turned and much like her pussy her mouth was also sweet and awaiting to be awoken. He could feel his cock throbbing from being so engorged. He had to free it so as he kissed her he moved his hands to his button to his pant and fought with the button that was being pushed out from his hardened length.

When he was finally free of his pants and his cock sprain out and was now in between them his mouth never left hers. Her timid hands though started to move slightly more south on his body. Every feather like touch was a win in the battle he thought to himself. Her tiny hand then reached the head of his cock and slowly traced around the head. The soft silken skin amazed her. She continued to traced down the shaft and the he groaned.

That was when she gripped the shaft completely in her hand. His hand wrapped around hers. He began to move them both up and down. The pressure that was building up inside of him wasn;t going to go away. His teeth grazing on her lips every time they pulled away from each other to breath.

He couldn’t take it anymore. He lifted her ass up and then placed her right on top of his cock. She slid down slowly taking him in slowly and encasing him in her wet heat. About mid way he could feel her tightness and knew she hadn’t been used in some time. The total length of him would end up hurting her more than it would please him. He gripped onto her ass and then helped her lift up and then done again.

Her tits were rubbing against his shirt as help pressed into her as much as he could every time she slid down his shaft gripping him harder than he thought was possible. Lifting off of him and then going back down he knew it wouldn’t be to much longer before he coated her somewhere with his own cum. He could feel her begin to faulter as he also was putting pressure on her clit as he helped her up and down.

She was moaning softly as not to bring attention to the fact that they were in his office screwing each other hard. He groaned as he knew he was getting to close to exploding. Soon he was biting at her neck as he pulled her tighter to him as one hand explored her ass as he helped lift her and the other at her tits kneading the soft mound.

She began to faulter in her rhythm and he knew she was there as well. He pushed into her again and again as she felt him bite her shoulder and groan again. She felt the white heat explode from her core and spread through her veins and he then joined her as she could feel his cock twitch hard and then a new feeling was there as well. She then knew he did cum as well.

They both relaxed with each other as the tension that had built up in the time he played with her was exiting both their bodies. “Well Jasmine I do have to say this was one hell of a way to start this partnership. I think that it could be one of the best I ever had to be honest.”

“Glad you think so.” She said softly into his chest as she rested her head against his chest.

“Here is to more times like this in the future.” He chuckled.

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