The Experimental Professor

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“you want more of this?” she asked as she lifted her head with some effort. She truly felt boneless and now understood how people could actually like this. She never did before. Though limited it was never anything good before. It was just a simple act and a release for the partner she had. Never something she enjoyed.

“I think that having you here might be a good fit in more ways than one.” He chuckled. “Jasmine I know you are somewhat new to this but even most of the time that doesn’t happen with just anyone. I don’t see this being a problem or a distraction for either of us. It could help us both. We are both adults here and there is no conflict of interest.” Josh said as he ran his hand up her back. He was keeping the pressure there.

“No conflict of interest.” She repeated. “Your father has been trying to force me to sell my company to him.”

“And I am not my father.” Josh said as she looked at his face and he got lost in her eyes. “I hate to inform you of this. I was affected by you before you told me that tidbit of information. It means nothing to me really. However I will say that knowing that you are the biggest headache for the old man is another turn on.”

“So we just so I understand we are to have an open boss assistant relationship?” Jasmine asked. She knew that she had to know what this was. She wasn’t really all that good with labels. She needed to understand what was going on around her.

“We are lovers.” He said plainly. “You just happen to do a few other tasks for me as well.”

“Just like that?” She asked.

“Just like that.” He repeated and nodded his head. “Though I wish I could have you there a bit longer. I have a feeling your brother might be showing up sooner rather than later. I am perfectly fine with having you stay right where you are but I figured that you might wish to have some clothes on when he does come barging through the door.”

“You think he will?” Jasmine asked.

“I know he will.” Josh laughed. “the type of person he really is can be seen a mile away.”

“And you think you know him?” Jasmine asked as she tried to stand and found that her legs didn’t want to work right then.

“Easy sweetheart.” Josh said as he stood up to help her. “I am guessing that I may have been a bit more than the others. Take your time.”

“But you said he was coming.” Jasmine stated with a mild panic. “If he sees me like this I am sure he will completely drive me away from the school.”

“The door is locked.” He said as he saw the panic flash in her eyes.

“What do you see when you look at him?” She asked as she pulled her shirt back over her head. Then she reached down and went to get her panties and skirt on.

“I’ll take these.” He said as he reached over her and took her panties. “Your brother is the worst kind of moral upholder. I guarantee he has a few of his own little assistants on the side of whatever he has at home. He is the type of person who likes to rule over people and put them down for doing the same things he does on the daily.”

“But he is your boss.” Jasmine said. “Don’t you think that maybe you should not do this?”

“I have been at four different universities in the past five years. I don’t really care what the people in the higher positions do. I know next year I will be somewhere else.” Josh said. “The fact is my father is looking for new talent and I am the major scout. He is getting me these positions with his money. I like teaching don’t get me wrong. I like chemistry as well but I prefer it on my terms. Not theirs.”

“So you think my brother is like your father?” Jasmine asked as she stared at him as he held her panties still in his hand. She was wondering why he wanted them at all. Though she was also realizing the slight draft she was getting under her skirt and thought maybe that is what had brought this all on.

“You are better at reading between he lines than most.” Josh chuckled. “Yes my father is the same way as your brother. That is why I can read them both and know they are the same. If my father doesn’t scare me in the least I have even less to worry about when it comes to your brother.”

Just then there was a knock at the door. Josh smirked as he went to the door and opened it. He then looked at the person there. “What do you think you are doing?” A male’s voice asked and Jasmine knew it right off the bat as her brothers when he was angry.

“I am cleaning my office.” Josh said. “With the help of my new assistant. I think you might now of her.”

The door opened more and her brother was staring at her. “I told you to go home.”

“I don’t believe you are her father.” Josh stated as he looked at the other man. “I gave Miss Martin the position and she accepted. It is a non-paying one so I don’t see why the acting Dean of students would care what she or I does?”

“She isn’t all that smart.” The man said.

“I find otherwise.” Josh laughed. “So since there is no conflict of interest she is not one of my students nor is it paid. There really is nothing you can do to either of us. Of course if you tried I do have access to my father’s lawyers and could have you and the school wrapped up in red tape for years while we both move on to other things.”

“Is that a threat?” the man asked.

“No. It is a promise.” Josh said as he stood up to his full height and looked down at the man in the doorway. He smiled half heartedly to try not to look to menacing but Jasmine could see it was an act. For once in her life someone stood up for her and made others think twice on trying to put her in the corner and take everything from her.

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