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“Mom I’m home!..............who are you?!”” After coming home from a month long trip with her friends Lilith Smith finds an unfamiliar man in her kitchen “who are you!” The stranger then turns around “my name is James and who might you be sweetheart” What happens when Lilith meets james her new stepdad and he brings out a new side of her What happens when they start lusting after each other

Erotica / Romance
Alina Murillo
Age Rating:

Chapter one

Unloading the last bag off my car I walk into my house dropping my keys on the stand next to the couch my mother decided to put their last Christmas I shouted “Mom I’m home!.........who are you?!” I see an unfamiliar man as I continue to walk closer to the strange man he then turns around “I’m James and who might you be sweetheart?” I take a look at him (who is he, where’s my mom and why is he here?)
Just then my mom walks in “Oh honey! How have you been I’ve missed you!” “I’m fine I missed you too And who the hell is he?!” I ask while she grabs me into a bone crushing hug “Oh that’s my fiancé and your soon to be step dad.” She’s says as she pulls away “WHAT!”
“Well after you left I got lonely so I went to a club and there he was the love of my life serving drinks at the bar I introduced myself we then went on a few dates and we’ll here we are.” “Oh so you must be Lilith her daughter nice to meet you.” James said I noticed as he said that he was looking me up and down suddenly feeling disgusted by him I said “it was nice to meet you too. hey mom I’m not feeling so well I’m gonna go take a nap.” “ Oh of course sweetie I’ll wake you up in time for dinner” she’s says as she gives me a tight hug one more time “Ok” I say as I walk upstairs to my bedroom ( how could she even like some perv like that?! )

One hour later
I start to wake up as I felt someone petting my hair (wtf) I’m fully awake and I see .............. James!!!!!

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